Khyati Das from Assam is Miss Luit 2015


Northeast India Fashion and Design Council in short FNDC celebrated the 15th edition of its signature beauty pageant, Miss Luit on December 9, 2015 at Pragjyoti-ITA Centre for Performing Arts. Khyati Das from Assam was crowned as Miss Luit 2015, 1st Runner up spot went to Sawmi from Mizoram and 2nd Runner up spot went to Assam girl, Shreya.

Miss Luit is an annual beauty pageant organized by FNDC  and is regarded as one of the most coveted titles of North Eastern India, which gives young girls from the same region a launch pad for an entry into the world of modeling and for followers of pageants, an event worth watching.

The judges included Meghali Das, Vinod Soni, Anupam Bora, Payal Oshan Goswamy, Dr Srutimala Duara, Maini Mahanta, Jayant Ray from Kolkata and Monisha Doley from Mumbai.

Miss Catwalk- Imandari from Meghalaya.
Miss lustrous hair- Naina Patir from Assam.
Lady Sun Shine- Madhusmita from Assam.
Miss Talented- Poonam from Assam.
Miss Congeniality- Rashmi from Assam.
Miss Social Network- Khyati Das from Assam
Miss Personality- Maryam from Assam
Miss Perfect 10- Raine from Assam
Miss Photogenic- Patiently from MeghalayaPictures Credit: Sankar Deka Photography



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