“Miss Earth is more of a cause than just a beauty pageant, I knew my direction and Miss Earth India gave me the perfect platform”, Chum Darang – Miss Earth India 2016 finalist


Chum Darang’s journey from a small town in Arunachal Praesh to a big city is worth admiring. Coming from a remote place, Pasighat, in Arunachal Pradesh, she has always dream big for herself. Her dream of becoming a beauty queen makes her strong, beautiful and confident. She does not believe in losing and looks at every opportunity as a learning experience.  She tried for Miss Diva where she was selected in the regional round but couldn’t make it to the final. Taking it as a learning experience, she tried harder and now she is one of the top 20 finalists for Miss Earth India 2016. Also, she is one of the strong contenders for Miss Earth India 2016 crown.  Failure is beautiful when you fail, you try harder, pull yourself up and always try again to achieve your dream. That’s what makes Chum more beautiful than she already is. Serious about the environment, she is constantly working to create more awareness about the problems of destroying nature, the necessity of clean environment and lots more. To win Miss Earth India 2016 crown is her dream but she knows it is not just about her, but also about where she comes from and the hopes and dreams of people she is representing.

Here’s an exclusive interview of Chum Darang with Indian and World Pageant.

1. How would you describe yourself to the world?
I am a free spirited person, a blend of someone who is Vivacious and Emotional at the same time, I have immense love and respect for the faction of people who worship ‘humanity’.


2. What motivated you to join beauty pageants? Is there any particular moment that inspired you to join beauty pageant?
Passion always triumphs over they say, this was my passion and on top that, former beauty queens around the world have left a big impact on me. I was moved by the sense of rigorous work they do, their love for the under-privileged section of people, for the society, their dedication towards their work, love for nature & animals. All their action speaks!
I was thoroughly inspired by the set of such talented, selfless people, who are not just beautiful outside but inside as well.

3. Why did you choose Miss Earth India 2016 over other national contest?
I tried auditioning for Miss Diva as well, where I was selected from Kolkata but couldn’t get in the finals.
As for Miss Earth, I didn’t choose it, ‘we’ chose each other. Miss Earth is more of a cause than just a beauty pageant, I knew my direction and Miss Earth India gave me the perfect platform.

4. What are the qualities that you think can help you clinch the crown?
Well, I just have to polish myself in a better way, rest my Patience, Compassion and consistency will help.


5. What is your Beauty For a Cause project all about? Can you tell us the reason for choosing it?
I have been working on all the sectors that I think needs serious attention.
I want balance between environment and human life, I want to create a surrounding where mother nature will be seen smiling again. This is what my advocacy is all about.

6. You’re the only Northeastern girl selected for Miss Earth India 2016 contest. Do you feel any extra pressure knowing that you’re carrying hopes and dreams of many northeastern Indian?
Yes, I won’t lie that I am not fenced in anxiety, I am, a little, but after knowing that I am the hope of many and the love and support of my People is in abundance, that “jittery” feeling is into thin air!

6. If you were crowned Miss Earth India, what are the things that you will show to the world about India?
There are so many things that I could actually flaunt about our country India, the rich Flora and Fauna here, The Orchids, The Great Himalayas, The Holy Ganga, Brahmaputra, Yamuna  etc, The Floating Island, and much more.
Another subject to be proud of is that the ‘Cleanest Village in the World, Mawlynnong’ is in Our Country INDIA, These are some few things that I mentioned, there’s  much to show to the world!

Chum 1

7. Who do you think is your biggest competitor in the contest?
I think all the girls are equal competition to me, there is a reason they are in the Top 20!!!

8. Do you have any favourite Miss India and Miss Earth winner?
I have been following beauty pageant from a long time now, all the former beauty queens have set an example in the society with their good works and I believe it will be unjust to take a single call. I draw inspiration from every single one of them.

9. How are you feeling about the finale of Miss Earth India 2016?
I am really excited for the Big Day!!! The journey till now has been amazing, we got to learn so much in the long run, just looking forward to the Coronation Night with much Positivities.


10. You are leading in a poll conducted by Indian and World Pageant for Miss Earth India contest? Any last words for your supporters and well wishers?
Yes, and that’s what keeps me going! The love and support from all over the region is overwhelming.
I am thankful to each and every one for the love so far and I wish it will go on till the very end.

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  1. Chum darang you deserve to be crowned as ‘MISS EARTH INDIA’ we know who’s the winner but for us you’re the one from beginning our miss earth India from Arunachal pradesh northeast India, which brings us proud to have like you & great moment of your pageants, wish you all the best for upcoming events hope to see you again…learn never give up…


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