Connie Jiménez is Miss Ecuador 2016


Connie Jimenez has been crowned Miss Ecuador 2016 during the ceremony held in the city of Machala , province of El Oro.  Francesca Cipriani, Miss Ecuador 2015 from Guayas crowned Connie Jimenez as her successor. Connie is 20 years old and  stands 1.75 inch tall. She will represent Ecuador at the Miss Universe 2016 contest. The winner crown is design by Daniella Kronfle and is valued at $ 30,000.

Connie Jimenez stood out among the 21 candidates , which were prepared for months and toured several provinces. The five finalists were: Bianka Fuentes (First Runner up), Ivanna Abad (Second Runner Up), Carmen Iglesias (Third Runner Up) Yoselin Noroña (Fourth Runner Up), and Maria Isabel Piñeyro (Fifth Runner Up).


The Top 6 Questions and Answers:

Connie Jimenez
“What is the nicest thing you take the path of Beauty?”.
“I take the memory to know the wildlife, the flora and the cuisine representing Ecuador and above all the human warmth”.

Bianka Fuentes
“If you had the opportunity to be president what would be your most important ministry and why?”.
“I would like to work with children because they are the future of our country.”

Ivanna Abad
“A person who has been in a coma for 5 years wakes up and asks you what happened to you in this time that I’ve been in a coma, what would you say?”
“I would say I’m very grateful to God and life for all that has happened to me.”

Carmen Iglesias
“What do you think about the marriage of the same gender?”
“All people can choose to be happy. We must accept it.”

Yoselin Noroña
What are according to your judgment and your experiences the differences between the generation of your parents and yours?
“They are different generations We young people are the future of the motherland and the reflection of children.”.

Maria Isabel Piñeyro
“In a world in crisis how through the world of beauty can contribute to society?”
“Beauty pageants can “contribute through foundations so that we can help people.”

Other awards presented during the event were :

Miss Congeniality  – Francesa Possieri
Miss Photogenic  – Connie Jiménez
Miss Sedal  – Isabel Piñeyro
Miss Puntuality – Isabel Piñeyro
Miss Cielo  – Connie Jiménez
Miss Ottie  – Carole Abedrabbo
Best National Costume  – Zulibeth Coronel
Miss Elegance  – Connie Jiménez
Miss Solidarity – Laura Ruíz
Miss Oro Verde – Ivanna Abad
Dream Sedal  – Francesa Possieri

The gala tonight was conducted by Alejandra Argudo , Miss Ecuador 2014 , and Carlos Montero . The musical show was conducted by Johann Vera , exparticipante the reality La Banda , Univision , and Ki -Juan Minors.

Image Credits: ecuavisa

Image Credits: ecuavisa

Connie Jimenez Romero is an engineer in Agribusiness Management , graduated from the Zamorano Pan-American Agricultural School. In a previous interview with the universe , she said she would like to work with women engaged in agriculture to help them improve their production and thus their quality of life .

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