Mister India 2016, Prateek Baid won Best Model Award at Mister Global 2016



Rubaru Mister India 2016, Prateek Baid created history as he became the first ever Indian representative to win the “Best Model” award at an international male beauty pageant. The very charming model from Rajasthan won the prestigious award at the third edition of Mister Global pageant held on 6 May 2016 at Chiang Mai Hall in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Prateek also placed amongst the top 16 semifinalists of the Mister Global 2016 pageant.

Prateek won the annual Rubaru Mister India 2016 pageant staged in Gurugram (Gurgaon) thus got the right to represent India at Mister Global 2016. The 24-year-old automobile engineer also won the “Best Model” award at the Rubaru Mister India 2016 pageant hence giving him a rare dual victory. This was also the first time that India made the cut at the Mister Global pageant and entered the Top 16. The Rubaru Mister India pageant is organized by Rubaru Group headed by Mr. Sandeep Kumar.


Apart from being an automobile engineer, Prateek is also a part time model. Talking about his achievement at the Mister Global 2016 pageant in Thailand, Prateek quoted “It was such an honour for me to represent my country, India at Mister Global 2016. I am so happy that I won this prestigious award and feel so proud to make India proud”. He futher added that it was not only his achievement rather it was the entire nation’s achievement.

This year 30 countries participated in the pageant held for 10 days in Thailand. Tomas Martinka of Czech Republic took home the coveted title of Mister Global 2016. Tha Mister Global pageant is produced by the Mister Global Limited based in Thailand lead by Mr. Pradit Pradinunt.

*** Contributed by Gagan Singh

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