A Medical Student Lenty Frans is Miss Belgium 2016


Lenty Frans was crowned Miss Belgium 2016 who succeeds Miss Belgium 2015 Annelies Toros. Toros represented Belgium at Miss Universe 2015 and placed in the top fifteen.


Frans will try to better the placement of Belgium than last year and will compete in both the Miss Universe and Miss World pageants this year provided both the pageants do not coincide. Lenty – a third-year medical student wants to become an ophthalmologist.

Miss Belgium 2016 : Lenty Frans
First runner-up: Stephanie Geldhof
Second runner-up: Bo Praet
Third runner-up: Emily Vanhoutte
Fourth runner-up: Stefanie Beerens


Special Awards:

Miss Talent: Camille van Hiesbecq
Miss Beach Babe: Bo Praet
Miss Social Media: Emily Vanhoutte
Miss Sport: Stephanie Geldof
Miss Charity: Stefanie Beerens – De Loor
Miss Model: Sarah De Vos



Congratulation Lenty on your win and Wish you all the best!


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