Transcripts from the Steve Harvey show with Ariadna Gutierrez


I love watching both of them the “Miss Universe The Truth.” Thought, it will be all about emotions and letting out their deepest feelings, they did but they both did it light-heartedly without any resentment. Have to say Ariadna was exceptional. Love the way she speaks, her accent and her spirit. It’s good to see her smile and laugh even when she was feeling emotional. In the end, I enjoyed the show I have been waiting for and feel proud of Ariadna. She is amazing.

Here’s the transcript from the show. I have tried my best to show the word for word conversation from the show.

Steve: Thank you for coming.
Ariadna: No, Thank you for having me here.
Steve: You’re the one person I really wanted to talk because of the mistake I have made I cast you into a spotlight of place that I never intended to, that I would not want to happen to anybody. I just want to say how sorry I am. I am beyond sorry for what happy that night and it was you. Really, at the end of the day, we are hopeful that we walk away from here with something special. Now Where are you finally breaking the silence, I don’t even know how to start the interview, you know?
Ariadna: You know after all that happened, the only thing I wanted to do was be with my family and take a rest from everything that I went through so, I don’t know it took time because I couldn’t stop thinking “Oh My God! It really happened” you know. It was like a nightmare and I was like, like watching the videos and I couldn’t believe that it happened to me so, I needed time to be with my family, come down to think about what I am gonna say now, what I am gonna do now. I have already moved on. You know, This is our destiny that’s why we are here.. Sorry for my broken English.
Steve: No, it’s good, It’s good
Ariadna: Ok,
Steve: Mine is broken too.
Ariadna: Yeah…I know.. OK let’s break the ice.
Steve: Yeah.. really
Ariadna: I have to say something. You keep making mistakes. It’s not ARIYANA..It’s Ariadna.
Steve: Ariadna.  See once again, let me show you something.. in the take they had we said Ariyadna then on this intro they changed it backstage and I told them ARIADNA. I told them that Then I told them, this lady what you had me read the other day was ARIYADNA.
Ariadna: OK, I have to apologize.
Steve: No, no, I am the one that got apologized. Don’t worry about it. I am thinking of messing up few more names, right after this. I don’t really do names good, but I got to write you a second time. I can’t tell you how happy I am that you came.
Ariadna: Really?
Steve: My concern was for the two of you. It was horrible. Let’s start from the beginning. What got you into pageant?
Ariadna: I always dream of being Miss Universe Colombia. In my country being Miss Colombia, like being the most beautiful woman in Colombia is a big thing. You know after the President, comes the “Miss” It’s huge. I always wanted to be Miss Colombia and I went through a lot of sacrifices for getting there you know. And after I won Miss Colombia, a month later the former Miss Universe – Paulina, I am sure you’ve met her, she won Miss Universe. So it was like a double pressure. Winning Miss Colombia and she got the Miss Universe crown, so it was hard for me.
Steve: And it had been 57 years..
Ariadna: Exactly! Of not having Miss Universe and the first Miss Universe, she died two months ago. It was so sad for the country.
Steve: After all of these, there were widespread angers in Colombia, from protest to burning effigies of me and Miss Philippines. So how do you feel about the reactions in Colombia?
Ariadna: You know, I don’t feel proud about that because Colombians are not like that. But we have to understand that people got angry because they felt like they got robbed of the crown. So after wining Miss Universe, after 57 years and then you have the chance to go for a back to back. It was so exciting and everyone was expecting that so.. people felt bad in Colombia and in the Latin community, they felt like humiliated. It was so harsh to watch the show and that moment when I was waving my little flag, my Colombian Flag and then you, I don’t know. I don’t know how to say it now but it was like it was really really harshed to watch it. I have to apologize for them because we are not like that.
Steve: You shouldn’t have to apologize for the actions of others and I don’t want you to feel that way. And I don’t want the people of Colombia to think for even just a moment that I was a part of something that was like they said or talked about being in a publicity stunt or that I came out here and I wasn’t prepared because I was you know. I was at the rehearsal, it was tough man because the way we rehearsed it and the way we did it, it was different.
