Mister Switzerland – Pedro Mendes Wins Mister International 2015 (Complete review)


So the show started late but waiting patiently paid off in the end though there were surprises as expected. But some surprise almost gave me a heart attack. But in the end a well deserving candidate and one of my favourites won the contest. The show was a success.  It was a great show indeed.

The show started with a pre-taped video of the 36 contestants in their National Costumes and introducing themselves. What an opening number! Once it was over, the actual live performance began with performers waving the flags of the 36 participating countries and the others dancing in different costumes. I thought that was a nice way to show Philippines cultures and diversity too. Then again, the 36 handsome men came to the stage introducing themselves again. Venezuela was just awesome and love the way he spreads the wings of his costume and ended it.  Mister International 2014, Neil Perez appeared on stage and danced along with the contestants.

The stage was simple and perfect without being too extravagant or over the top. The background score used during the opening act was very melodious and had a feel good sound to it. The host Ryan and Stephanie were very professional and did great as hosts of the evening. It was time for a break. A video of contestants in their National costumes was showed during the break and they explained little bit about their costumes. I love the way they used the break portion and showed the pre-activities of the contest. The song “Timber” by Keisha and Pitbull used in one of the videos was so very much in tune with the screaming fans and the haste and busy activities of the contestants.


Before the top 15 was announced, all the 36 handsome men walked the ramp in Formal Wear collection by Francis Libirana.  Australia looked so cool. Belgium was all about styles and confidently walking. Brazil was all smiling flirtatiously. He has the spark to charm everyone with his smiles. Bolivia was not in the zone but he is a great speaker. Cambodia lacked the punch. China was a silent killer. Colombia walked like a true professional model. Costa Rica has a presence you just cannot ignore. Czech Republic commands your attention with his alpha male look. Dominican Republic looked so cool. France was so handsome in his clean and trim look. Georgia also looked so cool. Guam looked naturally handsome. India was calm and composed in his walk. Indonesia always managed to look so fresh. He is cute too. Italy had a new hairstyle which looks good on him like always. But I miss the old hairstyle. Korea looked bulky to me. Lebanon has such a sexy smile with a strong presence. Malaysia was fine but lacked energy. Mexico has such a raw appeal and striking face. Myanmar smiles and cheerful personality was impressive. Netherlands looked suave. Panama always a dark horse, was so good in the formal wear. Philippines had a cool and calm presence. Poland always stands out because of his striking face. Puerto Rico looked very elegant. Singapore –  personality speaks for him. Spain was charismatic and love everytime he smiles. Sri Lanka had the face to impress. Sweden looked fierce. Switzerland – you just cannot take your eyes away from him. He is so charismatic. Thailand was good but lacked the spark. USA looked so much better than before. Venezuela has such a bubbly personality and was very much visible on stage.

The music in the Formal Wear round segment was out of sync. While all the 36 handsome men choose to walk in a slow, calm n composed manner, the very energetic and upbeat track kill the excitement. The top 15 was announced. Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Sweden, Panama, Indonesia, Brazil, Lebanon, China, Mexico, Philippines, Czech Republic, Korea, Spain, Switzerland and Australia were the top 15 finalists. I felt so heartbroken for Belgium, India and Italy. I was surprised by the inclusion of China and Korea. I really wanted to see them in the top 15. The competition had to move on irrespective of the result. The top 15 finalists competed in Swimwear

Puerto Rico had such a sculpted body and a presence that he was shining like a star. Venezuela’s personality is to die for. His personality makes him so attractive and appealing. Sweden looked so fierce because of his edgy look. But it was nice to see him smiling in between that brings out his softer side. Panama is totally a dark horse. He has one of the best bodies and is naturally charming. Indonesia’s cute boy image and his fresh look make him very likeable. Brazil smile is so flirtatious and he was very much in rhythm. I love the lean athletic body of Lebanon. His smile is so sexy. China – never expected him to make it this far. He silently did his job and silently walked away letting his performance speak for itself. That’s what happened today. In the preliminary round too, it was the same. Mexico looked so natural and desirable. Philippines had a cool and calm aura and looked so self-assured. Czech Republic – the alpha male, commands attention when he walked because of his good looks and robust quality. Korea did have a presence. Spain was all about simplicity yet it made him very striking and appealing. Switzerland – the face of the competition and he walked like a star and like the stage is his. Australia had such a cool vibe and I love the free spirited nature of his.

