Interview with Sandeep Kumar (Founder and CEO of Rubaru Miss India Elite and Mister India)


When one speaks of pageant, what one look forward to is who will be the delegate of the particular contest. From the contestant work-out regime to the wardrobe, all eyes are on the country representative. But who is behind the contestant success is something we don’t speak of. From the National Director to the stylist to designer to make-up artist, people hardly see what they have done to make someone stand out in the world of pageants. I have had the opportunity to talk to the National Director of Rubaru Group which conduct Miss India Elite and Mister India for International Pageant. With so many franchises under him, one would think he would be hard to reach. But it’s the opposite. The humble and down to earth ND is here to listen to pageant fans. His hard-work got him the Best National Director in 2014 at the Mister Model International pageant. Besides, he brought the Supermodel International 2016 to India which was held recently. That’s not all. Indian beauty fans will witness Mister Model International 2016 to be held in New Delhi later this year. It’s a proud moment for India and Indian fans. All thanks to him and Rubaru group.


1. You have been awarded Best National Director in 2014 at the Mister Model International and winners of Rubaru male pageants have been doing so well at their respective international pageants especially in 2015. What’s the formula behind this success?
Mantra for success I would say is dedication and determination. If you are determined and dedicated to achieve something then you surely will achieve. But at the same time you have to work hard as success does not come easy, if it came it is hard to handle. Moreover I believe in putting my efforts in the right direction at the right time. With a combination of these entire things one can achieve anything. Surely it feels great seeing our country receiving recognition at an international stage, because when you are competing for any international contest it becomes a matter of the entire Indian nation not just a single person. So I would not say that my delegates are doing great I would say that India is doing great.

2. How do you manage to handle so many international pageant franchises and preparing the winners for their international contests altogether?
Well managing altogether yes it seems difficult but I really feel blessed to have the support of such wonderful people. The titleholders are really supportive, they have worked so hard, the groomers are amazing, they have polished them to be able to represent India at the international stage in the best way they could. And obviously all other supporters and fans that I have not met, have made all the things seem so easy. According me one should take any challenge coming his/her way as a new opportunity to create something better and every failure as a new lesson to work better in future.

3. Recently, you acquired the Mister India International franchise. What draws you towards taking up this franchise? Will you consult previous representatives to prepare this year representative?

Mister International is one of the oldest and widely celebrated international male pageants. A lot of people suggested Rubaru Group to take up the franchise. They showed so much faith in us. So I am just trying do my part to be able to fulfil what they are expecting from us, along with trying to make India proud. We (Rubaru Group) would try our best to send a representative to the pageant who can represent India in the best possible way he can. And obviously we have received so much love and support from our supporters like you, so it just encourages us to put our best foot forward. We would try to consult every person who is willing to provide advices to prepare our delegates.

4. In a country like India, beauty pageants especially male pageants though celebrated in a grand scale aren’t as popular as other events. What’s your take on it and how do you see male pageants and Rubaru pageant’s future in the world of Indian pageants?
Well male pageants came into existence much later than female pageants moreover creating awareness about the contest is one of the initial and prime tasks while organizing a male pageant. Yes it does take time and effort to analyse what people are expecting to see and in what way they would like to see it. Reaching to the interested audience is also one of the prime motives. So all in all I would say by accomplishing all these, male pageants can be made as much anticipated and popular as female pageants in India

 5. Many fans in India want to see beauty pageants being conducted like that of Miss USA or Puteri Indonesia where there is wide representation of every region. Will we see that happening with Rubaru pageants?
Conducting region wise auditions is a great idea and we would love to do that in future. But for doing so you have to reach out to the people on a greater scale and have to capture their interest which requires a lot time. So we will surely try to conduct this in future.


6. Are there any causes that you endorse? Please tell us about it.
Yes our causes are “Stop the violence against women” and “Say no to female foeticide” As these are very sensitive issues in the country and we are just trying to do our part to fight for the rights of the individuals who have suffered pain or have been through harsh times for a better future. As I firmly believe in the quote “Live and let live”. We have adopted a village (named Lowa Khurd) in Haryana in association with JJIMS hospital for the noble cause of saving girl child. We are running free stitching classes for the poor girls in Haryana and Delhi. We have also organized many Social awareness rallies at Jantar Mantar, Delhi and Haryana with our contestants.

7. What would be your biggest achievement as the CEO of Rubaru Mr. India and Miss India Elite?
I cherish every single thing I achieve, but seeing our delegates not just my pageants’ but every Indian delegate who goes to an international pageant, perform good and make India proud. That would be my greatest achievement.

8. What would be your advice to those who wants to become Miss India or Mr India?
My advice to all those who want become Mr India or Miss India will be just be yourself and don’t forget when you go for an international pageant, there also goes a hope of a billion people with you. So always try to give your 100%. If someone wins any pageant it does not mean that he/she was better than others at that moment but it means that he/she was at his/her best at that moment. So just try to give your best.

9. Lastly, any message for Indian and World Pageant readers?
Keep loving and supporting us, And if you have any advice which you think needs to be implemented in our pageants then please let us know.

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  1. Dear Sandeep ji.
    Apko AJ bahadurgarh Mila .mujhe bahut Khushi huyi.
    I am a social worker and the president of Akhil Bharatiye Mahila Rakha Manch.
    Through this I am working for the betterment of Society as well as For Girls ..
    Self defence training, motivation for Higher education.


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