Mister Year Winner Estonia 2015 (20th anniversary of male-pageants in Estonia)

To celebrate 20th years anniversary of male-pageantry in Estonia, the organiser of Estonian Mister pageant decided to organise a contest for its previous winners and they chose the 20 best year winners and let people decide the winner by way of voting. But how did they choose the best 20 Misters among so many representatives of Estonia? There were some criteria. The best 20 winners were to have atleast two titles or participated in one International male pageant. Quite, simple! Don’t you think so? But I love this concept!

Take a look at the best 20  winners of Estonia in 20 years.

Mister Year 1 FotorMister Year 2Mister Year 8Mister Year 4Mister Year 5Mister Year 6Mister Year 9

Then Top 5 were selected based on the most voted Misters. And they were:

1. Toomas Kirs – Top Man of April 2003, Manhunt Estonia 2005 year winner
2. Villu Loonde – Eesti Suvemees 2004. Mister Estonia 2006, Mister Europe Euronations 2013 IInd challenger.
3. Eghert-Sören Nõmm – Mister Europe Estonia 2013.
4. Timo Tõnismaa – Manhunt Estonia 2002. Eesti Top Man 2003, Mr. Physique Ist runner-up on Manhunt             International 2002 World Final.
5. Andres Lints – Mister Estonia 1995, 6th runner-up on Mianhunt International 1995 World Final in Singapore.

Then the main winner were chosen:

2nd runner-up: Eghert-Söner Nõmm –  on MISTER YEAR WINNER ESTONIA 2015 (an event for 20th anniversary of male pageants in Estonia). Earlier titles – Mister Exotica Sisustussalong 2013, Mister Europe Estonia 2013 year winner, Mister International Estonia 2015.

Eghert Soren Nomm 5

Eghert-Sören Nõmm

Ist runner-up: Villu Loonde –  on MISTER YEAR WINNER ESTONIA 2015 ( an event for 20th anniversary of male-pageants in Estonia). Earlier titles: Mister Summer Estonia / Eesti Suvemees 2004, Manhunt Estonia 2005 1st runner-up, Mister Estonia 2006, 2nd runner-up on Mister Europe Euronations 2013 in Sanremo Remo, Italy.

Villu Loonde

Villu Loonde

Winner: Toomas Kirs –  Mister Year Winner Estonia 2015 (an event for 20th anniversary of male-pageants in Estonia).Earliear titles : Manhunt Estonia 2005 year winner, Top Man (Model) of March 2004.


Toomas Kirs

Toomas Kirs

Special Thanks to Nordic Beauty Pageants Organisation and Leo-Sergei Täht for the information and pictures.

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