My Favourites for Miss International 2015


With only a few days left for Miss International 2015 finale, it’s hard to decide who should actually win since we hardly get see the contestants of Miss International walking on stage or competing for some event, unlike other pageants. But we saw those pictures available to us through the contestants or Miss International, some managed to stand out. Some early favourites did full justice for being a favourite while some contestants who were hardly known surprised us with their charisma and affable personality thus becoming an instant favourite.

Here I have decided to make my choices, not in terms of ranking but in terms of those who can actually win and be a crown contender, others who have a potential in them to win the crown provided they shine in the finale if they enter top 10 while the rest who could be among the top 10. These contestants are my favourites though there will be surprises in the final night. Let’s see what happens. I love surprises.  🙂

The Crown Contenders:


The Potential Candidates To Win The Crown:


Those Who Could Enter Top 10:



The Dark Horse:


Pictures Credit: Miss International page


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