My ‘Beauty With A Purpose Project’ is a very sensitive issue: Cyber Security Awareness: Rajkanya Baruah – Femina Miss India Kolkata (Interview)


Rajkanya Baruah won fbb Femina Miss India Kolkata 2016 a month ago thus earning a direct spot to Miss India 2016. Her win once again gives hope and dreams to the people from the region she comes from i.e. Northeast India who all are waiting for the Miss India crown to come to the Northeast  region. She is aware of this hopes and there is bound to be pressure, but the hardworking and optimistic woman is determined to win the crown. Being optimistic, she sees pressures as opportunity, love and support.

In this interview, Rajkanya speaks her heart out on why she wants to become Miss India, her preparation and she hopes to get the love and support from everyone.

1. How would you describe yourself to the world?
I am a very simple and grounded person who puts the happiness of others before her own because I find happiness in making others happy. I am a perfectionist; I strive for perfection in everything I do in life! I am an optimistic person who believes that the glass is half full and not half empty. I have a very strong personality and I’m unique in my disposition, poised, comfortable in my skin, I can handle tough situations and know how to make the best with whatever life throws at me… give me a lemon and I’ll make you lemonade..  !

2. You’re the 2nd finalist for Miss India contest. Are you excited or nervous about challenges ahead?
I am exhilarated to be the second finalist for the Femina Miss India pageant. Being a little nervous is only natural because I am confident but not overconfident. I am bestowed with the responsibility of fulfilling not just my dream but the dreams of all people from east India who are waiting eagerly to have the very first Femina Miss India crown for Northeast India!

3. You have won many pageants before and you’re a model too. I might sound cliché here, but why Miss India?
Aha! I was asked this question in my audition in Kolkata. Beauty is indeed a superficial aspect. ‘Beauty with a purpose’ is an intrinsic part of Femina Miss India and also Miss World, which drew me closer to this pageant. This is because I want to be confidently beautiful with a purpose in life, because I feel the purpose of life is a life with a purpose! I believe that’s what motivated me, to fulfill the greater purpose of my life, which is why I stepped into the world of beauty pageants again through Femina Miss India 2016. Because I am confidently beautiful with a purpose which is to be an epitome of change which will help in bringing peace and positivity to this world!

4. Do you have any specific moment that influenced you to take part in Miss India?
It’s emotional – my father in his death bed, when I went to see him, that probably was our last conversation before him going under ventilation, he gave me his blessings knowing his end was nearing. His words were, “Mama, you are my princess, and you always will be. You have gone through a lot in life, and you will go through a lot in life, never let go off your dreams. I am proud to call you my daughter, make our family proud, make your country prouder, go fulfill all your dreams, my blessings are with you.” His words still vibrates my ears when I think of that moment. He knew my dreams, being a Miss India is just one of my dreams. This is the one moment which influenced me, motivated me to take part in Miss India to fulfill my dreams as well the dreams of my father and the dreams of everyone associated with me.

5. Since at the Miss World contest, ‘beauty with a purpose’ project plays an important role, have you decided on any ‘beauty with a purpose’ project for Femina Miss India contest? If yes, can you tell us about it?
My ‘Beauty With A Purpose Project’ is a very sensitive issue: Cyber Security Awareness. It’s a universal issue in today’s Internet age. The awareness level is very low in our country and lower in Northeast India. I am running a campaign #ClickSafe in Northeast India as a part of my initiative. I now have a Facebook page “Cyber Crime Awareness Squad” and I am conducting seminars in schools, colleges and other institutions as a part of my #ClickSafe campaign. A lot of people are involving in the initiative which includes cyber security experts, cyber crime lawyers, police etc. I am trying to gather as many people I can to support my cause. This initiative will help route Cyber Crime complaints to the right people and also assist in victim counseling. All this is being updated on the Facebook page. Please like and share it –