Ariadna: Exactly! It was really different. You have to know that I was like talking great things about you during the rehearsals. I was like saying to everybody, “Oh my God! I love Steve Harvey” I really did that because we were laughing the whole time.We were really nervous about the question and answer.
Steve: It’s a lot of pressure
Ariadna: People usually wait for us to make mistakes but when you were there, we were like “Oh my god! Thank God, we have a host like this” and then you’re mistaken.
Steve: You can’t wipe all that..
Ariadna: I was like why I am talking good about him. This is so unfair.
Steve: Because you know at the rehearsal, I saw how pressure packed it is
Ariadna: Exactly!
Steve: I am telling you, These countries, having heard it from you, you said in Colombia after the President, there is Miss Universe, so I understand the anger, you know. For the country of Colombia, I never intended for this moment to be. For your country especially the two of you. It cause a lot of sleepless night in my house you know.
Ariadna: Yeah, me too!
Steve: And I haven’t done an interview with anybody until I can talk to you two. That’s all I wanted. I am so glad that Miss Universe Pia was on yesterday and now, you today because this finally gives me a chance to have a moment of closure because I wanted you to understand sincerely from me, from my heart how I am as a person that I will never do that for publicity stunt. I will never do that to hurt a woman. I have been a champion of women for so long, I am not just that way. You know, it’s tough but no matter how tough it was for me, I cannot even began to imagine what it was like for you and I felt horrible about that. I just wanna say how sorry I am for that moment for you. I really am.
Ariadna: I really appreciate it. Thank you so much.
Steve: You haven’t made any appearances. You haven’t appeared with anybody. This is the first time. Not appeared with the current Miss Philippines, Miss Universe?
Ariadna: No, because you know she is now Miss Universe. She has her own schedule. So, I haven’t been able to see her because she is in New York and I have been in Miami with my family like resting and enjoying with my nephew, with my mom and dad. You know, she is like she is doing the Miss Universe job. We have had the time to see each other but I think we will meet soon like really really soon and hopefully everyone is down with all the fighting, insults in social media and bullying and all those things Oh My God I cannot handle it anymore. I undertand the Philippines, You know. Pia is the Miss Universe, Pia is the winner but it is unfair when see someone who is feeling sad and is going through a difficult time and making fun of that, you know. I think that the Colombians need to stop bashing Pia and the Filippinos need to stop bashing me, to you and everyone. Look at her! She is beautiful with the crown. She is Miss Universe.
Steve: But you know, people need to hear you say that because it speaks volume for how you are as a person. During a time like this, you have to lean heavily on your family, I would have imagine.
Ariadna: Yes, My dad was my full support, you know. He is my role model. I am who I am because of him. So, thank god he was with me during that difficult moment. And I thank him for that.
Steve: you tell your father that I am sorry for me that I didn’t mean to hurt his daughter. See for a father to watch something that happens to her daughter and not being able to do something for her daughter, that’s very hard for men who has spent his entire life protecting his daughter.
Ariadna: I was more worried about my parents than for me, you know and I was really really worried about him, about them because they are… they are not old but they are something like.. I don’t know 16 or something like that.. I don’t wanna say the exact age.. They are gonna kill me for .. Forget what I said. But I was worried about him
Steve: Ok, 59. That’s closer enough. You see, they are old as hell..
Ariadna: Sorry Mom. I was worried more about them than me.
Steve: You know Donald Trump, after it was over with, he said that he felt as though the crown should be shared. What do you think of that?
Ariadna: Ah.. I already shared the crown, you know… Look at that.. There you have it.
Steve: What are your feeling for Miss Universe org.?
Ariadna: I think that they are doing great with the new Miss Universe. They call me, so we are gonna do something in the future maybe and I have only good things to say about them, you know. I want to spread like.. great rapport with them because I spent the best three weeks of my life in Las Vegas. Thanks to them. You know it was the worst night of my life but at the same time it was the best night of my life. It was a dream comes true. I have the picture with crown and the Miss Universe sash too.
