Top International Model Of The World 2016 to be held from 22 – 31 August, 2016 in Herculane, Romania


One of the biggest modeling competitions is coming to Romania! “International Top Model of The World” is the prestigious international competition in which models (Miss and Mr) from around the world will compete for the title “Top International Model Of The World”. The contest will be held from 22-31 August, where models from Romania, United States of America, India, Armenia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Estonia, Philippines, South Africa, Namibia, Angola, Brazil, Ethiopia, Nigeria, United Kingdom, Myanmar, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Czech Republic and many other countries, will fight for the title.

The organizers chose as the location of the event the thermal spa city of Baile Herculane in Caras Severin county, dating from the year 153 d. H. This is also the first time a contest of this scale is organized in Romania. Baile Herculane was chosen especially for the historical attractions in the area and for the air quality (air with negative ions similar to the altitude of 2000m).


During the 10 days, models will participate in fashion shows, catwalk training, photo shoots, interviews and many other activities that aim to promote change of experience between models from different parts of the world, but also to promote national attractions such as the historic city center Herculane, Danube Gorges, Statue of Decebal, the Iron Gates and Timisoara.

The modeling competition “International Top Model Of The World” is organized by the model Robert Cazan, already at its second edition after last year’s edition in Spain.

Robert Cazan – Organizer: “Having experienced the last year’s edition, I thought of bringing this success formula also in Romania. The purpose of the contest is to exchange experience between models of different countries, learn new things and to thoroughly prepare them to excel in this industry. We will have daily training with the models, they will learn the best positions for photographs and also have group workouts with Fitness Education School – which will handle the physical preparation of the models “.

The competition is conducted in partnership with Afrodita Resort & Spa 4 * Herculane, being the hotel where international models will be staying during the competition.

Laura Pătru – Marketing Manager Bacolux Hotels: “It is a pleasure for us to be partners in a so important event important. We will ensure that the models will feel good during their stay, offering them access to seamless service and we hope, unforgettable service. Our chefs have already made special menus for models designed to satisfy the highest demands. “

Video presentation:

The final gala at which the winners will be nominated  (Miss & Mr. International Top Model of The World 2016) will take place on August 30, 2016 (Tuesday). Winners will receive trophy, sashe and the title of “Top International Model Of The World”. Gala will be presented in two languages: Romanian and English. The big surprise of the events is the presence of the special guest Nino Mas from Philippines, who will be the co-presenter of this prestigious event. Nino Mas is well known in the world of modeling competitions, with over 10 competitions in his portfolio where he was presenter or co-presenter.


Among other trophies that can be won are: Miss / Mr. Best Catwalk, Miss / Mr. Best Body and Miss / Mr. Photogenic.

The jury will be made up of important people in fashion and modeling industry both in Romania and abroad.

More information can be viewed at the official website of the contest:


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