6. Apart from the Miss India crown, are there any sub title awards that you aim for?
I am working very hard by concentrating at each sub-title individually. Since I am a fitnessholic, I won Miss Best Body Subtitle in the Kolkata pageant and now I am focusing on winning it again at the main pageant. I am also aiming to win the Beauty With A Purpose Subtitle since the project I am doing is genuinely very close to my heart. Miss Active Subtitle since I workout in the gym regularly and I am very fit and active! Winning the best National Costume is also of utmost importance and this time it’s going to be unique which you have never seen on the Miss India stage. Little hint: I would be looking like a Northeastern Princess! I am also aiming for Miss Multimedia and Miss Popular through popular votes through my Facebook fans and friends. Since I didn’t know how to play Sudoku and I couldn’t perform in the Kolkata pageant. I am learning and practicing it everyday now because I want to win that Subtitle this time. Northeastern women are blessed with good skin so let’s see what happens in the subtitle crowning. I am naturally a congenial person and can become friends with everyone. I had a tie with the winner of Miss Congeniality in the Miss India Kolkata Pageant, and later there was a tie-breaker and she won. I am looking forward for the girls to love me and vote for me in the main pageant as well. I am also aiming for Miss Photogenic and Miss Fashion icon! And if at all there is a subtitle for being the funniest person, I am surely going to win it – I am very witty and I have a good sense of humor! I am actually aiming for all the subtitles! Like you say – always aim for the Moon, even if you miss, you will land amongst the stars.

7. You’ll be competing with other beautiful women from across the country for the crown but with you, you’ll be carrying the hopes and dreams of the region you come from i.e. the Northeast region. Do you feel any pressure?
The day I was crowned, I understood the responsibilities and dreams and hopes of the people from the northeast region that came to me with the crown of Femina Miss India Kolkata 2016. Hence I have trained myself to handle stress and pressure efficiently without letting it affect my performance in the Miss India Pageant. I feel I tend to perform better when I am under pressure. And with the blessings of everyone I will be able to give my best at the pageant and bring an International title back to India .

8. So can we expect you to win the Multimedia award since last year the sweet and charming Rewati Chetri did really well in this segment and won the same award?
Rewati is indeed a sweetheart. I am managing my official Facebook page very well. Since my crowning in Kolkata, it’s very active. I am hoping to win the Multimedia Award this year, of course with the help of all the people who love and inspire me!

9. Post winning Femina Miss Kolkata, you’ve been busy travelling, giving interviews, attending some events etc. What are the things that you do for yourself that relax or ease your mind away from the hectic busy schedules?
I start and end my day by reminding me of my goals and dreams in life that helps me in maintaining a strong clairvoyance in life. I love working out in the gym which helps me in distressing. Since I was a student of Maharishi Vidya Mandir, I have been practicing Transcendental Meditation. It helps in relaxing my mind. Lastly I use my MBA skills to manage my life and my busy schedules effectively and efficiently – after all that’s what a manager does! And that’s exactly what I learnt for two years in the Business School! Haha…

10. Do you have any plan or strategy for the contest that you follow?
I am just going to be myself, the real me, because I want Femina to be able to see within me and appreciate the person I am. My strategy is basically to prepare every aspect of the pageant very sincerely and plan each and every minute detail, because without proper planning you will be like a ship without a sail. I strive for perfection in everything I do in life, that’s a unique trait of my personality.

11. So are you all set for the contest?
On your marks, ready… get set go! I shall see you at the finish line… Haha..

12. Wish you all the very best. Looking forward to your success. Any last word for your fans and supporters….?
To shine like the sun, you have to burn like one – that’s a quote which is very dear to me. I would like to extend my love and gratitude to each one of you for the love and support. I am me because of you all! Please keep the love and support and help me in making this journey our journey to the coveted crown of Miss India World 2016 and the blue crown of Miss World 2016.

Thanks a lot, Rajkanya, for taking your time out for this interview. Wish you all the luck and success for Miss India. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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