Miss International 2015 is Miss Venezuela. (Complete review)


So, I waited excitedly for the Miss International to start and thought this time I am gonna finish watching it. I have never ever watched Miss International till the ending or the crowning part. Who would want to watch something that is more than 4 hour. I thought I will try to test my patience today and am going to write about it.


Miss International is one of the oldest beauty pageants. Though it might not be as popular as other pageants, it has it has its own charm and maybe particularly because of its history and being able to hold it annually unlike other contest which can’t manage to hold the pageant annually. Besides Miss International Organisation take it upon themselves to make this pageant about Japan’s culture to the world of pageant and the way they treat contestants is amazing.

Venezuela miss

OK, to start with Miss International 2015, I was literally praying the link should worked fine and should not stop in between. But as usual it happened. It stopped working in between and if I didn’t mention any country, I blamed it on the link.

The contest began with a  national costume presentation. I love national costume show. This is the only section where I love all the girls. I have no complain about who wears what. I just love different cultures and national costume is one of the way to show about it. Although some costumes were amazing and stood out, others were equally beautiful showing their culture, history, traditions with pride through their national costumes.

After the national costume presentation, Judges were introduced and it was a good decision of Miss International Organization to involve International judges in the process of selecting the winner. A welcome change indeed.

Swimsuit round:

Swimsuit round started with Argentina. Argentina had a good body and she was beautiful but definitely not a good opening in terms of performance. Aruba was more disappointing. She was a bit out of shape. Australia covered her lower part of the body with a sarong but took it off while on the runway. It was nice. But it’s sad they had a short time to show off their runway skills. Belgium’s catwalk didn’t impress much. Bolivia was more about moving her hands wide open. Then Brazil came. If you want to learn how to walk, learn it from the Brazil. They are so in tune with the background score and so rhythmic. Just loved it. China was all about having fun on stage. It fun to see her energy. Chinese Taipei was sweet and looked like a doll. One of the best bodies in this segment is definitely Colombia. Costa Rico bounces when she walks. Nevertheless, it was good. Cuba was called twice. She walked so calmly like nothing was affecting her. Denmark was too much of moving hips. In a way, I enjoyed it. Dominican Republic – loved the way she turn around and flip her hair while posing. Ecuador was a bit disappointing. I thought she had it in her to shine. El Salvador thought not among the prettiest girl she had such a sassy walk. Finland walked so slowly. France played with her sarong and has such a beautiful face but her walked didn’t do justice to the way she played with her sarong and beautiful face. Gibraltar was very beautiful surprisingly. Haiti was just ok. Hawaii was just normal in her walk. Didn’t find it exceptional for a competition. But she was so charming facially. Honduras had me delighted after a few disappointing moment. She was breathtaking, had such stage presence and she shined like anything. And her body and walked – just perfect. Hongkong was all calm and composed. I love the tiara on her head. Hungary another front runner who disappoint. India whom I have been waiting for was next. She came on stage with a long braid hair. She looked like a femme fatal. Indonesia was another surprise for me who did exceptionally well. Italy looked cool in her swimsuit. Korea was good and she did make her presence felt on stage. Lebanon was not upto the mark. Luxembourg – I love her hair style. She looked so glamorous and the necklace she wore made her more beautiful. Moldova – fine. Mongolia was truly enjoying herself. Such a spirited walk. I enjoyed it too. Myanmar did not shine for me. Nepal was another surprise who did well in this round. Netherland looked conscious while walking. New Zealand had such a persona that just draws you towards her. Nicaragua had a body to do well in this round but something was missing in her walk. Northern Mariana Island – first time seeing them in an international contest. She did fine. Norway – what bothers me was the black heels she wore with a blue swimsuit. Contrast is good in a way but this wasn’t the good one. Loved the colourful graphic printed on Panama’s swimsuit. It goes well with her dark skin tone. It enhances here beauty in fact. Paraguay looked like a bikini model more than being a queen. Peru, I thought, was thinking something in her head. Philippines who got the loudest cheer. I love her stage presence. She nailed this round along with a few other contestants who had walked before her. Poland was skinny. Portugal seemed like she just had to walk and go. No vibes of a queen. Puerto Rico is someone who knows how to project herself infront of the camera. Loved the way she was making eye contact with the audiences. Romania had a slow walked. I was bored. Russia – didn’t like the turning around thing that she did while posing. Singapore looked pretty descent in this round. Slovakia Republic has such a stunning face. Spain was sassy and loved the way she smiles. It was so positive. Sri Lanka was slow. Thailand another crowd favourite. In her black swimsuit , she looked so exotic and majestic. Tunisia was very pretty. Turkey was beautiful facially. Ukraine walked like she just had to walk for this round. United Kingdom who never was in my favourites list stunned me with her performance. USA – the crowd were cheering for her and she had it all to enter top 10. Venezuela is another country  who really knows how to sway you with their catwalk. She has a poised, presence and persona to draw your attention. Vietnam did great with that sarong, waving it, she wore for her swimsuit. Zambia had one of the best bodies and she was soft and so calm.

