Femina Miss India 2011 review


This review was written by me in 2011 right after Miss India 2011 contest. Without changing any content, I am posting it here again. Enjoy reading!

This year Femina Miss India was kind of or more of Bollywood affairs. With lots of dances and long performances, some unnecessary it almost overshadow the event and the contestants. The introduction of the contestants was so short and I felt that a lot was concentrated on the four guys than the 20 beautiful girls. I wonder why they all had to perform when there were other actors who had performed already. It was like watching a Bollywood award. Performances by Hard Kaur, Malaika, SSQ superstars and Sunidhi Chauhan were rocking but it should have been short like Sunidhi chauhan performance to ‘ I can feel your heartbeat’ song. Anushka’s performance wasn’t as energetic as expected, Sonakshi danced beautifully but again too long. The comedy act by Ali, Krushna and Kapil was hilarious but I wouldn’t want to see them in this kind of event or platform. I better see them in Comedy circus. As for the Host, Manish Paul did really well as a host and making us laughed with his humours in between. Sonu Sood tried hard to be a good co-host. All in all, the event almost took away the limelight from the contestants. It was only the question and answer round in the top 10 and top 5 that was their saving grace because we don’t get to see their introduction much, not much catwalk because of over editing. The contestants whom I personally felt stood out before the top ten were Ankita M, Ankita S, Shweta Dolly, Kanishtha, Hasleen, Priyanka Mathur, Aparajita Sharma And Rakulpreet.

The most memorable moment was when Fardeen Khan walked on the stage to crown the People’s Choice Miss Indiatimes 58888 winner, he noticed that one of the contestants had lost her shoe on the ramp. He picked up the red stiletto and looked around for the ‘princess’ who’d lost it. Bending on his one knee he put the shoe back on her foot. It was a moment that was cheered with hoots and claps from the audiences. Truly a Cindrella moment!

All the last year winners – Manasvi, Nicole and Neha, all looked gorgeous, stunning and hot. I wonder why Femina didn’t officially give recognition to Nicole’s success. They had done it already when she came back to India after winning Miss Earth 2010 but if they really want to felicitate Nicole’s victory, Miss India finale was the best platform to do so.

Let me review the each top ten contestant’s performance now. I think this year questions were much better than that of last year’s. We have had question like “what is your dream role”, t”he strongest quality” etc last year. And this year there were some repeated questions from previous editions.


Akita Mohapatra – Nervous and had she answered the same way she did in her top ten round she could have been a winner. But she seemed to rehearse and trying to memorize when she speak. I think her Femina Miss India East performance is better (may be because she was competing with lesser known contestants).
Ritu Kumar – What are the challenges faces by the present youth today than those face by earlier generations. What do you think?
Ankita M – I think the youth of today are facing little more pressure with more competitions, the feel, the urge to make a mark for themselves in this era of competitions but it is about survival of the fittest. So with determination, of course, you can survive and make a mark for yourself.

Ankita Shorey – calm, composed and well spoken. Can be a great orator. She reminds me of Miss Earth 2007 and Miss India Asia pacific 1997 who are unconventionally beautiful.
Leander Peas – In your opinion which technological invention the last 60 years has change our life the most and can you elaborate on that?
Ankita S – Human mind is a huge repository of invention. Some made in the past and some more to be made in the future. According to me, one invention in the last 60 years which has changed our life drastically is the invention of internet. I feel the internet has change the way of life for all of us. It has made the world the smaller place we live in with all the communication our tips. Internet has change the way we communicate, the way we work and play and live.

Aparajita Sharma – The oomph girl. She is a combination of beauty and sexy.. She spoke confidently but her answer wasn’t that great.
Tarun Mansukhani – Do you believe that the best things com for free. If not why?
Aparajita – I don’t think, believe best things in life comes for free. I believe in that phrase ‘there’s nothing called free launches’ and I am confident right now and so wherever platform you go, wherever you go, whatefield you are in, you have to really work and discipline in your life, otherwise you cannot face challenges.

Asmita Sood – I guess she really was too eager to answer and likes to be a talkative. She didn’t even get the joke when Sajid asked her since when did she stop eating and then she goes on and on. She herself is a complex girl though her answer was partly true. But I feel pity for whoever is going to be her boyfriend.
Sajid Nadiawalia – There’s a saying the way to a men’s heart is his stomach and what is the way to a women’s heart?
Asmita Sood – Oh well! Women are very very demanding. The way to a men’s heart is his stomach for sure but a women is a very complex person and a complex being made by God. And According to me the way to a women’s heart, as I am a women, would say, I feel you can make a women shop, you can go out for movies, dinner, hang out with her, do all crazy things and whatever she wants to do, her dreams and aspiration and I feel you’ll still won’t find a way to a women’s heart.

Dayana Erappa – She is a classic beauty with limited brains. The way to improve her communication skills is to read books, books and books. Didn’t she realized the question she got was the same as Dimple Patel got in the top five q and a round last year? Had she watched it she could have an idea what to answer.
Shiamak Danvar – What is the difference between spirituality and religion?
Dayana – Spirituality is that you believe in one God and the religion is that you believe in different God like hindu, muslim, Christian. I think there shouldn’t be any classism in this country. India is a country of oneness and we all should be spiritual.

Hasleen Kaur – Liked the response she gave to the anchor while he was trying to have a little bit of fun. After hearing what she said I think she deserved the second spot though I would like her for Miss World. Her answers are logical, short and factual. The question was the same as Parvathy Omnakuttam got in the Miss India final round and I prefer Parvathy’s answer.
Kangana Ranaut – What in your view is the reason for increase in divorce rate in India?
Hasleen – I feel the increase in divorce rate in India today is that people don’t have time for each other anymore. There’s more pressure in life, there’s so much things happening around we tend to forget the most important component in a relationship is communication and because of the time paucity, we cannot devote time for communication. Unless you have that you cannot propel a relationship and I firmly believe in that.

