Rubaru Mister India 2016, Mudit Malhotra is India’s bet for Mister International 2016


The world’s biggest and most credible international competition for men, the Mister International contest will have its 11th edition this February in Thailand. The winner of Rubaru Mister India 2016 contest, Mudit Malhorta will be shouldering the responsibility to represent India at this prominent international event that will take place on 13 February 2017 at The Stage @Asiatique, The Riverfront in Bangkok, Thailand. The motto of this international pageant is “Distinctively Handsome”, that means every man is handsome in his own way. This renowned international competition for male models was founded in the year 2006 by Alan Sim in Singapore. Since then the competition has attained great heights and has become the world’s most followed and anticipated international contest. The winner of Mister International contest travels the world during his tenure with the organization, taking part in several fashion shows and supporting charitable causes.


Mudit won the annual Rubaru Mister India contest held on 24 April 2016 at The Anya Hotel in Gurugram, Haryana. Often referred to as India’s biggest competition of male models, Rubaru Mister India is owned by the Rubaru Group. The president of Rubaru Group, Sandeep Kumar acquired the rights to send India’s representatives to Mister International contest in early 2016.

Mudit is a model and businessman by profession and lives in New Delhi. He holds a master’s degree in Public relations and Marketing from Amity University. Other than this he also holds a bachelor’s degree in arts from the University of Delhi. This extremely well educated hombre is counted in the list of India’s most successful supermodels.


He will travel to Thailand soon as India’s delegate to Mister International 2016 contest. More than 50 countries are expected to participate in this international extravaganza that will comprise various pre-pageant activities and preliminary events. Apart from competing in the event, the delegates will also explore the beautiful land of Thailand. Pedro Mendes, Mister International 2015 will pass on his title to his successor at the coronation gala of the international contest.




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