Femina Miss India 2012 review


What I really like about this year Miss India pageant is that seeing the contestant of PFMI’12, it reminds me of the 90’s Miss India pageant, all of them naturally beautiful women when the pageant world is so focus on women with tall, sexy, half baked intelligent girls. What I also like about this year pageant is that after a long time we have a well balance diverse contestants. Eg. After a long time we have two beautiful Muslim women ( Sana Khan and Farah Hussain) and three girls from the northeast (Himakshi, Sonam and Sukalpa Das). This is how I want to see Miss India – girls from diverse background and regions.


The pageant started with the judges introductions who walked on stage. I prefer the judges to be introduced from their chairs.  That is more classic and more time saving. Then the contestants walked the stage with their dresses design by well known designer. My thoughts on their style, presence, catwalk, attitude etc

Astha – She is beautiful, tall and can be classy sometimes but when she was walking, she wasn’t smiling at all. She was way too serious. I felt like she was walking the runway but even for that she looked way too serious again. Didn’t feel she enjoyed the moment.

Erica – The most freshest girl, young, energetic, spunky and a smile that is so beautiful, but noticed that her hair strands keep coming on her face which kind of distract me to enjoy her beautiful face.

Farah – Have the body that works well for swimsuit round but her face just wasn’t that appealing as her killer body. She is more suited for Cover girl.

Himakshi – Thought she had lost her momentum but when she walks, she walked with confidence, calm and a warm personality which is hard to ignore. She deserved the Top 10 spot.

Ipshita – I have been very critical of her but boy she just blows me away. Her catwalk was fierce, beautiful and calm and confident. She is suited for Miss Universe pageant. I am sure if she was in the top 15 of Miss Universe then she would have ace it.

Karuna –Not much a fan of her. She being in the top 20 is good enough for her. She was walking so consciously like she was about to have a nervous breakdown.

Nikita – I have the same feeling as I have for Karuna. Her catwalk was a big disappointment. In fact most of the girls who made it to the top 10 really need to work on their catwalk skills.

Prachi – The girl I wasn’t too proud of. She really needs to work on her catwalk skills. Having said that, it was her charming smile, confidence, her height, personality that won me over. Now I can say that she deserved the crown and thank God I love her improvement post the pageant.

Purva – Ffter Rochelle, she is the one who has the queenly aura and a calming effect that you just don’t want to miss.

Rochelle – Do I need to say more about this beauty? Amazing girl! I could definitely felt her presence oozing with confidence, hard work and the determination to win the crown. Charismatic, cheerful and a calming personality I could see that determination from that; she really wants to win the crown.

Ruhi – An overall improvement, but still lacks the beauty and personality that requires you to be a winner. This being her second time, I could not see that says how badly she wants to win the crown.

Shamata – There’s something dramatic and whimsical about her I really like.

Sana Khan – She looked young and fresh, full of energy and but her catwalk was a bit distracting. Too much of moving the hands around the hips which most of the girls did which isn’t quite a good thing to do in a beauty pageant.

Sneha – I hold the same feelings towards her the way I have for Ipshita. She was robbed big time. Her catwalk was very much suited for Miss Universe swimsuit round.

Sonam – only if she had made it to the top 5. Charismatic, beautiful and exotic. She was so confident and calm when she walked. Just loved her. And She reminds me of my fav. Miss Universe contestants Karura Chibana.

Sonampreet – Beautiful woman but I wasn’t impressed at all. The sparks of being there on stage was missing.

Vanya.- I hate to say this I have always been critical of her but she was so regal and calm, you just wanna look at her because of her confidence and resemblance to few great actresses. The camera is going to love her if she knows how to give that different looks every time.

Vidhi- Though she was good but her catwalk wasn’t that impressive. And when she was walking it was as if she was thinking something else.

The girls who owned the night before the top 10 announcement were Erica, Ipshita, Prachi, Sonam, Sneha and Vanya.


Erica was asked by the host whether she would like to be born in the past or future (present not allowed). She replied she would rather be born in the past because from her school days she had been taught about royalties, how princesses and queens were treated. She felt that she belong there and wanted to be treated like princesses and queens. Erica might have justified her answers to the question but she was so nervous and thought her answer was very individualistic. If she had talk about some history of the world that leads to development I am sure she would have made it to the top 5. It might be a cliché but people still loves to hear those answers.