Evening Gown:

This time, all the girls walked like a royal queen since they were in a gown and they all were so gorgeous. It became difficult to judged them since they all had similar walk this time – the calm and compose walk.

Argentina wore a pink gown with gold embroidery on it. She looked very beautiful. And she was much better in Evening gown round than swimsuit round. Aruba walked the stage in a blue gown with shiny pieces on top on top and in the hips area. Didn’t like Australia’s gown and her performance in this round. Belarus’s black gown with red rose petal below was a mismatch for her. Belgium looked pretty in strapless bluish gown with silver linings on top. Bolivia’s red gown was amazing. Loved the way she was waving her flowing gown. Brazil – an absolute delight to watch, came in a white gown. She was so alluring. Canada did better in this round, wearing a red gown. I thought it was cool. China  – loved it. So charming and sweet. Chinese Taipei with her see through grey-blue hue gown looked attractive. Columbia had a shining metallic pieces on her see through gown. Ecuador just like her swimsuit round didn’t had any spark in her. Finland didn’t impress. Gibraltar’s greenish gown looked so fresh on her. Guam looked so cool in the blue gown. Haiti wearing a strapless golden gown gave a descent performance. Hawaii had this calmness within her wearing a white gown. Honduras – I love watching this girl. The small colourful chips and metallic pieces on the gown made her looked so vibrant. Hong Kong had a gown like Argentina except she had silver embroidery on her gown instead of golden one. India’s gown was a simple one. It was a safe choice. She reminds me of the 90’s era beauty queen. Italy – white gown but didn’t impress. Japan reminds me of Macedonia. But she was less theatrical than Macedonia. Kenya in her red gown looked hot. Korea wore a black shiny gown. I like her. Lebanon wore a nude colour gown with white colored embroidery on it. Luxembourg don a yellowish seen through gown. Macau look so clean and beautiful. The sash kept falling. It must have bothered her. Malaysia looked so simple in a dark blue gown. Mauritius – greenish gown and she managed to look good on it. Mexico in a strapless red ball gown looked so royal. Moldova looked beautiful in a red gown but thought it was troubling her when she was walking. Mongolia looked like a beautiful bride in a white gown with detail embroidery on the gown. Myanmar in a strapless black mermaid gown did good. Much better than her swimsuit round. Nepal again impressed in this round too. She wore a pink gown with shiny pieces on it. Netherland walked so slow than the rest. She wore a red gown. New Zealand wore a yellow mermaid gown. Nicaragua looked so exotic in her dark blue long gown. Northern Mariana Island – white gown with shiny threads on top, she was good I would say. Norway black gown didn’t look good on her. Panama had a wow moment. She was covered with a feather cushion type, but when she dropped it she did it like a pro. Paraguay had a feather type gown and she walked like a beautiful exotic bird. Philippines – what can I say, she looked so exquisite, had a queenly aura and she was just magnificent. I knew it she was going to win designer award. Poland shined in her shiny gown. Portugal wore white gown and was simply beautiful. Puerto Rico – see through gown with golden shiny pieces on it, gorgeous and thrilling. Romania in violet colour gown gave a cold performance. Russia wore a heavy embroidered white gown didn’t do justice to her beautiful gown. Singapore was all royal in her blue ball gown. The necklace looked add beauty to the gown. Slovakia, again a ball gown with flower print, I thought she was just pleasing to watch. Spain did well. The grey hue linings on the see through gown made her looked so aesthetic. Sri Lanka – another ball gown, she didn’t impress like the other girl who wore ball gown. Thailand – flowing gown and very intricate detailing on the gown was so artistic and striking. Tunisia – I didn’t like the gown much. The one thing I like about Turkey’s gown had geometrically cut shape. Ukraine looked nice in a red ball gown. It was clean, cut gown which makes her even more beautiful. U.K. also, wore a ball gown which was mix with gold and white hue. She carried it so well. USA was just simply beautiful in the red ball gown. The shiny red linings on top border of her gown made it even more beautiful. She reminds me of cindrella. Venezuela wore a Japanese inspired gown but with a change. Those thin white linings on the gown made her look taller than she already was and she knew how to work it out. Vietnam too wore a ball gown with intricate artwork on it. Zambia finished the evening gown round with a while silvery gown and she managed to look so beautiful.

