Meet the contestants of Mister Model International 2015


Mister Model International 2015 will be held at the Flamingo Theater, Miami, Florida USA on 11 Nov. 2015. 20 representatives from different countries will vie for becoming Mister Model International 2015. The 2014 edition of the same contest was won by Victor Zanatta of Fernando De Noronha. Cuban Duo: Jay Maly and Darian Alvarez will perform at the Mister Model International 2015 finale.

mister fernando de noronha model international victor zanatta

Mr. Model International 2014 Victor Zanatta

Take a look at the contestants and who do you think will win the contest?

Mister_Model_Canada_to_DR_51 fotorMister_Model_El_Salvador_to_Mexico fotorMister_Model_Myanmyar_to_Puerto_Rico fotorMister_Model_Saona_Island_to_Venezuela fotor


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