I’m confident that i will do my very best: Elizabeth Thadikaran – Femina Miss India Bangalore 2015 1st Runner up (Interview)


Elizabeth Thadikaran comes from a place called God’s own Country – Kerala. Also known as Liz, she is determined to win the Miss India crown and bring back the Miss World crown for India. Liz is a dental student from Bangalore with an impressive educational background. She has won silver medal in the National swimming competition and bronze in State level athletic competition. As an intern, she has visited many rural areas to provide medical facilities and create awareness about sanitation which she is still doing. Confident, well spoken and naturally beautiful, she is apt for Miss India. Her determination for the crown shows in terms of the work she has accomplished. She has won many beauty pageants. In this interview she tells us about her preparations, what does it take to be beautiful and confident, and lots more.

1. Tell us what was going through your mind when you were call as 1st runner up at the Femina Miss Bangalore contest?
Well, It was like a sudden burst of excitement mixed with the burning desire to control myself from jumping up and down! Hahaha… I was extremely happy and so proud that the Fbb Femina Miss India team saw  potential in me! Very grateful to the team! 🙂

2. With this win, now you will be going for the final audition of Miss India 2016 in Mumbai. Are you excited or nervous? Do tell us about your preparation for the contest.
I’m very excited! I know it’s going to be a lot of fun. I’ve been taking extra care in terms of fitness and preparing for certain pageant requirements.

3. I do believe you will make it to the Miss India contest. You’re confident, has got the spark and besides you’re already a beauty queen winning so many pageants. Is it really tough to look confident and beautiful all the time?
Well firstly, Thankyou 🙂  I believe something is difficult when you have to put on a show of it. I just feel confident when I’m on stage, it’s this feeling that’s , kind of just there. Because my confidence doesn’t come from comparing myself to other girls, it comes from owning the person that I am!

4. What prompted you to take part in Miss India contest?
Miss India at first, was a far away dream. It was always something that was in my head, but too far away to reach. So I started trying to develop and focus on myself , from local pageant to state pageant and so on . And then it sort of came closer and closer. I’m a go-getter by nature, so I guess no matter what I’ll never stop trying! 🙂

5. It is good to see that you’re actively involved in a project for Sanitation and Awareness program in rural areas. Will this project be your Beauty With A Purpose project if you make it the final of Miss India 2016 ontest?
Apart from my Beauty With A Purpose project, there are other programs that I try to implement . The sanitation awareness program will not be my BWAP project. My BWAP is something that is close to my profession. 🙂


6. A national level Silver medalist in Swimming and state level bronze medalist in Athletic, What’s your daily routine to keep yourself fit and active?
Swimming! That’s my go-to exercise no matter what. It keeps me fresh and active!

7. What makes a woman beautiful in your opinion?
Intelligence, confidence and a smile.

8. How has Queens and Crowns Institute, Bangalore helped you in your preparation for Miss India contest? Is it really necessary for beauty Queen aspirants to go for beauty pageant grooming Institute?
I am currently not attending any grooming institute. However, I do know the owner of the queens and crowns institute on a personal level and he has helped me greatly with a lot of pointers and tips along my Miss India journey. I think the decision to enter a pageant grooming school can only help you develop as a person and the more help you get to achieve your dreams, the better it is for you! You never stop learning!

9. How confident are you about winning Miss India title?
I’m confident that i will do my very best!

10. Lastly, any message for your fans and followers?
Yes! I would like to thank them and tell them that I love them!!! Without you guys, and your love and support, I couldn’t have reached where I am and I certainly know for a fact that whatever heights I achieve, it is as much yours as it is mine. Because i strongly believe that the true stars are the people behind-the-scenes or the ones that constantly support you!

Thanks a lot, Elizabeth for this interview. Wish you all the best for your Miss India journey!

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