Why should Miss World Philippines – Hillarie Danielle Parungao win Miss World 2015?


Hillarie has been asked before somewhat similar question in Miss World Philippines 2015 contest. She was asked about the significance of being a beauty queen in today’s society. “As a woman, I uphold the value of compassion. And I want to be a beauty queen because I want to share this compassion to others. And this will lead to a greater society of love, of hope and a brighter future for everyone,” she said. Today, she might have a different answer for Miss World contest. Being one of my three favourites, I would love to hear her answer to the question “Why should you be our next Miss World?” Here are the reasons why I think she should win Miss World:


Reason 1 – She is intelligent:

She speaks her heart and mind with so flawlessly without being over the top and without being so philosophical.  Though a beauty queen, she uses her words that can connect with everyone. It’s simple and honest. Her articulation is precise, thoughtful and impactful

Reason 2 – Beauty with a Purpose Project:

Her Beauty with a purpose project is something that can strike a chord with everyone and Miss World Org. I even love her project. I like things that have to do with children’s right or anything that is associated with children for their betterment. Hillarie is working on a project based on eradicating children mortality through the Katuwang Project.

Apart from this, Hillarie is focused on strengthening her advocacy by spending a lot of time on social base sites like http://www.gatesfoundation.com and http://www.unmilleniumproject.org.

Reason 3 – Surreal Beauty:

I was struck by her beauty ever since I saw her on Miss Asia Pacific World 2014 contest. At the Miss World Philippines 2015 contest, she was the prettiest of the batch. Her beauty is so captivating and enchants you the moment you look at her. There is so much of positivity around her and the vibes she gives out makes her a beautiful person. It’s like a dream.

Reason 4 – Soft Demeanour:

Anyone following her can vouch that she has an amazing personality. She is so calm and composed at the same time gentle and kind in the way she handles herself. When she is on motion, her soft demeanour soothes our mind and it is such a delight to watch her. Hillarie has got the grace and charm of Shamcey Supsup and the calm and cool composure of Megan Young, but she manages to stand out on her own. A combination of two different personalities and yet having to have your individuality is worth commendable and as such she leaves you spellbound.

Reason 5 – An International looks and appeal:

One thing that works in Hillarie favour is her universal looks. It appeals to the masses internationally. With her international looks, she can easily pass off as and represent India, Latin countries or the European countries. This makes her one of the favourites for many fans.

Reason 6 – Actively engaging with her followers:

It’s true that Multimedia plays an important role in Miss World Contest, but beauty queens from Philippines know that it is more than just doing it for a contest. They involved their fans and they truly know the importance connecting with their well-wishers through social networks. I am very impressed with Hillarie being so active on social media. And she is doing great. Love the kind of things she updates. It is like she is including us as a part of her in her journey. It is very uncommon to see this in a beauty queen.

Reason 7 – The Filippino Legacy.

Hillarie is carrying a huge sash along with her when she competes at Miss World. She has a huge responsibility too. But she is well prepared like any other Filippino beauty queens. Whether they are one of strongest candidates or not among the fans list, they are the most prepared girl in beauty pageants. It is there for us to see in the contest. This is what I admired about Filippino representatives. They are confident, they know what they are doing and they will constantly charm you with their hard work and sincerity. Hillarie is no exception because she is Miss Philippines.

Pictures Credit: Miss World Philippines Facebook official page.

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