Mumbai girl Ankita Kharat crowned Manappuram Miss Queen of India 2016


The search for Queen of India finally came to an end with Ankita Kharat from Mumbai crowned as Manappuram Miss Queen of India, 2016 held in Gokulam Convention Centre, Kaloor, Kochi. 18 beauties from different Indian states participated in this event. Rashmita Gowda from Chikmagalur and Aishwarya Dinesh from Bangalore are first and second runner up respectively. Ankita succeeded previous year winner Kanika Kapur and Kanika attended the event to pass on the crown to the new winner. MD & CEO of Manappuram Finance Ltd Mr. V P Nandakumar and Mrs. Sushama Nandakumar crowned the first and second runners up.


The regional And Subtitle winners:

Miss Queen North : Shifali Arora

Miss Queen West : Ankita kharat

Miss Queen East : Veineinem Singson

Miss South India : Meera Mitun

Miss Beautiful Hair : Veineinem Singson

Miss Beautiful Smile : P.S Prarthana

Miss Beautiful Skin :  Asmitha Kaushik

Miss Beautiful Face : P.S Prarthana

Miss Beautiful Eyes : Rashmitha Gowda

Miss Congeniality : Shifali Arora

Miss Personality : Archana Ravi

Miss Cat Walk : Devika Dhanyuni

Miss Perfect 10 : Ankita Kharat

Miss Talent : Rashmita Gowda

Miss Viewer’s choice  : Veineinem Singson

Miss Photogenic  : Stuti Chopra


Cocktail dress round

Cocktail dress round

Saree round

Saree round

Red Gown round

Red Gown round

Pictures Credits: Miss Queen of India


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