Indian and World Pageant Favourites for Mr World 2016


Tomorrow, the search for the most desirable man in the world will come to an end and one handsome man will be crowned Mr World 2016. He will the ambassador of Mr World Organisation and will be working closely with Miss World and its Beauty with a Purpose Project. Ever since the contest started, there have been many betting, hotpicks and favourites for Mr World 2016 title. After watching each and every video available of the contestant, their activities, their presence in social media and yes, how they impressed me, I have made up a list of my favourites. Most of my favourites remain unchanged proving their consistency in the contest and only a few disappoint me.

So here are my favourites (in aphabetical order)

The crown contenders

Crown contender

Mr. India Rohit Khandelwal continues to remain as the crown contender for many pageant portals. He is articulate and confident. He looks very natural too without any pretence when he is in front of the camera. That makes him stand out. An actor and a TV personality in his country, he has a large fan following and now he is sure to get many international fans with his sharp looks, agility and fashionable dressing sense.

Mr. Ireland Darren King is irresistibly handsome and confidently stylish. If Mr. World was based on looks alone, he will be the one to beat for the title. Overall, Darren looks is clean, smart and effortlessly stylish. As a basketball player at a young age, he played and represented his country. So, the pressure of competing will come naturally to him. His confidence and attractive face makes him so appealing to look at.

Mr. Philippines Sam Ajdani is here to win the title for his country and it will be first for his country. Sam seems to be popular among the contestants. You will see him many of the contestants’ official Facebook page describing how humble he is and friendly attitude. That’s being Mr. Congeniality. Philippines will always a strong contender because they are one of the most prepared for whichever contest they participate. It shows in Sam’s personality too. Besides, he is smart and has a killer body. The certified fitness coach many just win the crown.

Mr. Puerto Rico Fernando Alvarez stands out for many reasons. His striking physique, attractive eyes and admirable personality are enough to win so many hearts. Fernando competed at the Mister International 2015 pageant where he was among the Top 10 winning many subtitles. He was one of the most popular contestants in the contest. Here in Mr World competition too, he is as popular as he was in Mr International 2015 contest. If there is anything that has change in him, he is stronger than ever and is ready to conquer the world.

Mr. South Africa Armand Du Plessis has been my favourite even before the contest started. The cool and calm, Armand, is the epitome of a true gentleman. Being active on the social media even before the contest started, he won many hearts through his involvement with many NGO working for the underprivileged and children’s education and their rights. If there were any Beauty with a purpose Project Award in Mr World, Armand would be winning it for sure. What makes him desirable is his warm personality, good communication skill and simplicity.

Those who will give a tough fight to the crown contenders


Mr. Austria, Fabian Kitzweger, is one of the face of the competition. He is so handsome.
Mr. England, Christopher Bramell, the host of the competition, is charming and his adorable smile is sexy.
Mr. Malta,Timmy Puschkin, his adorable looks is so mesmerizing.
Mr Poland, Rafal Jonkisz, might pull a surprise. He is endowed with good looks and sweet personality.
Mr Spain, Angel Martinez Elul, photogenic face makes him very attractive and hard to ignore.

The other favourites


Left to right: Brazil, El Salvador, Greece, Italy and Japan


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