Interview with the new National Director of Miss Earth India – Maithani Pradeep


Recently, Miss Earth India franchise was taken over by a Singapore based businessman, Mr Maithani Pradeep who heads a company “Prospur’. I am sure I am not the only one when I say this, I search on Google wanting to know more about the New National Director of Miss Earth India. What I found about him was “a man who is really successful in the world of business with impressive profiles.” He is focused and smart. And I find him a fascinating individual with an intriguing personality. That’s when I contacted him for this interview. Lucky me! he agreed for it. Here’s the interview:

1. You’re currently the Chairman and Managing Director of  ‘Prospur’, associated with Miss Earth Singapore and now a National Director of Miss Earth India. In the world of business where each and every seconds matters, how do you manage your time? Isn’t it tough to handle three different jobs at once?
Not really. if you like your work you don’t feel what time you spend on it.I only do things which I love. and when I love doing something, I don’t feel I am spending time on it. Its like a little girl playing with her new barbie doll which she likes the most.

2. Can you tell us about your company Prospur?
Prospurs is an amazing team with an ability to deliver anything out of the box. So I am fully confident that Prospurs will deliver this challenge too.  Prospurs is two years old but knows India perfectly and help growbiz to deliver this miss earth India. Prospurs is currently managing projects worth 1230 Million USD. Prospurs can manage any B2B or B2C event across the globe and deal with events, consulting and partnership.

3. As an Organization, some of the social responsibilities ‘Prospur’ strongly feels for are ‘Protecting Environment & Nature’ and ‘Well being of human being & other partners to sustain the nature’. Is taking up Miss Earth India franchise a part of that responsibilities since Miss Earth works towards creating an environmental awareness?
Definitely, YES! Prospurs is committed for social causes. Even our Key performance Indicator for a team member includes how he/she contributes to the family / society. Taking up Miss Earth India, the prime reason was, we wanted to work on the message – “Green – Waste free India” and “Save Daughter – Educate Daughter” , two big concerns in Indian society today. We believe that women and girls can contribute to save earth much more as man, has created many issues like wars, terrorism, political differences to spend billions of dollars. But we think that women and girls, representing love, care, construction, softness can build a better world and lead to save the environment to save earth for mankind. We feel its time now that man should give it to woman……

4. What prompted you to take up the franchise of Miss Earth India considering there’s a lot of displeasure among the fans with the Miss Earth organization?
We saw the opportunity in the challenge. When it is going down, there comes Growbiz and Prospurs to work on it and life it up. India is amazing. We know that. and when Displeasure grew, we know its only India whose love can help. India is amazing and amazing people from this country can lift this sentiment and work out wonders. So with that realization, we decided to take up the challenge as we trust India’s fan truly.

5. So, will the new Miss Earth India be just another beauty pageant with a cause or will we see it walking the talk about the cause and environmental issues in various platforms?
You will see something special. Watch out! We are committed to lift the Miss Earth Brand in India, a country of 800 Million youth.

6. You have just started the online registration for Miss Earth India 2016 pageant, how are you planning to conduct auditions and where would the finale be? Will we get to see a live event of the show?
Yes. Live show will be telecasted. We will do auditions in metro cities.

7. It’s been five years since India has not placed in Miss Earth pageant, many blamed it on the lack of time, preparation, improper grooming etc, What are your thoughts on that?
We will start grooming pretty early. We know time is short but we will take care of this issue. We will put lot extra effort to ensure the cover up, if any.

8. Though it’s too early to ask this, will you consult ex-Miss India Earth winners or other beauty queens for the contest?
Yes. We are building a team of people who are working for the cause of Miss Earth including the last year pageant.

9. What according to you should an Indian ambassador to Miss Earth 2016 possess?
A vision of caring about the earth with issues human race is facing today. We are looking for a beauty who can think out of the box.

10. We as a fan expect a lot from you as the new franchise holder of Miss Earth India, would it be fair to expect the best of Miss Earth India from you because last year, there were so many unfortunate incidents regarding the same pageant?
We are passionate for the cause. We have inhouse strength to figure out the capable girl who can win on the global stage. We are committed to work hard. We are looking for future rather than wondering about the past.

11. And your message for Miss Earth India fans and potential candidates of Miss Earth India 2016 pageants..
Be down to earth, work hard with us and lift the glory, rand of Miss Earth with the cause fulfilled with your acts and personality.

Thank you for doing this interview. Wish you all the best and success for your new venture. Looking forward to Miss Earth India 2016!

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