Mrs, Miss and Mr Global India 2016 winners (Pictures)


L-R – Mrs Global India 2016 – Gitanjali Sood, Mr Global India 2016 – Abhishek Giri and Miss Global India 2016- Manasa Chindam

A competition that provides opportunity in the world of glamour and glitz to talented people through a pageant was held in Byke Old Anchor Hotel, Goa where young talented aspirants and married women competed for the title of Miss, Mr and Mrs Global India 2016. Manasa Chindam (Hyderabad) s won the title of Miss Global India 2016 and Gitanjali Sood from Pune became Mrs. Global India 2016. Abhishek Giri, an odia boy from Balasore, Odisha won the title Mr. Global India 2016. The Chief guest of the show was Mr. Francis D’Souza, the Deputy Chief Minister of Goa.

Mrs Global India 2016- Gitanjali Sood

Mrs Global India 1st Runner up 2016- Trushali Waghmare Fadale


Mrs Global India 2nd Runner up 2016 – Alveera Pinto Fernandes


Mrs Global India Confident 2016 – Ravneet Kaur Sandhu


Mrs Global India Fashionable 2016 – Mrs Bornita Acherjee Kamat


Mrs Global India Extrem Cause 2016- Priyambada Nayak


Mrs Global India talented 2016 – Richa Shrivastava


Mrs Global India Photogenic 2016- Trushali Waghmare Fadale


Miss Global India 2016

L-R: 1st Runner-up Shibra Tupke, Miss Global India Manasi Chindam and 2nd Runner up Prerna

L-R: 1st Runner-up Shibra Tupke, Miss Global India Manasa Chindam and 2nd Runner up Prerna

Miss Global India Fashionable 2016 and Miss global India Extreme cause 2016- Saniya Shaikh


Miss Global India Photogenic 2016- Neeta Singh


Miss Global India Talented 2016 – Swatie Ghatkar


Miss Global India Confident 2016 – Tushita Choudhary


Mr Global India 2016

Mr Global India 2016 - Abhishek Giri

Mr Global India 2016 – Abhishek Giri

Mr Global India 1st Runner up 2016 – Deepak Kishore


Mr Global India 2nd Runner up 2016 – Adwaaith Pillai



L-R: Sandip Kadbhane, Abhishek Giri and Deepak Kishore

Mr Global India Confident 2016 – Deepak Kishore


MR global India Extreme cause 2016 – Sandip Kadbhane


Mr global India Fashionable 2016 – Haroon khan



Pictures Credits: Miss n Mrs Global India and Mr Global India

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