Katherine Espín Gómez is Miss Earth Ecuador 2016


Katherine Espín Gómez is elected as Miss Earth Ecuador 2016 and represent in the Miss Earth 2016 competition to be held in the month of October in the Philippines.

The 23 years old and 1.72 tall beauty has competed at Reina International del Cafe the same year in Colombia and then at Miss Bikini Universe 2015 in China where she was 1st runner up.



2 replies

  1. This girl could be beautiful on the outside but on the inside she is horrible. Me and a couple of other friends were bullied by her constant comments on our appearance. She would call dark /brown skinned Ecuadorians “indios” as if to imply having a dark skin as a bad thing. She would be mean to other girls calling them ugly, yet be a friend to their face. She says she represents Ecuador, yet she is racist to the non white ecuadorians. It’s sad that a pageant fools people into believing a girl is actually nice.


  2. I love Katherine she demonstrated to have such a great heart trhough the competition and for this reason she won most of the Philippines people love due to her charisma and great heart. She will do a great job representing mother Earth, I love how classy and nice she is even with so much hate and bad comments people with no fundamental has talked about her. She is such a humble and nice person she deserve the crown as she did an amazing job representing Ecuadorians with her outstanding performance.


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