I love camera. I love posing and I believe in keeping it real: Jantee Hazarika (Interview)

jantee fotor

She is former Miss India contestant who was in the top 10 and won Miss Photogenic. One of the pride of Northeast India, Jantee Hazarika is a model and beauty queen. And she is also aware of the lack of opportunity for people from the Northeast India. So, she has been grooming a lot of aspirants from the region to give them an opportunity and guide them about the industry they want to be in. That’s a beauty queen with a heart of gold. The beautiful and photogenic – Jantee speaks about her experience, Northeast and what it takes to be a beauty queen.


1. Tell us something about yourself.
Basically, from Assam, I never thought modeling would be my pick and now it’s my full-time job. So you could totally understand I never planned my future. I love to go with the flow but yes believe in keeping my each step sincerely.

2. You won Miss Northeast Diva 2014, Miss Fashion Icon and Miss Photogenic at Miss India 2014. I think the camera loves you. Don’t you think so?
It’s mutual. I love camera. I love posing and I believe in keeping it real….and with time comes experience thus whatever experience I have, I try to put it through my work and rest is on the click.

3. What is the best thing about being a part of Femina Miss India contest?
The best part of Femina Miss India was to learn how to be diligent and professional at what you do and be passionate too but last but not the least the 2014 batch was the best in terms of competition and friendship. We still get the same positive vibes when we all meet up.

4.  You landed yourself on the front cover of a leading fashion magazine “Grazia”. How did you get?
One day while I was scrolling down my social media pages I came to knew about Grazia cover girl and had to try for it and rest was hard work and a little bit of luck as they say….


5.  You studied fashion designing too. What do you love about fashion and do you follow any fashion trends?
Yes, I was a student of fashion well Northeast(NE) PEOPLE are known for their sense of fashion so the best part of fashion I like would be the styling of different garments collectively to give a new look…that’s fun cause you get the chance to play around and permuting and combining looks to make something new.

6. I know that you are helping and grooming beauty pageants aspirants from North East India. Can you tell me about it?
Yes well Miss India Organization has contacted us to help them find the girls from northeast and we are doing it with support from Mr. Prashanth Ghosh…gladly we end up giving them all the deserving girls they want….well there is a buzz of a lot of agencies doing the same but that’s not genuine so I would like to say the girls to please check all details before you apply through this agencies cause time and again its proved they do nothing but con.

7. Northeast has so much of potential to do well in beauty pageants and internationally too. What do you think are holding them back?
NE needs to open up their eyes to the bigger picture and realize how essential it is to have an institution to follow in terms of agencies that are missing here. Girls are misled about modeling and shown only the brighter pictures without showing them how hard it is to get there ….modeling is not easy, there are sectors to modeling that they need to learn and most of all, the people of NE should open up their minds to modeling. It’s not bad to be a model or neither it’s the last option when you have nothing to do you need dedication and sincerity and that lacks in NE.

8. Looking at the established Northeast models, why don’t we see them being successful in beauty pageants like Miss India or Miss Diva?
A part of it what I felt through my personal experience is we lack maturity in our expression we think that miss India will fetch us fame but that’s not the real story. It’s more than fame, it’s you who shall forth carry the title of miss India to international level and until and unless girls aim for that surpassing the fame and things attached to it…it would be hard for us to be titled Miss India. But yes NE hold potential, they just need to see the real picture above the glitz and glamour

9. How are you helping beauty pageant aspirant from the Northeast and what do you tell them about being a beauty queen?
I tell them only one thing be yourself, do what you want to do confidently and stop getting insecure of your flaws cause this flaws only make who you are

10. Many people want to see you again in Miss India contest. Can we expect to see you again?
Ummmm let just keep it a little secret if I will, I will need all your support and hopefully I might

11. Thank you for doing this interview. Any last word for your fans and Indian and World Pageant?
I won’t say people out there are my fans you all are my friends and thank you always for supporting me and I’ll be glad if this support goes to all the NE people who tries to come out and shine.

Pictures Credit: Jantee Hazarika Facebook Page.

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