Why Should Miss World Brazil – Catharina Choi Nunes win Miss World 2015?


The last time I asked Miss World Brazil 2015, Catharina Choi Nunes, in an interview, she said it would be a surprise one if she makes it to the final round. I pray she will! The more I talked about Catharina the more I am in awe of her. Who wouldn’t? She is all set to represent her country in Miss World 2015 contest to be held in Sanya, China. I don’t have any doubt that she will make her country proud and I can take pride in being her fan. She is one of my favourites for the blue crown and having followed her from 2013, I tried to come up with the best way I think Why she should be Miss World. she might have different things to say if she was asked the same questions, but here are the reasons why she should be Miss World:


Reason 1 – Her Exotic looks:

Her exotic looks come from her parents. Her mother is of Korean descent and her father – half Spanish and half Portuguese. And  she is a Brazilian too.  Now you know where she got that unique exotic looks from. It makes her one of a kind. It’s easy to fall in love with her beauty. And facially, she is one of the strongest candidates too.

Reason 2 – Her Smile:

When she looks at the camera and smile, you’re so attracted towards her that you cannot think about anyone else.

Reason 3 – Amazing Personality:

You watch her when she is speaking, when she moves or when she is standing with others, the first thing that you will notice, apart from her stunning looks, is her sweet personality that makes her stand out. Her mannerism is very royal and classy. The way she talks to people and listen to them, she does it so easily that you are captivated and it pleasing to mind and feelings. Despite being a star now, she is very humble and modest. That’s what I love about her the most.

Reason 4 – International experienced in pageants:

They say “experience makes people perfect”. The same hold true for Catharina Choi Nunes. She was a part of Miss Korea and then went on to represent Korea at Miss Earth 2013 winning Miss Earth Fire title. Now she will represent Brazil at Miss World 2015 contest. Do you know she wasn’t actually the main winner in both the contest? For some reasons, she replaced both the main winners to represent Korea and Brazil. You might want to call it DESTINY, LUCK or GOD blessing, but she was destined to represent both the countries and it’s a combination of all those I mentioned with her hard work, dedication, sincerity etc., that made her what she is.

Reason 5 – A killer looks with perfect body:

She is truly blessed to have this both. She will really do well in top model and beach beauty or fashion if there is any. She is already a favourite among international fans who look beyond nationality. I am looking forward to her in all the preliminary contests.

Reason 6 – Stage Presence:

It is a joy to watch her on stage. When she moves or walks on stage, she is full of energy and she shines like a sunny day in spring season – so full of colour,  sweetness and freshness. Her stage presence will just enthral you. Add to this, she will walk like what we famously call a “Brazilian Catwalk”. There is rhythm and perfect beat which the Brazilian can only mastered.

Reason 7 – Representing the diversity of Brazil:

I am really happy to see in Catharina, the diversity of Brazil which we hardly get to see in beauty pageants. Coming from a mixed-race family, she is not only a pride of Brazil, she is a global citizen. It will be hard to ignore her since she has so much to bring to the Miss World org.

Reson 8 – Her Beauty With a Purpose Project:

She is working on a project based on Leprosy. This is a 3 years project of  Miss World Brazil and Catharina is an ambassador of this project. She is already doing a lot of things about it. I think this project based on Leprosy is perfect since many in the third world country are affected. Though curable and it might look simple, many people are ignorant about this disease. There is a stigma attached to people suffering from leprosy. People with leprosy often encounter discrimination. Depending on the level of disfigurement, a person with leprosy receives varying stigma and ostracism. Bringing people’s attention to it will be one big solution.

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