Be Creative, Think Big and do not be afraid to start small: Mister Africa International 2015, Arnaldo Jose (Interview)

Angola-Mr-Africa-2014-Naijaurba (1)

Mister Africa International contest is already in its 3rd edition and I never knew about its existence before. I am glad that I know about it now. Being a fan of African pageants and its people, I’ve always felt Africa is under-represented in any pageant and they deserve a better spot in pageants. Things will change for a better with Mister Africa going strong each year. It will definitely help Africa get its recognition they deserve, be it in international male or female pageants.

Doing an interview with Arnaldo Jose online is going to be something that I will cherish. I learn a lot from this interview and I am inspired by his humble and modest attitude. Arnaldo is a model from Angola who won Mister Africa International 2014 title in London. The smart and dapper, Arnaldo talks about his plans for the future, Mister Africa International contest and lots more in this interview.

Arnaldo Jose 3

1. What made you enter Mister Africa International 2014? And how does it feels to be crowned as the most desirable black male in Africa?
It was amazing truly! As a winner of the Mr Angola competition which I won earlier that year in April, I got an automatic ticket to represent Angola at the Mister Africa International. And I was glad because it’s a very charitable organisation which focuses on Entrepreneurship

2. Can you tell us about the Mister Africa International contest and its role?
Mister Africa International is the search for the most adorable man of African origin. It has contestants not just from the African Continent but also from other continents, example the Mr Africa France and Mister Africa Italy get to compete. Its major focus is on Entrepreneurship in Africa but also has focused on education and tourism during its production.

3. You are about to pass on the crown to a new winner soon, what would be your biggest accomplishment during your reign as Mister Africa International?
Oh! I had loads of memories that would last a lifetime, but I think it will be the ebola campaign ambassadorial work I did in Southern Africa.

4. Is there anything that you think you haven’t accomplished and would like to continue further?
The Mister Africa International is a great platform, and I have been very happy, I have always wanted to be a model and I am already doing that, and I will want to do some more of that.

5. How do you see yourself helping the society as pageant winner?
I love kids, and I will want to open a centre for talented kids, and encourage them to remain creative so they can earn a living doing what they love.

Arnaldo Jose

6. Your fellow Angolan, Leila lopes achieved huge success post winning Miss Universe. Men generally don’t get much attention after winning any pageant. Do you think male pageant winners deserve more than they get?
I was really happy for Leila and I am still very happy. I had a huge welcome when I got back to my country from London but I think generally, yes male pageants are not very much appreciated but I think with the kind of vision Mister Africa International has about building entrepreneurs, such a platform and similar should be very well encouraged.

7. Internationally, Africa as a whole hasn’t achieved much in pageantry. What do you think are the reasons and how do you see it helping it as a male pageant winner?
I think it has to do with support, Africans generally are struggling hard to make ends meet so they have no time to support their very owned, not like they do not want to.

8. Do you think that Beauty standards still exist? That black skin tone is considered inferior to other races?
Generally, I think there is a reduction in the look down at the black skin tone, now it’s more widely accepted so people often just accept you if you are hardworking but notwithstanding, there is still elements of it.

Arnaldo Jose 1

Arnaldo walking for Angola Fashion Week

9. What is the one think that you learn from Mister Africa International contest that you think has helped you as a person?
My boss, at the Mister Africa international Ayotunde Twitch, always says something which has stuck with me, and will help me move forward as i pass on the title and continue with my life, ‘ THNK BIG, START SMALL < YOU WILL GET THERE ‘

10. What would you like to tell the contestants of this year contest?
Be you, and have loads of fun, it’s a once in a lifetime experience.

11. What advice would you give to the youth of today?
Be Creative, Think Big and do not be afraid to start small.

12. After your reign, do you have any plan about your future?
Yes, I do, loads of plans, first to improve my modelling career and other charitable causes am passionate about

13. Last word for Indian and World Pageant readers.
Never give up on your dreams, no matter how big or hard they seem to be, I was non-English speaking and I was told I could not win a contest like this, but I did, so if I can achieve my dreams by working hard, you can too.

Thank you so much, Arnaldo for agreeing to do this interview. Wish you all the best and success in your future projects. Hope to see you becoming a pride of Africa internationally someday. And a special thanks to Mister Africa Organisation for helping me to conduct this interview. I am grateful indeed. Last but not the least to my special friends, Adney Goncalves for helping me asked relevant questions.

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