After the evening gown competition, the history of Miss International and its past winners upto the present competition was shown on screen. Watching Miss International is like watching a preliminary contest of a pageant. All the girls walk and get equal footage on the final night. But that is good in away because that is the most important day for the contestants. They would want to be seen just like the other finalists. To move on to the show, some unexpected and new awards were given. I thought it is so Miss World. The winners were:

Miss International Asia: Miss Korea
Miss International America: Aruba
Miss International Europe: Miss Portugal
Miss International Africa: Miss Kenya
Miss International Oceania: Miss Hawaii

Of the five winners, only Kenya made it to the top 10.

The top 10 were announced and they were: Misses Brazil, Honduras, Kenya, Mexico, Philippines, Thailand, UK, USA, Venezuela and Vietnam.

This was a perfect top 10. Some favourites and strong contenders like France, Ecuador, New Zealand, Hungary were left out.

The top 10 then gave a speech about what they would do if they were crowned Miss International. If I could pick my top 5 based on their speeches and in first place to fifth place would be: Miss Kenya, Miss Honduras, Miss Venezuela, Miss Philippines and Miss USA.

Loved Kenya how she control her emotions while speaking who later got so emotional and shed tears. But her project of helping victim terrors was the best among the top 10 speeches and was very relevant in terms of Miss International. Philippines too got emotional talking about her ordeals growing up, she almost cried, but she held herself strong and finished her speech. Honduras was amazing. The way she said it with such a punch and so confidently, I was ball over by her intelligence. Brazil was nervous, but she managed to give a beautiful speech. Let’ see their speeches:

Brazil:  I learned so many things from the Japanese people because they are humble, they are kind and the most important thing, they respect others and for them there is no difference in who we are and where we come from. They just treat us like equal. With we being living in a selfish world, people care more for what they have and they just want to show what they have instead of sharing and helping people. As Miss International, I want to spread the message that it doesn’t matter what is the colour of your skin, what language you speak, it doesn’t matter what God you believe, we are all the same. It’s my dream to see the whole world respecting others, but I cannot dream just by myself because a dream you dream alone is gonna be just a dream, but a dream we all dream together can create a reality.

Venezuela: Every girl here represents a country, they represent their culture, they represent their people however the winner gets the biggest opportunity in the world, to represent every country. I, feel capable of being the leader, that voice on behalf of Miss International organization, to reach in a positive way to all nations and women and children. Also helps those who need the most. I believe that the worst thing in the society is the lack of love and the lack of recognition, tolerance and insurgency, the war and the peace all around the world starts at your home. So let’s start loving the one who are close to us, the one at home. As, once Mother Teresa said, “Who doesn’t live to serve doesn’t know how to live”

USA: Miss International is more than just a crown and a sash. It is more than being in an evening gown and a great catwalk. Miss International represent every person in this room, every person in this planet. I have been a flight attendant for more than two year now. I have the opportunity to travel all around the world and interact with people of all culture, races, religions. It has been an absolute incredible experienced. And I believe that I can bring this experience to Miss International organization. It is my goal to be an ambassador of peace and beauty. And to show women all over the world beauty is not only skin deep. It comes from within. I have been a victim of bullying. I know how hurtful words can be. I want to know women to think they are truly beautiful because they are. I want them to be able to be in confident with herself… love.. I believe that is what Miss International represents.

