The Best ones of 2015 Male Pageants

2015 will be remembered as the most busiest year in the history of pageants. It wasn’t just beauty pageants alone that was held simultaneously one after another, Male pageants saw the birth of new pageants and the later half of the year was packed with pageants which got us pretty much busy following them. It was exciting and fun to watch our favourites in those contests. I have always followed male pageants but never did I imagined I would be following like beauty pageants. It was worth it. Some male pageants were held without much coverage and without a trace of their winners later while others managed to do really well like those top beauty pageants. After following each and every pageant and so many contestants, so who according to me are the best from the world of male pageants? Here they are:

Best Host Country:


Philippines: When a country where pageant is so popular and loved  and becomes a host to an international pageant, you can expect the best from it. Mister International 2015 was held in Philippines last year and the pageant didn’t disappoint. So many events and activities, the love and support the Filipinos gave to the contestants and the pageant made it perfect. Wherever the contestants go, there will always be fans and supporters who will keep the frenzy and excitement alive not just for the contestants but also for the viewers across the globe.

Best Pageant of the Year:


Undoubtedly, Mister International 2015. Last year, Mister International Organisation celebrated its 10 years Anniversary with much aplomb and gaiety. From the activities to media coverage to the tours, it had everyone excited. Mister International has the highest number of participants in 2015. Though, the number of participating countries can’t be a parameter to judge a pageant alone, but the fact is that Mister International 2015 pageant has the best batch, the strongest  and the most competitive contestants ever.

Best Physique:

Melvin Roman 2

Melvin Roman (Mister Model International 2015): Tall, good looks and well defined muscle with a washboard abs, all these traits make him externally attractive – a physique that every men wants including girls.

Best Personality:

Anderson Tomazini

Anderson Tomazini (Mr International Brazil): Of all the contestants competing in 2015 male pageants, Anderson stands out in terms of personality. Anderson personality is so much like Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza. Energetic, charismatic, infectious smile and great presence and vibes coming out from them. Another great quality about him is that he smiles and express his vibrant personality through his eyes.

Best in Social Media:

Puerto Rico - Fernando Alberto Alvarez

Fernando Alvarez: I was amazed to see how Mister International Puerto Rico used the social media to connect with his fans even before the competition had started. He was smart enough to always update about his preparations and keeping in touch with his followers. It is not just him, but his team of Mr Puerto Rico and family who would do their best to connect with his well wishers and followers. That’s how you connect with people and take the competition to another level.

Best in Online Popularity:

Mister Honduras Kilber Benjamin Gutiérrez Ponce6

Kilber Gutierrez (Mr Real Universe Honduras): Kilber is not new to pageant. Always among the favourites of many, he will represent his country Honduras at the Mr Global 2016 to be held in Paris, France. In every pageant he competed, he was always popular among many fans and pageant followers. His boyish looks and charm is hard to notice which makes him so desirable.

Best National Costume:


Reniel Villareal (Mister International Philippines): For me it is not just the costumes which shows the culture and heritage of the country but also how it is presented. Reniel did exceptionally well. He is just amazing in the picture. The pose, the expression and the background of the picture made everything that is in the picture very exquisite and artistic.

Best Winner of 2015:


Pedro Mendes (Mister International 2015): The Swiss model has been on everyone list to win the Mister International title. And he won! The best face of 2015 pageants, his irresistible charm, well physique and attractive looks makes him breathtakingly handsome and there’s an unmissable presence around him. He will go down in history as one the best face of Male pageants.

Country of the year:

Puerto Rico Country

Puerto Rico: No doubt about that. Three international title and a semi-finalist in Mister International, Puerto Rico takes this prize. And they are HOT!

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