Marigona Dragusha: Iconic and versatile beauty queen


Following and watching Miss Universe always gives us the most exciting and entertaining moment every year. There are those years which are particularly unforgettable and even watching and replaying it again and again on YouTube won’t be enough.  Miss Universe 2009 contest is one of its editions I thoroughly enjoyed and wouldn’t keep my eyes off even for once. The beauty that made it happened is Marigona Dragusha. The iconic beauty from Kosovo has won hearts not just for her beauty but also for her sweet personality and amazing aura.

Kosova debuted at the Miss Universe contest in 2008 making it to the semi-final. Marigona was the second representative of Kosovo. Once at the Miss Universe contest, she started getting attention for her unique looks and soon she was the favourite of many pageant portals. That year there were strong candidates from Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, France, South Africa, Australia etc. The competition was tough but she stood out because of her versatility. You saw her as a calm and warm beauty queen with a soft personality that’s so bewitching and then on seeing her glam shots, she changed her avatar like she was posing for Editorial magazines with an attitude no other can match. She is indeed a pristine beauty.

Known for her resemblance to the iconic actress Audrey Hepburn, she had a lot to proof since comparison sometimes leads to over expectation and she had to show the real Marigona and also do justice to the comparison while not disappointing the fans of Audrey. It was her resemblance that got me to like her at first. I did expect a lot from her because Audrey Hepburn is my all-time favourite actress. I wanted to see more of her beyond the resemblance. Yukta Mookhey, Miss World 1999 perfectly sums up why I am a fan of Audrey Hepburn when she was asked who she wanted to be if she could be anyone in the world – “Audrey Hepburn, I admire her inner beauty, compassion, her aura and the calmness within that is reflected in her.”

It was fascinating to see the same grace, style and beauty that Audrey Hepburn had in the Kosovar pristine beauty -Marigona Dragusha. And Marigona didn’t disappoint. Her uncanny resemblance to the yesteryear actress might be the talk of the town but she managed to have her own individuality captivating everyone’s mind and heart.

The swimsuit round


Taking the stage with a musical live performance by Florida singing his hits “Jump” and “Right round”on the background, Marigona was perfect from head to toe. It wasn’t about her resemblance to Audrey anymore. It was about her. She excels in this round. The energy with which she walked and the bounciness of hers enjoying the rhythm of Florida, she gave out a positive vibe, had an amazing stage presence and a performance worth watching. Her pencil thin frame, swan-like neck and perfectly symmetrical face with those killer attitude and catwalk make her look edgy as well as elegantly beautiful perfectly suited to be Victorian Secret Angel and Haute-Couture runway model.

Evening Gown round


It wasn’t surprising to see her in the top 10. I bet she was among the highest scorer in the swimsuit round. In this round, there was another live performance of “When Loves Takes over” by Kelly Rowland and David Guetta. The song was melodious and a great choice for this round. While I was enjoying the song and the performance of other contestants, I waited eagerly for Marigona to take the stage. When she did, I was totally mesmerized and enchanted. It was a like a reincarnation of Audrey Hepburn. It wasn’t just about the resemblance; it was about the versatility that she had, carrying the exact sweetness, aura, sophistication, style and elegance that made Audrey Hepburn so popular. The royal blue with violet monochrome silk taffeta gown, straight cut adorned with thick crystal embroidered belt on the waist and the long flowing tail highlighted her perfect tall structure and body giving a glamorous look and a performance worth remembering as she let the flowing tail moved smoothly and effortlessly while she walked. Who can forget the bun hairstyle? For a moment, she made us forget we were watching an evening gown competition. It was more like watching her wooing us on the red carpet of Oscars. Classy and magnificent just like Audrey Hepburn.

0459|0344|F|(L-R): Candidates from Dominican Republic, Ada Aimee de la Cruz; Venezuela, Stefania Fernandez, and Kosovo, Gona Dragusha, wait for the decision of the jury, during the coronation night of Miss Universe at the hotel complex Atlantis in Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas, 23 August 2009. EPA/ORLANDO BARRIA +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++

The Top 5 question and answer round was a disappointment. I think the interpreter didn’t quite interpret what she meant to say. She was asked about Justin Timberlake statement on the invasion of privacy being a celebrity and why she wanted to be famous. From what the interpreter said, she gave a good answer but not really strong enough. Miss Venezuela who was the dark horse gave the best answer. But I still was expecting Marigona to win if not, then the 1st runner up title since Miss Universe wasn’t just about who answered the best anymore unlike in the 90’s. When she was declared 2nd runner up, she didn’t show any regret and she gracefully accepted her placement. Although I was disappointed with the result, looking at her reaction, it made me realized everything was not lost. Maybe she was destined to be more than that. She already had achieved the highest placement in just two years of her country’s debut at the Miss Universe contest. Being in the top 3, it was a proud moment for Kosovo as she put her nation on the world map of pageant.


As she keeps travelling between Europe and America, she has proven through her beauty and personality why she was worth being in everyone’s favourite list. Her performances in the contest and glam shots are enough to show why she is popular among the best of fashion designers, Photographers, Talent Agency etc. Every year there will be people’s favourite, but only few managed to become the all-time favourites. Marigona Dragusha will be remembered not only as one of the best contestants of beauty pageants but also as one of the best models in the world of fashion. Her sweet smile, calm persona and gorgeous face are enough to love her forever.

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