The Best Ones of 2015 Beauty Pageants

Pageants session is over and as we look forward to new a pageant session in 2016, Here’s my first ‘The Best of 2015 pageants’. This includes Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Supranational, Miss International and Miss Earth.

Best Show:
Undoubtedly, it’s Miss Universe. From the beginning to the end of the show, Miss Universe was entertaining as expected. The songs used in the final night, the evening gown and swimsuit rounds, the performances by the Charlie Puth, The Band Perry and Seal added more excitements to the show. Watching Miss  Universe 2015 was like  watching the olden days of Miss Universe, partly because of the questions and rounds in the top 5 and 3. Miss Universe will always score over others when it comes to entertainment on the finale and meeting the expectations of fans.


Best Host Country:

Thailand, of course! Ever since the contestants arrived and upto the finale, we can see the girls enjoying the warm and cool hospitality of Thailand. Miss Grand International is very much like the olden days of beauty pageants when beauty pageants was not just about the pageants and contest but also showing the contestants and the world the beauty and cultures of the host country.  What a nostalgic moment! It’s a shame that these days, beauty pageants tend to concentrate much of their time to the activities of the contests and touring the host city only.

Miss Grand

Best Hosts or Presenters:

Watching Miss Earth was fun and very enjoyable. Thanks to the two amazing hosts –  Joey Mead-King and Oli Pettigrew. Such a good chemistry they had. Both were fun, easy and light-hearted which makes the show worth watching. Joey, in particular, was fun to watch. She was dramatic and quick witted too. When she spoke, she always gave some “expressions” which was comedic, entertaining and made us laugh. The handsome, Oli, was no less. He was on par with Joey and gave such a fabulous performance as a host that I was always looking forward to the two of them to start speaking.

Oli Pettigrew and Joey Mead King.

Joey Mead King and Oli Pettigrew

Best Song used:

Marvin Gaye by Charlie Puth. The song is all about getting the attention of the one you like or love. The music is melodious too. Some of the contestants like the meaning of the song did get my attention with their exceptional performanced in the swimsuit round. What a treat to watch them! This song being constantly playing in my playlists, now, I like it more than ever especially after this. The credits go to those contestants who walked matching upto to the song.

the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant at The Axis at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on December 20, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Best themed Performance:

Dances of the World from Miss World. Miss World strong point during the final night is this one along with the performance by the Talent winner and Beauty With a Purpose Project Award. Dances of the world is one way to show the world’s diversity apart from those introduction round in national costume in any of the pageants. We get to see so many cultures unknown to us and we get to appreciate more about people’s culture. It’s a brilliant concept of Miss World to introduce this segments in the finale. I think DOTW is here to stay to win this for a long time to come. I am a big fan of DOTW.

Dances of the World

Best in Social Media:

Miss World Philippines – Hillarie Danielle Parungao and her team deserved a big hug from the fans because they truly know the importance of social media and connecting with the fans and supporters. Having followed so many beauty queens, I was amazed at the way Hillarie would connect with her followers. There are other beauty queens too who did really great. There’s always a personal touch to Hillarie’s official page. It is a delight to follow her. I knew she would win Multimedia award at the Miss World Contest. It wasn’t surprising to see her win that award.


Best in National Costume:

I love the concept of Miss Thailand National Costume. It shows partly what her country stands for and the value and importance it holds in their life. It shows the legacy of day to day life of the common men. It’s unique, distinct and refreshingly different and very relevant. Miss Thailand costume described the lifeline of her country which helps the livelihood of many people which in turn helps the economy of the country along with the tourism industry. And she deservingly won the Best in national costume at the Miss Universe contest.


Best Swimsuit Body:

Miss Universe Colombia 2015 – Ariadna Gutierrez.

Best Body 1

Best Performance in Swimsuit:

It’s a tie for me. I thought Ariadna Gutierrez had it all and was the best, then Miss Universe Philippines came and she nailed this round with those amazing catwalks, bouncing and swaying her body.

Best swimsuit performance 1

Best Gown:

Miss International Philippines 2015 – Janicel Lubina. She also won the Best Dresser award at Miss International 2015. Janicel in this white beautiful gown looks like an angel ready cast you a spell with her beauty and aura. Other gowns I like were from Miss Universe Myanmar, Miss Universe Vietnam, Miss World Vietnam, Miss Grand Japan and Miss Universe Colombia.

Best gown

Best Performance  in Evening Gown:

There is no competition to Miss Earth Mongolia – Bayartsetseg Altangerel. From the begining to till the end, she commands attention. Posing like some art sculpture before she was just about to start her evening gown round performance, she made an entry with a bang. The way she walked, swayed and looked at the camera,  she was the star of the night and a true diva. What a fobulous performance!

Mongolia fotor

The Most Vibrant Personality:

Miss Universe USA – Olivia Jordan, is an absolute delight to watch. Her infectious smiles, cheerful personality and a positive energy coming out from her, Olivia is the kind of woman you want to hang out with and make your day all about fun, positivity and lively. She is one of the most beautiful contestants ever in Miss Universe history with the most vibrant personality.

Best personality and vibrant

Best Answer:

Flora Coquerel  – Miss France answer in Miss Universe top 5 round. I have already written why she is the best. You might want to check it here:

Flora Coquerel

“Having experienced terrorism first hand yourself what is the best way for the government to combat this rising threat?” She said,”In my opinion, to fight terrorism, first we have to know where the problems are coming from, we have to listen to these people who are committing these attacks so we have to find the problem at its heart and for us French, we have to learn to be happy, to live and to be among ourselves”

Best Winner of 2015:

Miss International 2015 – Edymar Martinez

Edymar Martinez Miss International 2015

Best Performing Country of 2015:


philippines 1

Some of my favourite moments from the 2015 pageants.


This is definitely one of the best moments from Miss Supranational 2015. Who wouldn’t like to enter a room full of designer wears, dresses and accessories? To add more excitement, you are given a chance to pick any items from the rooms without worrying about the bill. This is exactly what happened to the contestants of Miss Supranational. The were given a free coupon of 160 PLN and pick any items of their choice. I would love to be in that situation with a room full of shoes, perfumes and of course, shirts and pants.


This picture from Miss World 2015 shows the true meaning of Girls just wanna have fun. I love the fun and happy mood in this picture. It’s so positive and all the ladies look so beautiful.


Miss Earth contestants enjoying the snowfall in Austria. This picture is so fresh and exhilarating. It sets you into a holiday season mood. It is one of those pictures that can be used as a holiday season’s greeting cards. These beauties made it look more beautiful and appealing.

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