Moroccan Teen, Riem El Kadiri, is Miss Teen International 2016


Riem El Kadiri, a 16-year-old Moroccan teenager from Marrakesh, has won the world title in an international beauty pageant held on March 5 this year in Beirut, Lebanon. This year’s competition had 21 girls from different countries, with viewers from all over the world calling in their votes.

Riem (right) with Miss Middle East 2015 (left)

Riem (right) with Miss Middle East 2015 (left)

“When I first entered this contest, I never dreamed I would win! When the director called us to fly to Lebanon because I was one of the four finalists, I just couldn’t believe it. I felt excited on the plane, and it was the first moment I began to think that maybe I could win! We arrived two days before the actual soiree. Since winning, I’ve been doing live interviews for TV channels, and photo shoots for magazines.” Other finalists were from Ukraine, Venezuela, and Iran.

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