Miss Globe 2015 complete review.

Miss Globe winner

It’s a little late to review this pageant, but I had to wait for the availability of the contest video and when I did I thought I will watch it with an equal zest I have for other pageants. Was it really interesting and exciting to watch? Keep reading. You will get the answer by the end of the post.

Miss Globe 2015 final was held in Toronto, Canada where 54 contestants from across the globe competed for the title and Miss Philippines Ann Lorraine Colis eventually walked away with the title.

Miss Globe Presentation

The show started with the girls ramp walking the stage in a Casual Dresses by Elisabeth Catwalk which was a combination of a black top with a shiny silver mini skirt. The choreography could have been done better and the stage wasn’t extraordinary. It looked like just a normal stage with stairs being kept and decorated to look beautiful. Ok, it wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t great either. I just continued watching. Towards the end, there were some special awards given. Kudos the two host, Crystal Wilson and Ben Gejko who did an excellent job and entertain the audience and makes us laugh especially Ben Gejko. He was so humorous and made the night for contestants relaxing somewhat. And they did cover up for my disappointment I had with the stage and choreography presentations. If could, I would give Ben Congeniality award.

When the swimsuit presentation started, I thought all the girls will get to walk individually with special screen time given to them. It turns out somewhat like the opening number. One by one, contestants were introduced on screen and they came up to the stage and ramp walked in their swimsuit. But before I could concentrate on each contestant, others started coming and they soon filled up the stage. It was confusing which one to concentrate on. It was all clustered. But some contestant did stand out in that clustered group. Philippines was so natural and exquisite. Loved her sun kiss tan skin tone. China was a doll, Albania was just beautiful. Macedonia was stunning. Poland, Montenegro, Lithuania and France looked fabulous and were shining that night. South Korea thought facially not pretty for me, did exceptionally well. The worst in swimsuit round would be The Dominican Republic – she had an untoned body.

The Top 15 in their evening gown.

In the evening gown presentation, again all walked on stage exactly like the swimsuit round. This time, I could follow up with the contestant better. Those who really did well were and the gown I love the most were Albania, Poland, China, France, Korea and Macedonia. After the evening gown presentation had ended, South Korea was handed with People’s choice award who directly advanced to the semifinal.

Then, the top 15 were announced, some of the crowd favorites were Albania, China, Philippines, Macedonia, and France.  The top 15 competed again in a white evening gown, dressed by Elisabeth. The gowns looked similar. Now it was to looked who carried it with elegance and confidence.

The Top 15 dressed by Elisabeth

The Top 15 dressed by Elisabeth

Albania looked absolutely gorgeous. She looked like an angel.
Brazil swayed beautifully with her smile, but I thought it was a bit slow.
Canada didn’t live upto to they hype being a crowd favourite and host country. She was just ok. Not much
China was just wow.. so fresh and modelesque. The attitude while she walks was lovely.
Estonia – very sassy and fresh so full of life. But when she posed she was like she wanted to finish it soon.
France – so beautiful and mesmerizing, so calm and walked like a royal queen.
Korea – walked like the gown was bothering her she has her gown lifted with her hands
Lithuania was calm and swayed her hips like a rhythm in the song.
Macedonia – looked every bit of supermodel. Loved her hair style. Love the aura surrounding her.
Mexico was definitely not the best in the contest. She was just average.
Montenegro – Boy! what a killer look and she made full used of the moment by turning around constantly but she was engaging and ravishing
Philippines – So calm and cool and love the way she looked at the camera down. So natural and graceful.
Poland – loved the hair style.
Portugal – didn’t like her walked and wasn’t the best of the night. Russia – splendid in white.
Russia – the popular girl, she looked beautiful in the white dress.

Top 5

Miss Globe Top 5

The presenter, Crystal and Ben did their part well and Ben was very engaging with the contestants and the audience who made the entire auditorium laugh with his wits and humour. The top 5 was announced and they were Macedonia, France, Philippines, Albania and China. This was the moment of truth. The top 5 had to pick up an envelope that was in Ben’s hand and they would be whatever question was in the envelope.

Macedonia  picked an envelope that had “What skill do you have that can helped society?”
I would say distinction because if we all talk at the same time and do not listen to people, that will be a mess because of that preparation is something everyone needs to have.

France was asked, “What is the one thing that you want to get rid of and eliminate?”
If I could get rid of anything in the world, I would say diseases because if we are in a good health and if we are in a good shape, we can do and achieve many things that’s the reason I am here. And If I could eliminate any diseases, of course, it would be AIDS and breast cancer.

Miss Philippines got the question “What qualities do women possess that make them great leaders?”
The quality of a woman that makes a great leader is that she’s sensitive and nurturing. A person with a woman heart  And she mould her side based on her love combined with intelligence, making her a great leader.

Albania was asked, “Do you think social media has helped or hurt society?”
Social media is a very positive factor and I feel that it has its impact in a good way not only because we can communicate with people that we may not have the possibility to be near, but it has helped us in many ways in our lives and taught us new things.

Miss China had this question asked to her “What is your personal opinion on same-sex marriage?”
We have to respect everyone’s opinions They can be who they want to be.. . We can wish them best and wish them a happy life.

Macedonia mixed up her answer, France’s answer was  good though she looked nervous since she spoke in English. Philippines answer had substance except she got confused with he or she in her answered. She lacked how to deliver her answer but nevertheless it was the best of the 5 finalists. Albania was so confident and she spoke flawlessly. I wished she elaborated more. China was smart and funny. She spoke in English but asked for a translator. Ben had to find an interpreter for her. It was so noisy when her answer was interpreted. I had to reconstruct her answer to best of my knowledge. That’s how the question and answer round ended and the winner was chosen.

The winners and special award winners were:

Miss Globe 2015 – Ann Lorraine Colis – Miss Philippines
First Runner Up – Miss Albania
Second Runner Up – Miss Macedonia
Third Runner Up – Miss China
Fourth Runner Up – Miss France
Best National Costume – Miss Trinidad and Tobago
Miss Friendship – Miss South Africa
Miss Elegance – Miss Czech Republic
Miss Cosmopolitan –  Miss USA
Miss Internet – Miss South Korea
Miss Bikini – Miss Lithuania
Miss Karaoke – Miss Germany
Miss Disco Queen – Miss Taiwan
Miss Salsa Queen – Miss Brazil
Miss Talent – Miss Cuba
Miss Runway – Miss Barbados
Miss Intercontinental – Miss Hong Kong

Pictures Credit: Miss Globe official Facebook

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