Angela Bonilla from Ecuador crowned Miss Global 2016


Ecuador’s Angela Bonilla, 24 yr-old,  was crowned Miss Global 2016 at the pageant’s coronation night at the Philippine International Convention Center in Pasay City on Saturday. Miss Bonilla beat 39 other country contestants to become the fourth Miss Global, succeeding Australian Jessica Peart.

Camille Hirro from Philippines was first runner-up. Caitlynn Henry from Australia was 2nd runner-up, Nikola Bechynova from Czech Republic was 3rd runner-up while Britt Roselyn Camillo Rekkedal from Norway was 4th runner-up.

Bonilla’s answer to “who makes the better beauty pageant judge – a man or a woman?”  in the final round was, “I think both men and women are capable of taking the responsibility to decide in a beauty pageant. I believe in equality so both men and women are capable.”

In the top 10 were Misses India, China, Netherlands, Canada and Kenya. Misses Ukraine, Russia, Trinidad and Tobago, Cambodia, Chile, Iran, Nigeria, Bulgaria, Botswana and Sweden made it to the top 20.


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