Femina Miss India 2008 top 10 and top 5 question and answer round.


Everyone loves question and answer round in every beauty pageant. Though these days it might not play a crucial part in selecting the eventual winners and the one who answers the best might not the crown but it still does hold its importance since everyone wants to hear them speak. After all they are going to be the representative of their country at the international pageant and be a spokesperson for many causes and sponsors.

Have been watching Miss India since 1997 but my first review as a pageant follower was for Miss India 2008 for a popular forum. Here’s the top 10 questions and answers and the top 5 question and answer.

Top 10 question and answer:

JJ Valaya: In what role does a man add most to a woman – Father, son or a partner?
Kajal: A man adds to a woman in all of the above roles with equal intensity.

Katrina: Do you prefer a love marriage or an arranged marriage?
Harshita: I prefer a love marriage because marriages are not made in heaven. They are made on earth by confirming compatibility.

Shaimak Davar: Do you agree that the purpose of a woman’s life is to stay back at home and look after the family?
Tanvi: Yes, I agree since I believe that being a homemaker is the most difficult and challenging job.

Rina Dhaka: What’s the nicest gift a woman can give a man?
Parvathy: The best gift a woman can ever give a man is the birth of a child with all her compassion and patience.

Tabu: If women were to rule the world by 2050, how different would it be?
Aditi: The world will become a sensitive place to live in, without any cruelty. Women are love personified

Zeenat Aman: Which quality of women gives them an edge over men?
Farah: Compassion towards men, children and the mankind is the most special quality about women that gives them an edge.

Shaimak Dawar: What is the one change you would like to see in India?
Simran: India can do better with empowerment of women. Though we have achieved a lot, there is a lot of scope for the same.

Katrina: What is the special feature of the women from your state (Gujarat)?
Sangeeta Chauhan: Though I hail from Gujarat, my hometown is in UP. But not just UP, I think the special quality of all Indian women is their culture.

Arnab Goswami: How would you go about change that you would want to bring?
Radha: Actions speak louder than words. With sensitivity, subtlety and compassion, a step can be taken towards directing a change.

Zeenat Aman: Do you think that the youth today faces more pressure than the pervious generation?
Malvika: Yes, the youth today definitely faces more pressure than the previous generations. But it is this very pressure that is making them perform to make India an economic superpower on the global platform.

Top 5 question n answer

They were asked,”The rate of divorce in India is on a rise. What is the cause? Is western influence the cause or something else?” and were to answered in 90 seconds.

Harshita : “Marriages are what we make of it. Divorces are prominent because we don’t have the abilities to sustain them. We have to be more strong and determined as human beings.

Parvathy : Divorces are not a result of western influence. At the end of the day, it is we who decide whose worth us. Marriage is not when one completes the other but is when both share their completeness.

Sangeeta Chauhan : Yes, western influence is somewhere responsible for the rise in divorce. Long working hours and stress are taking a toll on people.

Simran : The mindset is changing but divorces cannot be attributed to western influences. In fact we need to come up with a system to tackle this dilemma.

Tanvi : The rise in divorce is because of lack of compassion and not western influence.


Parvathy Omanakuttam of Kerala won the Miss India World crown while Simran Kaur Mundi of Mumbai was crowned Miss India Universe 2008 and Harshita Saxena of Goa was declared Miss India Earth at a glittering function held at the Andheri Sports Complex in Mumbai. Later Harshita had to give up the her Miss India Earth crown due to some contract issues with pageant organizer she took part in before competing for Miss India 2008. Tanvi Vyas of Vadodara replaced Harshita as Miss India Earth 2008.


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