The top 10 was announced. Venezuela, Czech Republic, Brazil, Australia, Indonesia, Switzerland, Panama, Korea, Puerto Rico and Philippines made it to the top 10. This time, Spain exclusion really surprised me. I kept question myself where did he go wrong and what made the judges choose others over him? The top 10 were to compete in Evening wear round.

12321635_1646127935660321_1280557068737722565_n (1)

The music score this time was much better. The top 10 men walked on stage to the song ‘Playing with Fire by Andreya Triyana’ playing in the background. Venezuela reminds me Dayana Mendoza during the evening gown round in Miss Universe contest. They both had such lovely personality – so vibrant and lively. Czech Republic looked dashing and smart in his formal wear. Brazil was all about being calm and composed. He never leaves his signature smile. Australia didn’t look good in a white formal dress. It didn’t do justice to his pleasant personality. Indonesia looked so graceful and stylish in his appearance. Switzerland was dashing and spectacular and remarkably handsome. Panama slowly gets your attention with his soft persona. There’s something about him that get’s your attraction. Korea looked better in a white suit than Australia. Puerto Rico walked with an attitude that was unmatchable and he did it extremely well. Philippines was one of the best in this round and he looked very dapper in dark formal suit.

During the break, they played the blooper of the pre-taped videos and it was really fun to watch it. It did take away the tension of thinking about who will make it to the top 5.  Once the break was over, three special awards were given:


Mr Congeniality: Mr. Singapore.  Edwin Aw

Mr. Photogenic: Mr. Mexico, Alejandro Ruiz

Best in National Costume: Mr. Philippines, Reniel Villareal

Then the top 5 were announced: Panama, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Brazil and Korea were the last 5 men standing. The exclusion of Puerto Rico and Venezuela surprised me more than ever. I love surprises but that kind of surprised isn’t something I would like to get. Only if Puerto Rico and Venezuela were there, they would have nailed the question and answer round.


Panama was asked about his opinions of same-sex marriage. He said everyone needed to respect everyone opinion but for him he supported the idea. Czech Republic was asked how we would promote a healthy lifestyle in the best possible way. He talked about promoting it through an example of himself of what can be achieved – mentally and not just through physically. Switzerland was asked if a world leader, what difference would he like to make. He was so engaging and I love that about him. It was pretty cool of him to accept his flaws in English. His answer was pretty simple and that is to be the best they can be. Brazil was asked if he could live again, what changes would he like to make.  He said he had worked so hard and with his busy scheduled he couldn’t be with his family most of the time and he would like to change that. The most interesting answer and he was the best. He spoke so confidently. Korea had to be asked the question again and again because of his judge. He was asked what the essence of winning Mister International pageant was. He replied the essence of winning the pageant was to be a good example to people, to be an inspiration and to be a role model for the world.

If winner were to be chosen based on question and answer round alone then Brazil would definitely be the one but the winner had to be decided based on the every segment of the competition. Switzerland was my choice. Then winners were announced and without any surprise, Switzerland walked away with the title.

Mister International 2015: Mister Switzerland, Pedro Mendes

1st Runner up: Mister Brazil, Anderson Tomazini

2nd Runner up: Mister Korea, Sang-Jin Lee

3rd Runner up: Mister Panama, Julian Torres

4th Runner up: Mister Czech Republic, Jakub Kraus



Congratulation to the winners and congratulation to Pedro Mendes. You are now the Distinctively Handsome Man!

Images Credits: Mister International facebook page, Event2images, Missosology, Amazing Misters by JobertMetiam and Normannorman.

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  1. I don’t agree with you. Mr. Venezuela was very ordinary this year and Puerto Rico looks just like a younger version of Prince Charles. The best guys were: Brazil-Switzerland-Poland-Dominican Republic-Lebanon-Czech Republic. But the absolutely top one was Mister Brazil who should have won it. By the way, all the music was very nice !!!


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