Vartika Singh – the Incredibily beautiful woman


I write this article today with great admiration for the lady who have achieved so much for herself and I am sure there will be lots more to come. This is just the beginning of following her journey. Watching her in Miss Diva and Miss India, I take great delight in telling her story from a small town girl to not only becoming a beauty queen but also a queen of many hearts. She is Vartika Singh.

Vartika Singh comes from a small village – Kothiya in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. She holds a master degree in Public Health Administration and works as a consultant. It is really good to see small town girls doing well in beauty pageants and I am someone who believes in the beauty of anyone coming from small towns or villages, provided that they believe in themselves. Small town girls have so much of potential in them and they bring so much to the table like their simplicity, innocence, raw appeal and the confidence to achieve and be the best they can be. Vartika is someone who believed in herself and ready to work harder than anything while deeply rooted to her values. In her own words, “I feel, coming from lesser known place like Lucknow, I have a very strong foundation. The upbringing is such that, we grew up to become, strong headed individuals. I believe I’m more confident and deeply attached to my culture and tradition, which is an advantage of being from a small town.” We have already seen that in her journey from Miss India to Miss Grand International 2015.

Vartika was in top 7 in Miss Diva 2014 where she won Miss Photogenic. By that time she had already conquered Indian fans with her raw natural beauty and potential that she can be a great ambassador for India at International pageant. Many wanted her to come back. With the experience she gained from Miss Diva contest, she came back for Femina Miss India 2015 to achieve her dreams of representing India. Well, it was our dream too. She was stronger than ever and more prepared. She won Miss Photogenic in Miss India 2015 too along with Best National Costume and Beauty with a Purpose. All these awards definitely showed what I have been saying in the above articles. Give a girl from a small town a chance,  a platform, she will show you she is the best. Vartika didn’t disappoint. Miss Photogenic is a testimony to that. While Best in national costume award shows not only her creativity but also her deep attached to culture and traditions, Beauty With a Purpose award shows us that she is still the same girl from small town who knows the value of living in those part of the world. She might have worn high end fashionable clothes and new shoes, she is still humble and modest appreciating each and every moment of life.

Vartika Fotor

Talking about shoes, she once said she couldn’t even walk properly on heels. Looking at her now and especially at the Miss Grand International, would you believe it? That’s because she works hard for what she wants to achieve in life. Amidst all these, she is also working along with the government from her state – Uttar Pradesh  as a face of the Mera Lucknow campaign, the State’s Nutrition Mission, and the Digital Literacy campaign. The Mera Lucknow campaign aims to give a boost  tourism in the city while the State’s Nutrition Mission which was launched in November 2014 to end malnutrition in the state and the Digital Literacy campaign aims to make the state’s population tech-friendly, and is being conducted in collaboration with companies Google and HP. Is there anything to write more about her beautiful personality? These are enough to prove she is not someone to pose in front of a camera and talk, but also act what you preach.

I know it was hard for us to accept the result of Miss Grand International 2015. But only one can win and that was Miss Dominican Republic – Anea Garcia. Anea is a beautiful lady. She deserved her win. Vartika, on the other hand, is the winner for me in my heart and mind. When she was crowned as 2nd runner up, I couldn’t believe myself that she came 3rd and was questioning the result for a while but to see Vartika smiling all the way change my mood from feeling sad to cheering for her. She was so graceful, poised and dignified. I like the way she was cheering for other contestants and the winner. It was heartening to see those moments which I will never forget. It also was soothing to see a picture of her and the other runners up with the Anea Garcia laughing and sharing a beautiful candid moment.

Grand pic

The picture that made me smile.

I have been watching Miss India for more than 2 decades now and watch India’s representative at international pageants. So many of them, but you remember some only. Vartika is definitely a Miss India I will always remember and will always be a Miss India I know, irrespective of whatever profession she chose and become. She might not have come back with the Miss Grand International crown, but for me she is coming back with a crown in my heart and my mind which she doesn’t have to give back after one year for she has conquered the hearts of million not just with her looks but also with her beauty with a purpose. And that crown stays forever.

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