Joaquin Rudolfo Rosallosa from Philippines is Mister Global Teen 2016


19 yr-old Joaquin Rudolfo Rosallosa from Philippines was awarded the Mister Global Teen 2016 title in a simple award ceremony held in Bangkok, Thailand. The Filippino Teen won the title over 8 other teens from different country. He is the second winner of Mister Global Teen which started in 2015 where Daham Dias from Sri Lanka won the first edition of the contest. This year there was no onstage gala or ceremony unlike the previous year in accordance with the advice from the Government of Thailand to refrain from any form of “celebration” 30 days effective from the demise of His Majesty King Bhumipbol on October 13.

1st Runner Up: Vietnam Mai Xuan Thu
2nd Runner Up: Sri Lanka Jason Pathum
3rd Runner Up: Singapore Javier Chan
4th Runner Up: Indonesia Aria Dewa Nasution



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