My Favourites for Miss World 2015


This time, I am I am not going to give any rank to my favourites. I am just going to give you the list of my favourites. This will be the same format from now onwards. Though I will sometimes come up with “The Crown contender” list. Let the judges at the actual competition decide who should place higher and who should place lower. My favourites are based on how they impressed me or how I am fascinated by them. They might be from a small country with a weak sash or someone with a bigger Sash. I follow them and support them equally. I won’t mind anyone of them winning the crown. Though I will admit, I might have one particular favourite but my love and support remain the same for the rest. Some of them might not even make it to the semi – final; I pray they make the cut. The list is not based on how well they performed in the pre-activities, but it is based on my individual perception and their beauties, the work they have done etc. Without saying further, here are my favourites for Miss World 2015 in alphabetical order:

Australia copy

Brazil fotor copyIndia fotor copyJamaica fotor copyPhilippines fotor copySamoa fotor copySouth Africa fotor copySouth Sudan fotor copySpain fotor copyUnited States fotor copyVietnam fotor copy


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