Mrs India Seema Subedi crowned Mrs Asia International 2016


Mrs India Seema Subedi has bagged the title of Mrs Asia International 2016 held at Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia from 6th to 11th June. Hailing from Suagpur, Baksa District, Seema Subedi represented India at the Mrs Asia International 2016 beauty pageant after winning Mrs India contest last month held at Hilton Hotel, Chennai. At the Mrs India contest, she won Mrs Photogenic and Mrs Fitness Diva.

Mrs. Asia International 2016 - Seema Subedi with her runners-up.

Mrs. Asia International 2016 – Seema Subedi with her runners-up.

At the same contest – Mrs Asia International 2016 contest, another Indian woman – Anita Pradymna was crowned as Second Runner-up Classic Mrs Asia International 2016.


2 replies

  1. How can a lady can win any tittle related about ASIA ?
    Because this seems doesn’t have knowledge about Asia.
    She doesn’t know about Nepal, where Gorkha is? What does Gorkhali means ……?
    I suggest her to start school again, learn history and geography.
    This tittle doesn’t suits her.


  2. Seems subedi is racist. Being Mrs Asia c don’t give any respect to other countries especially small and underdeveloped countries. C give racist comment to people. I wonder what does judges saw on her????


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