Himakshi choosed Sonu Nigam who asked her which super power she would like to possessed. She said that she would like to possess Time Space continual which meant she could travel back and forth in time so that she could saw the glorious past and the magnitude of the future. She also said she could lived her memorable days like the present of being in the pageant and in top 10 again and again. Himakshi could have done better if she had said she wants to have a super power like Super women or spider women to save the world. Too pageant patty but that’s what people want to hear.

Sonam Pachey said she thought that God had been unfair to her and during the last 30 days she learnt that destiny lies in one hand’s only on being asked what has been the biggest learning experience for her during the pageant training. A bit too nervous and tricky question. Wish there was no top 10 interview round or else She could have made it to the top 5. I wish she comes back next year wiser and more prepared.

Prachi was asked by Sonali Bendre what distinguished Indian women from the rests of the women from the world. She replied Indian women were more loving and learnt to share love, having lived in a close knit society they were still able to balance their life and achieve their goals. It’s a commendable job for her to speak in Hindi. And she nailed this round.

Purva Rana was asked what role does men play the most important in women’s life – as a father, son or partner. Rohit shetty was her judge, She said men played an important role in women’s life in all stages…this was tricky question too. Bad that she got this one.

Rochelle picked Sanjeev Bajaj as her judge who asked her what biggest lesson as a child she has learnt which she still hold. She replied no matter how hard life was and difficult it could get and faced failure, she learnt to smile and accept it gracefully and even work harder more and never to give up..just smile and work harder which is why she is here today. Rochelle is the most confident and the person with a queenly aura who talks like a real women while others speaks a like a girl on their way to become a princess. As a whole the stage was hers only.

Sana Khan on being asked the reason for institution of marriage declining by Shakshi. She claimed it was because of the socio economic development. Socially because of the influenced of other culture and economic development because with the economic development women were more developed and well aware of their rights and women wanted to enjoy their independent life instead of marrying a an abusive man and becoming a victim of social injustice. Sana Khan blows me away with this answered. Question has been asked about divorce and marriage many times but I find this one really original and fresh.

Shamata was asked about the three qualities in a relationship that was the most important..She replied nervously being honest, communication, thrust and respect. She was so nervous and I could feel it. Her answer when explaining it further was too cliché and nothing new about it.

Ipshita got Sonam as her judge and was asked about the invasion of privacy on being famous. She replied that being famous she could travel and unite people and do something good for people. She loved being famous and that’s why she’s here today.

Vanya was asked by the last judge Harbhajan, what qualities apart from being honest etc would your partner must have. She replied respect, respect not just for her and her family but for the society and others.. Wonder why she speaks so hesitantly just like Kanishtha although she has been very good at this round.


All the lady were asked the same question whether they would create a 1000 jobs people or feed 1000 children.

Ipshita said she would feed 1000 poor children as they the future so that they can grow up and shine

Prachi choose to create 1000 jobs so that a person can live for himself and family and feed the children

Rochelle explained that 1000 jobs will create a better live for people but feeding 1000 poor kids would be good for the society as they are future of the country and she will also give them education so that they don’t end up in the same situation they were in and empower more people to do the same.

Sana Khan choose feeding 1000 kids as she thought they are the future of the country

Vanya Mishra chose to feed 1000 kids as children are innocent and they can melt peoples heart. She will also give them education so that they feed the family


I thought Rochelle was the best among the Top 5 and going by her answer I thought she deserved the Miss India World Crown but Marc has a different plan for her. I could see her disappointment when she was announced as Miss India International. She was trying hard to smile when crowned by Ankita. Whether she won Miss International or not, I think she did not deserved this title.



The best Moment of Miss India Finale were reigning Miss World Ivian Sarcos gracing the contest wearing a traditional Indian attires and whenever Prachi name was called out, I love the surprised look on her face, her enthusiasm and excitement. That’s a pure innocent surprise and so lovely. One of the best surprises of all times.


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