Our beauty comes from our hearts through our actions in our beauty with a purpose projects: Miss World Brazil – Catharina Choi Nunes (Interview)

Catharina FotorCreated

The first time I saw Catharina Choi Nunes was at the Miss Earth Contest in 2013. I was completely mesmerized  by her beauty. At that time, I didn’t know she was also a Brazilian. I was more than happy to see such a stunning Korean woman in beauty pageants after a long time. The last time I felt for Miss Korea was Honey Lee who to this day captivate me with her charm. Catharina is definitely one of the most beautiful and best contestants in beauty pageant history. Well, I have a soft spot for Koreans since I grew up watching Korean movies, TV dramas, K-Pop etc., being fascinated by their culture and lifestyles. So it naturally comes to me to like them. But, more than that, she has  got the spark, the charm to captivate you with her presence, and when she speaks, she is so calm and her soft demeanor enthralls you.

At the Miss World Brazil contest, she was already a known face and a favourite among fans. It was heartbreaking for me and others when she was adjudged as 1st runner-up. Thought she deserved to be at Miss World representing Brazil culture and diversity. But, she is a destiny child and it is written in her destiny to represent Brazil at Miss World. Due to some reason, the main winner had to relinquish her crown and Catharina was crowned Miss Brazil World in front of live audiences and got the right to represent Brazil at Miss World 2015 contest. Her tears and emotions at that time showed how much she wanted it and she deserved it. It was touching to see it. Right now, she is super busy preparing for the Miss World crown and her preparation is in full swing. I am blessed to get her time and do an interview with the woman I admire. I wouldn’t be surprised if she wins the crown.

Catharina setting an example of beauty comes from within.

Catharina setting an example of beauty comes from within.

Here’s the interview:

1. Thank you for taking you time out for this interview. Tell us about yourself for your international fans.
I’m half Korean and half Brazilian, I have two passports, so that’s why I could be Miss Korea before and miss Brazil now It feels awesome!

2. How does it feel to be crowned as Miss Brazil and has the crown made any difference in your life?
I’m very proud to represent my country in the most traditional beauty contest in the world! After I was crowned, everything changed, I’m very busy, but it feels good.

3. On what issue, are you working for your Beauty with a Purpose project?
I’m not allowed to say details about my project, but it’s about leprosy. I’m the ambassador for MWB organization’s 3-year-old project, and I promoted some actions for this cause.

4. Soon you’ll be leaving for Miss World competition, have you checked out on the contestants this year and whom do you think is your biggest competitor?
Yes! They are so beautiful and I’m very excited to meet them!

5. What do you think about the Beach Beauty contest being scrapped from the competition?
I think it is very good because women don’t have to be in bathing suits to be appreciated. Our beauty comes from our hearts through our actions in our beauty with a purpose projects.

6. Are you confident of winning Miss World title?
I don’t know if I will win, but I’m confident that I will show my best.

7. What would be the things you would like to takeaway with you from Miss World 2015?

8. Every year the question – ‘Why should you be Miss World 2015?’ is asked to the top 5/7. What would your answer be to this question?
I don’t think I can say that already haha because I hope to be in the top 5! So it has to be a  surprise!

Thank you so much, Catharina. I am grateful indeed to you for taking your time out for this interview. I feel fortunate to talk to you. May God bless you on your journey to Miss World 2015 contest.

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