Interview with Sujeesh Shanmughan – Event Director and Contestants Director, Miss Glam India 2016


Sujeesh Shanmughan is a pageant coach and co-owner of Queens and Crowns that has trained many of today’s well known beauty queens. I have always admired people who work from behind and help beauty queens give their best and enjoy the spotlight while from the director to the designer to the make-up artists etc sit behind and enjoy their hard work being paid off without coming to the front. Sujeesh has done alot for many pageants aspirants.  The result is now for us to see. He is an Event Director and Contestants Director of Miss Glam India. In this interview, he talked about the contest Miss Glam India, his role model, reason behind starting Queens and Crowns and Miss Glam contest and lots more.

From a co-owner of Queens and Crowns to now a Event director and Contestants Director of Miss Glam India, what the one thing that interests you about beauty pageant?
Beauty Pageant has always been a fantasy world for me, I don’t know why but whenever I used to watch pageants on Tv, not just international pageants but also regional pageant I used to get so attached with it that I will start commenting if a girl is missing out her answer or if she could have done it better … fun part is that I used to answer it even before the girl answers on the TV and would try to predict winner even before they announce it. ( laughs)

Who is your role model? Any significant moment which influenced you to this industry?
Parvathy Omanakuttan mam, she is my biggest inspiration for me and for what I am today … I was in 11th std when I first watched Miss world 2008 live and I was badly rooting for her , she was not just India but also Keralite (my home state), once when Julia announced her as 1st runner up .. I started crying very badly and loud that even my neighbours started calling my parents to enquire what’s going on at 11 in the night …. it took months for me to eat properly and digest the results. That’s when I decided I should do something to bring back those crowns back to India. Even now when I count Miss World winners from India, I say 6 cause Parvathy Mam is 6th Miss World for me Second would be Mr Osmel, beccause I love his dedication and the magic  he used to his girls to win the international crowns.. I would love to meet him in one day and I don’t mind saying that he is my guru who is not even aware that there is a student(me) who is trying to follow his foot steps.

With his role model, Parvathy Omnakuttan, Miss World 2008 1st runner-up

With his role model, Parvathy Omanakuttan, Miss World 2008 1st runner-up

Having coached many beauty pageant winners in India, what do you tell beauty queen aspirants when they come to you?
I only ask for dedication, because out of 100 girls only 10 to 15 girls will to enter the pageant field and once the training starts, half of them loose their interest because of the pressure of intense training physically and mentally. And I have seen that quality only in few of my students who quit their jobs and work and took break for months to years just to prepare for pageants. and apart from that girls should also know the difference between the different pageants , before I start training them I would give them class about all the major and minor pageants in the world becauseneed to know what pageant you are going for and how to be prepared for that.

Beauty pageants in our country are not so popular like other entertainment events, how difficult is it to sustain as a coach and now an Contestant Director?
It’s very difficult to make people understand about pageants in our country , in fact one of my friend though that Lara, Priyanka and Dia all took part in same international pageant and thus because of ranking, they were crowned as Miss Universe, Miss world and Miss Asia Pdacific , he din’t know that all were winners of different international pageants and he was surprised when I explained him (laughs) …. It goes same with girls too, 80% of the girls who plan to enter pageant world even they lack the knowledge about pageants and how they are judged on, Most of the girls think that being thin is all about being fit and they don’t bother about going to gym.

With Miss Face of beauty south 2015 winner

With Miss Face of beauty south 2015 winner

How the idea of Miss Glam India did came about?
Couturoll Queens n crowns Started in 2014 and it took one year for my students to start winning pageants but even after the intense training, one thing which lacked in them was experience. whenever they enter a pageant it used to be very new for them and that nervousness had actually spoiled the placement of few of my students and that’s how I planned to have national pageant which would be a theoretical experiment or experience for them, so that they would get that confident for further pageants that they would go for.

What would the difference of Miss Glam India pageant and other pageants in India?
Miss Glam India has its tag line saying ” A New journey for the Fresh Talent”and that is for those young girls who badly wanted to bring back those International Crowns to India (Miss World and Miss Universe etc.) but they don’t know how to prepare for it that’s when Miss Glam India Pageant comes to picture .. We would scout all the girls and train them for Miss Glam India and later segregate them for different pageants and train them again for 1 year which would give them chance to go to other pageants which will allow the girls to go to Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Earth and Miss International etc.

Namitha Aradhya(center) : Miss India Elegant south runner up

Namitha Aradhya(center) : Miss India Elegant south runner up

Currently, Miss Glam India team is in the process of selecting the finalists, are you satisfied with the girls lining up for auditions?
Yes, very much I am. As of now I have got very raw n young girls who neither have experience nor worked for it. I love it because they have this urge to start up their carrier in pageant world and are ready for the extend intense training for winning international pageants and I love to work with these young gals to bring up their transformation in them who will be our proud winners for future in international pageants very soon! What can we expect from Miss Glam India 2016? As i said In a year you will see Miss Glam India Girls representing India and giving out tough competition for those strong girls who come from Venezuela, Philippines, Brazil, Colombia, Australia and many more other countries and you will be seeing the golden era (90s) of India back soon. Which international contests will the winners be taking part in? Hahhahah! As of now, we do have 5 International Titles which will be revealed very soon along with top Finalists of Miss Glam India through a press conference.


With Aileena Catherin Amon (Top 7 at Miss Diva 2015)

Any last word for Indian and World pageant and the potential finalists for Miss Glam India 2016?
Indian and World Pageant vave always supported our girls from Queens and Crowns and also many other pageant aspirants which is really a great thing and i wish you the best and keep going. And for the finalists for Miss Glam India 2016, it’s just the start you have a very long way to go (surprises) and thanks for all the viewers and fans, thank you Indian And World Pageants (thanks, Simeon).


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