Josephine Tan from Malaysia is the winner of Supermodel International 2016


Picture Credits: Tkop

The 6th edition of Supermodel International 2016 pageant was held in New Delhi, India where over 30 women from across the globe competed for the top spot. Before the finale, the contestants toured diferent parts of the Northern India and received warmth hospitality from the host nation. The contestants also visited one of the famous monuments in the world i.e. Taj Mahal. Then there were preliminary rounds to select the top 15. Here are the complete result:

Supermodel International 2016 winner: Miss Malaysia, Josephine Tan
1st runner-up: Russia, Alisa Manenok
2nd runner-up: Finland, Julia Pikkarainen
3rd runner-up: Serbia, Marina Dokic
4th runner-up: India, Divya Saini

Top 15: 

Finland, Switzerland, Korea Japan, Russia, Malaysia, USA, Krygyztan, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Thailand, Netherlands, India, Serbia and Sri Lanka.

Continental Queens:

Supermodel Americas: USA
Supermodel Europe: Denmark
Supermodel Asia Pacific: Korea
Supermodel Africa: Ethiopia

Special Awards:

Miss Congeniality: Switzerland
Miss Photogenic: Russia
Best in Gown: Myanmar
Best in Swimsuit: Kazakhstan
Best Catwalk: Sri Lanka
Best Talent: Netherlands
Miss Charity: Belarus

Best National Costume: Indonesia
1st runner-up: Caucasus
2nd runner-up: China

Josephine as Miss Malaysia Earth 2013

Josephine as Miss Malaysia Earth 2013

Josephine Tan

Josephine Tan


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