Why should Miss India – Aditi Arya win Miss World 2015?

Aditi Fotor

‘Why should you be our Miss World?’ Or ‘why should you win Miss World?’ are the questions that is commonly asked every year at Miss World contest to the top 5/7. Though those hopeful of making it to the final round can prepare and answer well but there is nothing like that  matches which comes from the heart and is a spontaneous answer. Though, sometimes, the best answer to this question don’t necessarily let a contestant win the Miss World crown but it does leave an impact to the audience. The final question and answer round is just “As is customary” (in Julia Morley style 🙂 ) But we definitely like to hear our favourite contestants answer to it and clap for them if they are worth it. I would love to hear Aditi answer this dreaded question, although a repeat question, but that leaves a girl nervous. I think Aditi can take this question with ease and confidence and win Miss World. Here are the reasons why I think she should win Miss World!

Reason 1 – Beauty with a brain:

After a long time, we are seeing a Miss India who can speak so well and command your attention when she opens her mouth. She is intelligent and smart. There is flow in her communication and she put her words straight to the point without jumbling up from one point to another unnecessarily. Her communication is her strongest tool. I see her doing well in the interview round.

Reason 2 – Beauty with a Purpose:

She knows the responsibility of being a beauty queen. She knows that beauty queen can impact people apart from influencing the youth fashionably, the way she dresses. Even before joining Miss India, she headed an NGO – Protashan as a communication head. Protashan  is a social enterprise that uses creative education and art innovation to empower street children and young adolescent girls.

Aditi Arya along with her co-worker Sukanksha Gupta,  also initiated a project “BlackBoard Foundation” which aims to get people digitally involved and share their knowledge, education and resources with the less aware, so that they can comfortably co-create a stronger India. You can also share your knowledge too by checking their Facebook page with the same name “Blackboard Foundation”

For her Miss World Beauty with a Purpose Project, she is working on ‘Anganwadi Project’ where she will support 100 anganwadis in the Sonepat district of Haryana. To solve the issue of lack of manpower, she is trying to bring digital media in practice for rural children. The Anganwadi Project is creating training content, installing fans, water purifiers and stationery kits for rural women and children in 100 Anganwadi shelter houses to combat malnutrition and illiteracy.Her BWAP will also revolve around the ‘Beti padhao, Beti bachao” campaign which is about giving education to a girl child and saving her from social stigma.

Reason 3 – True Indian Beauty:

She might not be the prettiest among the Miss World contestants, but she represents a beauty that is modern and chic. When you see her video in simple dresses with minimal make-up or without it, she stills shines and charms you with her fresh look and sweet persona. And when she poses in front of a camera with all those lights, camera and fans, she transformed like a true beauty queens. I love the way she balances her simple and glam looks. The way she carries it with such an ease is quite commendable.

Reason 4 – Her Bewitching Personality:

When she speaks or walks, there is such a calm and warm persona that reflects like a sun ray. Sweet, soft and composed, Aditi Arya just mesmerizes you.

Reason 5 – Perfect Body:

A good body will always help Miss World contestants in Beach Fashion. Although it is still not clear whether the Beach Fashion is cut from the competition or not, I have high hope on Aditi for this round. She has a good and toned body. Thanks to her tall statuesque, this leggy queen can do well in this round if not win this contest.

Reason 6 – Amazing Stage Presence:

She was once asked on twitter, ‘what brings confidence on stage?’ She replied, ‘Stop thinking and focus on your performance as if the stage was built for you.’ Now we know where she got those confidences from. Everyone who have seen Miss India finale can vouch for her amazing stage presence despite not being in their favourite initially. I hate to admit I was one of them. She was always in my top 5 and I thought the best she can achieve was Miss Grand International or Miss International title. She proved me wrong. On the final night, she was just unstoppable. She had the spark, presence, charming persona and great camera projection. Besides what won me over her, was her intelligence and communication skills. She just grabs you attention. From then on, I always believed in her and I just have to be more patience about her grooming and training. Her transformation was worth the wait.

Last but not the least, Reason 7 – Do I even have to say it now? Well, of course, she is MISS INDIA.

Special thanks to my friend Kartik Behl and Vagisha Mishra of The Kaleidoscope of Indian Pageantry for their suggestions and sharing knowledge.

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