I don’t regret about what did happen because we can’t just go back and change it: Supriya Aiman – Miss India International 2015 (Interview)


Supriya Aiman is a professional model and a beauty pageant tittle holder. Her first experience with pageant started when she won the Princess of Bihar in 2012. In 2013, she was among the 21finalists of Femina Miss India 2013 contest.

She has been a part of many prestigious Fashion Week such as Lakme Fashion Week, Blenders Pride Bangalore Fashion Week, Chennai International Fashion Week, Volvo Coimbatore Fashion Week and for the Gitanjali Group. She has also been a part of Kingfisher Ultra Fashion Tour, International Gems and Jewellery Show. Her modelling assignments include working with well-known designers such as Rocky Star, Gavin Miguel, Anita Dongre, James Ferreira, Tarun and Tejas, Mebaz, Sumit Das Gupta, Anitha Reddy, Abhishek Dutta and many more.

Her journey from a small town girl to becoming Miss India and an established model is no less than a fairy tale. She has transformed herself from a girl next door to an inspiring beauty queen. That’s not all. Her educational background is worth admiring. Whether you’re from a small town or big cities, whether you have the resource or not, if you believe in your dreams and your education, you’re bound to find success. Supriya just did that. An epitome of grace and beauty, dreams and education and hardwork and dedication.

In an interview with Indian and World Pageant, Supriya shares her journey to the world of pageants, her experience at Miss International 2015 contest, her education and her future plans.

1:-You have been a beauty pageant winner and you represented India at Miss International 2015 pageant. Tell us what goes through your mind when you are called as Miss India during and after the pageant?
Representing billion people of my country at International Pageant was an awesome feeling and it is a dream of any girl to become Miss India and that happened to me, it’s a matter of pride to be called not by your name but India. It has given me tremendous pleasure and unforgettable memories, the whole journey of Miss International was unforgettable, I will cheer up these memories throughout my life and  I feel truly blessed and honored to get such a dignified position in society which will make me feel always proud.

2:- Post Miss international pageant, we see you travelling a lot, attending glamour’s events, shooting for ads, charity events and many more. Would you say this is the beginning of a new phase in your life or career?
Yes, ofcourse it is a new phase of my life. Once you become representative of over billion of people you get more exposure and everyone look at you and expect you to be more responsible towards your work and same way towards social cause too and I am just trying to focus and make balance in both my professional and personal life with perfection.

3:- Can you tell us about your experience at Miss International 2015?
The overall experience was a great learning lesson as I had got a chance to meet people of different and diverse culture and the whole journey was like a dream come true. I had enjoyed every little figment of the Miss International platform.


4:- What would be the most memorable moment in Japan during the contest?
The whole journey of Miss International was the amazing experience which I will cherish through out my life.. but if you ask me to choose one moment among all then it was the proud moment when I wore India’s Sash for the very first time and being called INDIA inspite of my name.

5:- Any Misses you were particularly fond of or get along very well?
All the representatives from different countries were so co-operative; they were in positive competition with each other where everyone was aiming to win but not by letting others down. All of them were so lovely and helpful and if I mention any single name it would be injustice to other contestants, I just want to say I got a chance to meet my sisters from around the globe at this beautiful platform of Miss International.

6:- Before you left for the contest, there were some unpleasant incidents with the franchise owner of Miss India International. It must have been hard on you. Did the incident put any pressure on you?
Yes …. a lot of pressure was there on me!! As I have been informed late to represent India just 8 days prior to the pageant, I had no enough time to prepare and I had to manage everything by my own but still I had done all the possible things in such a short span of time to represent my country in a better way at international pageant.

7:- It was heartening to see that you maintained a dignified silence throughout and once the contest started you surpassed people expectation irrespective of the final result. So, looking back, do you have any regrets about the results or do you think a better wardrobe or more preparation time would have helped you get into the top ten?
I don’t regret about what did happen because we can’t just go back and change it, but to be honest Time plays a very important role in success, if I would have had more time and if i would have arrived at the correct time ( as i arrived at Miss International on 4th day of pageant ) at Miss International , definitely I would have done better.

 I don’t think there was any lack of wardrobe or anything else. I believe the biggest reason of not being placed in top ten was my arrival at Miss International was on 4th day of the pageant where I missed the main sponsor’s sessions which is a very important part of any pageant and it really matters. But I still feel proud that I begged 3 awards in such a diver’s situation.

8:- You were awarded Panasonic beauty ambassador and Miss visit japan tourism ambassador and Best National Costume (1st Runner up). Tell us about the role and responsibility you will be playing as an ambassador?
I am really privileged and honored to be the ambassador of Japan Tourism and Panasonic Beauty Products. As we all know the important responsibility of the ambassador is to promote the brand in all ways from social to economic promotion, in a same way i will also do my bit.


9:- You come from a state where education plays a very important role in one’s life. You are aeronautical engineering degree holder. What draws you towards beauty pageant?
Well being educated is need of life and simply you cannot ignore this part. I belong to a family where everyone served the country. So, since I was a child I had a dream to represent India on an international level no matter what that would be whether beauty pageants or sports. As I grew up, I thought about beauty pageants and aimed to represent India on such a big stage . I could say I struggled  hard to achieve my dream and now here I am and can say this, that I have come this long way and still more to achieve.

10:- How big education plays a role in a beauty queen life? Was it hard for you to shift from an engineering background to the world of fashion and pageants?
Education plays very important role in everybody’s life and definitely yes, if you want to stay in competition and achieve what you have dreamt for. Then a good standard of education is required to represent you. Obviously shifting from one phase or field is always harder for anyone because you have to acquire new skills, techniques and knowledge about that certain field and it will take time to have control over everything related to another field. You will be a struggler in the beginning and may come with so many obstacles but you have to trust your journey  and abilities to overcome every problem you face.

11:- what would be your message for the women from the rural areas who want to become Miss India?
Many part of India is still under developed which impedes women from achieving their goals. I have seen a few cases where women are still not able to live their lives on their own but I believe that now a days ours society has become more aware about women empowerment and gradually the position of women is being changed and nowadays many talented girls from rural area of our country are participating in beauty pageants and many went to international platform. Also, they just need support from their family and society .. so keep going girls , you are on right track.


12:- You recently shoot an ad for TVC. Is Bollywood on the card or can we see you again in beauty pageants?
I would like to say yes Bollywood is on the card right now but I am waiting for the right script. Because in Bollywood you need to have a good start and deliver your best in the beginning that people should welcome you in a good way. For now another pageant is not on the list.

13:- So far, the year 2016 has been quite a busy year for you. What can we expect from you for the rest of the year?
You have to deliver your best in life, an opportunity knocks the door once in life, this is my time now I have to be tireless and work day and night to give my best. Still many things left to be done in 2016.

14:- Thank you for doing this interview, any last words for your fans and Indian and world Pageant Readers?
I would like to say Thanks to everyone who have been encouraging and loving me during and after Miss International Pageant. I love you all for being supportive to me all the time.

 I must say you just need efforts, hard work and determination and everything else will fall in place and if I could do it, you can do it too.

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