UK: If I was Miss International 2015, I would use it to create avenues….help beauty. Beauty is seen on the eyesight. However, the real beauty is only in the inside. I would use this title to empower woman from over the world to be best version of themselves, to have confidence and take opportunity as much as they can. It is important to show love, love, hope and devotion to each and every person you meet and I believe I have the desire qualities to be a perfect role model and leader not just for my country, but for all woman.

Thailand: you triumph would be meaningless if you don’t start and … so my first mission if I was crowned Miss International would be to help…. (some problems and victims) in Thailand. Of course I can’t stop these problem but I can pass my love and encourage them to be strong. And solve our problem together. The dream of tomorrow will not happen if you don’t do it now. And today, I already do it now on behalf of Miss Internaitonal 2015

Philippines: Representing my Country here in Miss International is a great honour. A simple woman who came from a poor family. My dream to have a better life for my family motivate me to never give up. At a young age, I have to work at the rice field to help my parents while taking care of my brothers. Life is full of challenges and hardship but I never stop dreaming in working hard to achieve my goals in life. I want to be an inspiration to young people that nothing is impossible. If I become Miss International I would like to share my story to the world that poverty is not a hindrance. It is to achieve and success in life

Mexico: Something I learn throughout my life is that the biggest battle are given to the warriors. Four years ago I suffer a severe car accident, just one of the many accidents that happens every year. Even though I stuggled to recover, I managed to gain my inner peace and strength, right from my dream and my well being. But if someone would have told me at my bed that I was gonna be here with all of you today, I would have thought it is something totally impossible, but here I am. And I know that there are a lot of people out there who could identify themselves with my situation. I wanna let them know and set an example that if you want something with all your heart you must pursue it no matter what and with the help of Miss International I want to become a warrior of hope, goodwill and be able to share this message, not only in Mexico but all around the world.

Kenya: The Miss International crown and title gives me a platform to keep talking about my project of creating awareness about terror victims and neglected victims who are traumatized after a different terror attacks they go through. Terror is a big thing and is affecting a whole world. They are worldwide. Different victims are there. People don’t care about them. We are so mean, we care about ourselves. We need to get people to talk about them and tell them, make them realized.. who need their support and their help. Most of the terror victims are traumatized and can’t go on with their lives because most of them lost their eyes and legs. With the Miss International platform and crown, I invite all the 72 candidates to spread the gospel of creating awareness about terror victims worldwide and globally

Honduras: We all have many opportunities in our lives to achieve our biggest dreams, but sometimes we have to make important decisions, decisions that can help us to become who we really are. Becoming Miss International 2015, it’s an opportunity for me to learn, to teach and to give back and it is also my decision, it will be a part of it, to work and to give myself to the people in need, in need of something and someone that can open their heart and mind towards us to the struggles they are going through. As I do in my country, as a medical student, I’ve lived and have learnt here also in Japan, it is I believed in the way we learn we are showing respect, in the way we are showing respect, we are showing that we care and If  we care, we can help and understand each other to make positive change.

Vietnam: First I would like to offer my sincere grateful to Japan. You have treated me and all the girls, so well for the last few weeks. You have shown me how beautiful and peaceful a country can be, but more over you have given me  dream that one day every country can be like Japan. So If I am crown Miss International 2015, I will have that opportunity to make that dream comes true. I would like to use my voice, my confidence, my influences and my action to inspire the world to help people believe in hope and dreams for my country – Vietnam, for Japan and for a better world, a world with no war and hunger, a world with only peace and happiness.

Time for the announcement of the winner. But before that some special awards were given.

National Costume Award: Miss Japan
Perfect Body: Venezuela
Best Designer Award: Philippines.

The Actual winners:


Miss International: Miss Venezuela
1st RU: Miss Honduras
2nd Ru: Miss Kenya
3rd RU: Miss Vietnam
4th RU: Miss USA

I am happy for Miss Venezuela but equally sad for Miss Honduras. Miss Venezuela was always my favourite but on the final night Miss Honduras just shined like anything. I thought she was going to win it. In the end, she had to settle for 1st RU spot. But it is for Miss Kenya, I am happy to most. To see an African doing so well in Miss International is a big achievement of sort. Hardly have the African Misses crack the top 10 spot. Miss Kenya can take pride in her achievement as much I take pride in her placement.

Congratulation to the winners.

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