What people have to say about Miss Universe India – Urvashi Rautela!

Urvashi Fotor

Much have been talked about Urvashi Rautela achievements and her successes. It is rightly so because she is an achiever and has tasted success and fame in early years of her career. She has been a beauty pageant winner, an actress, dancer, judged an international pageant, worked with Hollywood actors for a noble cause and the list goes on. Google her name and you’ll see her list of achievements. I was more curious about what the world think of this beautiful and gorgeous woman from  India since Miss Universe contest is  approaching and she is doing her best to represent India and bring back the crown for India. Like she said it wasn’t just about her, it was about the promised she made to her fans three years ago that made her come back to pageant risking her career in Bollywood. Such a brave woman and I love this quality of her to represent India and make her nation proud.

I asked some people from the pageant circuit and supporters of pageants on social networking site for their opinion about Miss Universe India – Urvashi Rautela, her beauty, her chances at Miss Universe etc. This is what they have to say about her:

I think Urvashi is the worthiest bet for Miss Universe, which India is sending after years! She has got outstanding stage presence, marvellous ramp walk skills and beautiful face. With millions of followers, her popularity and power packed performance will definitely be eye catching for the organisation, and for me she is sure locked in top 5.
                              – Vagisha Mishra – owner of the popular blog The Kaleidoscope of Indian Pageantry.

Yes, she can be top 5 in miss universe because of her enthusiasm in pageant. Also, she has lots of experience in International contest. Also, at a current situation, she is very famous in miss universe page because of her beauty. I watched Miss Diva episodes, she is a very good public speaker like Sushmita Sen. So, I hope she can get good points in interview round.
                                     – Myo Lwin from Myanmar

Can you believe that Urvashi Rautela has Facebook followers more than Miss Universe and Miss Diva combined? Yes, while Miss Universe has 2.6 million facebook followers, Urvashi Rautela has 3.7 million followers already. This girl is also very much active on Twitter and Instagram. We wonder if she wins Miss Universe, she might just cross the double of fan following of Miss Universe on Facebook. And even she is very active on social networking site.,, Her dream is to be miss universe. Win the crown for your country. I am sure she is one of toughest competitors for others.
                                   – Rafi Daffodi who coordinated all well passionate and worldwide pageant knowledge personality under World Beauty Pageant Updations (WBPU)

Urvashi – A lady with vivacious persona. She is definitely a strong contender and a threat for many. Yes, there is a scope of improvements. She needs to put off weight. Except that she has got all, that is required to be MU.                                                                                                  – Shweta Kathuria from Delhi

Urvashi Rautela- The only Miss Universe India who won.the title twice to represent INDIA in Miss Universe. She is only Miss Universe India who was crowned by ex-Miss Universe winners Sushmita sen (MU 1994) And Lara Dutta (MU 2000) She has enlightened the sparks of those glory days which India had in the 90 and early 20s. She is by far the best Indian representative after Lara Dutta and mu India 2001.

Working in Bollywood movies and making a successful career and then coming.back to conquer her dreams which were shattered due to her underage in 2012 takes a great courage and that’s what she did, she is a true Diva and will shine like a queen on the final night she won’t let down her fans for sure after a long time India is once again set to make history to conquer the 3rd title of Miss Universe for INDIA.
                                     – Daniel D’Souza from Mumbai

Well, she has great chances to be in the top 15 and 10 and maybe in top 5. This year we have many strong candidates!
                                   – Marcos Hirakawa from São Paulo, Brazil!

I don’t know much about her… But i just love the way she carries herself. She speaks well, she has the body and looks, she has all what it takes to be our 3rd MU. God bless her.
 – Eddie Misao from Manipur

I believe that Urvashi’s comeback (after she was replaced in 2012) to finally participate at Miss Universe 2015 will definitely break the dry spell of India in Universe. She looks very refined. With her strongest appeal and Indian charismatic beauty, the 3rd Miss Universe crown for India is possible.

                                                             – Cyrus Kaiser from Philippines and from a popular website – Misterology.

She’s very attractive, charming and full of energy…
                                    – Leo-Sergei Täht from Estonia, Regional Director for Estonia, Finland and Denmark of Mister International, a member of Nordic Beauty Pageants Organization.

I think she is a winner material.  the only issue is her makeup as Lara had said in the show. Her personal style is also outdated, way tooloud.. It needs more sophistication.. She has an excellent stage presence her charm and  grace is amazing.. Her body is getting better she needs to remember she has tough competition in people like pia Olivia so she had to work twice as hard as anybody else.. Time is short, but Urvashi can do it. 

                                                                                            – Ritika Pal from Gurgaon.

I strongly believe she is the strongest Indian delegates in years. If she gets the right coaching, she should take the crown home. She needs to go to the United states with the mindset of the a boxer, that she will be fighting for the crown. India winning the Miss Universe crown is long overdue. It is no secret that Indian Women are the most beautiful on the planet.
                                                    – Trini Soca from Jamaica

Urvashi Rautela has been a favorite since she was first crowned as I Am She Miss India Universe and many fans from around the world felt sad when she was dethroned. Now Urvashi is again making headlines after she was crowned Miss Diva India Universe 2015 her photos are everywhere. This girl is one the strongest contestants in the upcoming Miss Universe 2015. I won’t be surprised if she enters the top 10 or even reach the top 5.
                                                            – Rain Echalico from Pageantology

When I knew about Urvashi was when she won the I Am She, years ago, and she immediately captured my attention by her beauty. Well, she was, at this time, too young for go to the Miss Universe, but when was said, weeks ago, that she would back to the Miss India Universe contest, she immediately was my fav. Why? She has a perfect beauty, with harmonic facial traces – and this can be the X Factor on the MU 2015 if they look for a “cover girl”. So a face is not easy, even with plastic surgeries! Her beauty, in some aspects, reminds me of the beautiful, Aishwarya Rai – maybe the expression of her eyes? More? Like a Bollywood actress, she obviously learned the secrets to be a star: the correct appearance (makeup, hair, outfits…), the posture and elegance on the red carpet and the interaction with the public and media. So, she is a favorite for the Miss Universe 2015 in Las Vegas without doubts.
                          – Marcia Bia: Admin of the popular Essence of Latinas Forum and Miss Universo/TM (Facebook Group) and Adm of Misses in Focus (Facebook Page).And Adm of Pageantology (Facebook Page)

Urvashi is the epitome of beauty. She defines class for one and all. She has all the odds to win the coveted crown of Miss Universe for India. My earnest wishes with Urvashi, may she win it all.
                                                                                – Kartik Behl from New Delhi

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