Steve: you know what? What I really want this to be for you because I think you have the perfect attitude about it. I am telling you what is going to happen in your life behind this right here, it is going to utterly surprise you because you have the right attitude. You believe that?
Ariadna: Yes, in the beginning I was blaming on God, Why God, Why did you do that to me? Now, I am starting to understand. I am starting to understand everything happens for a reason and the reason is that I am gonno be maybe bigger than just Miss Universe and I am gonna spread a message for my country for all the young girls that are watching me, believe in me and who wants to be “Miss” a beauty queen, so I am role model now for my country.
Steve: Absolute! And for a lot of people from around the world.
Steve: They told me to call you Ari. Is that good?
Ariadna: I like it.
Steve: That gonna help me out a lot. This is the major interview since the Miss Universe pageant mishap.We are here to discuss all of your feelings about everything. There’s a lot of rumours going about lawsuit. Is that any of true?
Ariadna: Why?
Steve: Cause I need my mansions .I need my lawyers to get..
Ariadna: Are you scared? I am not gonna take your mansions. Not your mansions, not your cars.
Steve: Don’t do that cause I just got the cars.
Ariadna: Now you can breathe. No, no, no.. I never thought of suing you. That’s not me. That’s not who I am. A lot of lawyers wanted me to do that. They only want publicity, you know.
Steve: How did you feel about the way I handle the situation? What were your thoughts? Because I mean it, it happened to you. Genuinely, how do you feel about the way I handle the situation? This is so nerve wrecking…
Ariadna: It’s for real?
Steve: Yeah.. it’s for real.
Ariadna: You have to learn how to read cards.. because it was on the card.. You wanted me to win you know.
Ariadna: Look at that picture.
Steve: If you could have seen my stomach, that bad boy was doing some monkey flips down there..
Ariadna: Look at my face.
Steve: I couldn’t even look at you though.
Ariadna: I was laughing if you see the video. I was laughing because you were about to make a joke. No, he is gonna be in the mood again, you know. He is gonna make people laugh and he is gonna make some jokes. You know, like Oprah, You’re Miss Universe, You’re Miss Universe.. Everyone is Miss Universe.
Steve: You know I have never watched it.
Ariadna: you got to watch it.
Steve: No. Everytime they show it I turn away because I felt really bad for the two of you. Little did I know what was going to happen to me and my family. I had no idea it was going to lead to death threat. I had no idea that people were gonna park outside my house. I had no idea..
Ariadna: No, me neither.
Steve: So let me ask you this, Have you found forgiveness?
Ariadna: With you?
Steve: With any of us..
Ariadna: I am almost there.. I am kidding.
Steve: Man, you are not funny! You ain’t funny to me at all.
Ariadna: I already forgive you.
Steve: No…
Ariadna: The same night. Yes.. The first thing I did after the big mistake was to get into my parents room and watched the video. That’s the first thing I did. This is a nightmare. This is a mistake. I need to see this again. It was horrible. It was hard to watch. It really was.
Steve: Like I said before on the show, I just can’t imagine what you have felt. Miss Universe got to get the crown and it was crazy what had happened. But you, I really felt for you. You coming here, young lady have given me…
Ariadna: Don’t cry..
Steve: No.. I am trying. You have given me great moment. I thank you for your forgiveness. I really really mean that. I just wanna say thank you.
Ariadna: Thank you.
Steve: I really appreciate your spirit and all. I really do hope that God takes this moment for you and shoots you to the moon. I am talking about sky rocket you to a place you never dream you would go. That’s what I hope and if there’s anyway that I can support you in your causes and anything that you’re doing, we wanna do it. My wife and I have talked about this many many nights. That’s why she has been here for both these show because she is just sitting beside her man. I wouldn’t have got through this if it wouldn’t have been for her. That’s my Miss Universe sitting over there. You’re very special person. I am so happy that we had this time together. I think she is wonderful. Don’t you? Thank you so much for being here. That really meant a lot to me.
Ariadna: Thank you for having me.
Some viral pictures of the Miss Universe pageant gaffe were shown which were favourites of both.


Happy Mothers day.. Sorry Merry Christmas.

Happy Mothers day.. Sorry Merry Christmas.


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