Kanishtha Dhankar – Her answer was more of opinionated answer and I believe it really was justified but a difficult one to do so. She spoke well, confident but a little hesitant. Her question was the most tricky.
Anchors question – Would you support mercy killing of someone who is terminally ill and has no hope for recovery or do you think that is not for human being to make decision to end human life?
Kanishtha – I think mercy killing is a very delicate topic but if somebody is terminally ill and there is no hope of recovery, I think, I as an individual believe that it would be okay because it is the stress on the individual of the family to go through emotional and financial stress and be able to take decision on behalf of the person.

Purva Rana – She really was nervous. Couldn’t answered well but whatever she said I agree with her. Dhoni has gone through a lot, some unnecessary criticism from media or the BCCI for trying to be outspoken about the bureaucratic style of BCCI. She was assured that her question was going to be exciting but more than being excited she was nervous.
Prachi Desai – Dhoni is India’s most successful captain and Sachin is the world most successful batsmen. If you could be either one of them, who would you choose and why?
Purva – Dhoni because he is the man who has come through a lot. We were not able to win the World cup in 2007 and we are a winner now. The responsibility, patriotism, Dhoni has shown on his shoulder, with no offence to Sachin, he is a great man. So from my perspective I would like to be Dhoni.

Rakulpreet Singh – a beautiful lady who reminds me of the yesteryear actress the late Divya Bharti. She just was so beautiful on that stage but it was her answer which really put me off. She blushed and Fardeen asked her why she was blushing than she said the host ask me something and then said again, “Oh no Nothing!” As for her answer, I don’t think being gay is one’s own choice it’s in “Them” because it’s in their gene. She really was uncomfortable answering the question.
Fardeen Khan – If you found out your son is gay, what would be your reaction
Rakul – Well, honestly, If I found out my son was gay I would be shocked and I would rather, probably slap him in the first reaction but then later I feel choosing your own sexuality is one’s own decision and if he wants to go ahead with that I have no problem. As far as I am concern I prefer to be straight.

Shweta Dolly – She was robbed big time and to those who says she has an ugly face ( go to hell). This isn’t the first time there’s a beauty like her. We have had so many of them in the past and this won’t be the last either. She was so natural, confident and  I like her the way she portrayed her attitude. She was clearly a winner. So eloquent in her answer; she deserved to be there in top 5 irrespective of whether she won one of the title or not. I think she should try it out again. I was amazed to see her humorous side when Manish Paul asked her to step down from her heels. She replied she already had step down. And while he made fun of her height for fixing bulb she said there are a lot of uses for being tall other than fixing bulb. The most witty reply and funniest chat before Rakul, Hasleen and Kanishtha.
Dino Morea – While making decision in life is it better to follow your heart or follow your mind?
Shweta – I believe in living life in a balance and I don’t think you need to choose between living..thinking between by your mind or by your heart. I believe in using my heart when it needs to be used and my mind when it needs to be used but right now my heart is in a flutter because I am excited and nervous but my mind is calm and so I choose to listen to my mind right now and I think this is how we should make decision and apply.

The Top 5

Same question for all the 5 ladies.. ‘There is a lot that children can learn from mothers but what can mothers learn from children? Tell us in terms of values, experience and emotions.”

Ankita Mohapatra – Of course! one learns a lot from his or her mother. But the most important thing that a mother learns is learning to sharing thoughts with her children. By that I mean, as a young women you do not realized how important it is to share your thoughts with someone but when as a mother you deal with your child you realize how important it is to know what your child does and understands the state of his or her emotional needs. Besides that I think motherhood is a beautiful relationship which along with it if you called all the feelings of love which is unconditional. I think a mother is the only giver on the earth.

Ankita Shorey – A women gives birth to a child but a child gives birth to a mother. This kind of reminded me of few lines which I read sometimes ago” Nile teri nayogi kamariya..mohe bahut nachayo..ye suno yashodhya maya kalho gum sagayo” beautifully depicted by Tulsidasji portraying love between mother Yashodhya and her son Krishna which tell us in which way a women – a mother learn out of her child is how to love unconditionally. It’s the unconditional lo9ve which is the essence of a mother.

Kanishtha Dhankar – Children can learn everything from their mother and I feel in today’s generation mothers can learn everything from their children as well because we live in a contemporary India. We have a voice, we have a choice and we are going out to get everything and so I think our mother who have had not opportunity as us can still dare to dream and I think we can set an example for them.

Rakulpreet – Children can learn a lot from their mothers. Anyway in this age kids need time and I think children don’t need your presence..the time you spent with your children , you can learn how today’s life happen without any threats. Look at the twinkle in the eyes of your children it comes naturally. So live life as it comes and live life with all your heart.

Hasleen Kaur – A child uninhibitedly can do whatever the child feels like. A mother has to be cautious, a mother has to take steps, truly has to preach because she has to take care of her child. But once a child can dance, a child can dance without thinking. A mother can learn that bit from her child.

Not really happy with Rakulpreet’s answer. She messed up and flumble a lot. This justify that she is not even worth in the top 5. Shweta could have been a better choice. Ankita M fluctuates a lot in her performance. The top ten answer was good and strong but top 5 answer was unnecessarily long and repetitive. As for Ankita S she spoke of unconditional love in different words and sentence which makes her answer a bit long but a good one. Hasleen tried to show both side of the question while Kanishtha answered it really well with facts and  in different words and meaning but all related to the question

And here are the winners as you know..

Winners all

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