Miss Grand International Preliminary competition review and IWP top choices for the crown.

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Miss Grand International is my new favourite beauty pageant among so many new pageants. The activities and planning are definitely top class. Media exposure is top notch. I love everything about this pageant despite controversies surrounding it. Anyway, today was the preliminary competition for evening gown and swimsuit. Some of my initial favourite disappoint me and some impressed me alot. Here is my review on the prelim competition.

Evening gown and swimsuit round:

Albania was good in evening gown round, but she did better in swimsuit round. I was like Wow..
Angola, nothing exceptional with her gown but she was so energetic in the swimsuit round. Thought if she was like   that in evening gown round
Australia was definitely a star in both the rounds. Pleasing to watch her. In the red bikini round, she was sweet at the  same time hot.
Belarus was just Ok. Definitely not the best.
Belgium, nothing really Wow about her. She was just ok.
Brazil. Delightful to watch in both the rounds. Love her smiling expression. It was very warm. She pulled off the evening gown round very well and in the swimsuit round, her catwalk was like in a dancing motion which was very harmonic with the background music. She has a great body.
Bulgaria was slow moving and her catwalk really didn’t shine.
Cambodia looked resplendent in her evening gown, but in the swimsuit round she walked slowly which was a mismatched with the background tune. Nevertheless, she looked sweet and charming.
Canada in her white gown and in swimsuit round walked like she was very relaxed but didn’t impress.
China in the evening gown was slow-moving and her gown wasn’t great at all. She compensated for it in the swimsuit round. Good body, good catwalk and she looked very sweet.
Costa Rica reminds me of Amelia Vegas beauty. She glitters in shiny silver beaded gown and the transparent bottom. I think she did better in the evening gown round, but her swimsuit round performance was no less.
Cuba was trying hard to looked beautiful and her smile didn’t really look appealing.
Czech Republic wore a shiny red gown. What struck me was her poise and the way she was flirting with the camera.
Denmark: I don’t think she did well. She definitely wasn’t in the zone in both the rounds.
Dominican Republic: Her up and down and bouncing walked walk was interesting and she did it so well without going over the top. A crowd favorite and she must be happy to see people cheering for her.
Egypt shouts so loudly during her introduction. The gown she wore was very safe and did nothing for her. She surprised me in the swimsuit round – she was very spirited in her catwalk.
England’s pink gown looked ill fitted. In the swimsuit round, she looked robotic.
Estonia looked amazingly beautiful in the pink gown and her styling was so good. Again in swimsuit round, she looked so beautiful but her overall performance wasn’t outstanding.
Ethiopia – yes she is skinny and thin but that is not the reason to dislike her. She walked the stage wearing a white gown with a pearl necklace. The way she opens up her flowing gown while posing was superb.
France in a black gown with all those feathers was just so out of the game. She was slow-moving, looked so serious even while trying to smile and seemed like too much was going in her head.
Ghana is a beautiful lady with a bad gown choice. In the swimsuit round, she was full of energy and brings the game to her stride.
Guatemala’s gown was just average. The blue gown mixed with a skin colour on sides through to the bottom of the gown looked bad. The only thing I like about her is her effervescent smile.
Guyana was bouncy and wore a yellow gown. She looked great. Same thoughts on her swimsuit round.
Haiti also wore a yellow gown which really didn’t work on her. In the swimsuit round, she reminds me of Flaviana Matata but she is nowhere close to Flaviana.
Honduras wore one strap shoulder green flowing gown. A nice gown but she didn’t live up to the gown. Swimsuit performance – just OK.
Hong Kong shined like a swan princess in her white gown. In the swimsuit round, she walked as if she was careful of not to fall. She has a pretty face.
Hungary was all fresh and spunky. Her walked in swimsuit round was very theatrical.
India wore a seen through golden gown. What can I say, she looked every bit like a true beauty queen. Such a stunning face with a calm aura, She nailed this round. She didn’t disappoint in the evening gown round. If she was matching her catwalk with the slow song in the evening gown, she matched up to the fast and sassy tune of the swimsuit round. She was full of life and looked so vibrant.
Indonesia disappoints with her gown. I thought the gown didn’t flatter her and her body. But in the swimsuit round, she redeemed herself with her great catwalk and toned body.
Iran is a surprised. She looked so beautiful. The gown was good, but the one thing that distracted me was the pink strap in the upper part of the gown. Her swimsuit performance was just good.
Isreal was so gorgeous in the straight fitted greenish gown. She didn’t do much with the gown, she just walked like she was just there to walk. Along with her swimsuit performance, she managed to do fine for me.
Italy’s black and red flowing gown was impressive. And I love her hairstyle in the swimsuit round. It highlighted her personality and beauty.
Japan was all smiling and sweet. She did present herself very well in both the round.
Kenya has this aura which is hard to ignore, but the gown she wore didn’t really let her shine her personality. Very animated in the swimsuit round.
Korea doesn’t have the prettiest face, but she let her performance cover for her. I love the way she looks at the camera. She has this great camera projection skills which make you notice her.
Macau is another contestant who bounces when she walks, but she does it in style. She is a dark horse.
Macedonia was very funny. More than her gown, it was her hand gesture she did which was hilarious. While stopping to pose for the camera, she made a rectangle sign with her fingers and the way she reacted after that was unexpected and comical. She also walks like she is saying ‘look at me.’
Malaysia was calm and confident in the evening gown round. I love the simplicity of the gown. And in the swimsuit round, she was lively and buoyant.
Malta in the bright red gown didn’t look good at all. Instead, it let her down. Her only good point is that she has good poise, especially in the swimsuit round.
Mexico gown was like the one already worn by Miss Universe Ximena, the performance was almost similar. I love the way she presented the gown and pull up the gown just to let it flow back. She didn’t disappoint in the swimsuit round. She has the walk, the poise and the charisma.
Moldova charms you in her blue gown but the catwalk was just average.
Mongolia’s gown was simple yet beautiful. In both the rounds, she gave the same performance without doing better than the other  one.
Myanmar was all sweet and charming. Has a good walked and fit body. Nothing much beyond that, but who know she might just surprise us in the final night.
Namibia in the black gown was fabulous. Love the part when she winked her eyes and flirted a bit with the camera.
Nepal’s gown was just good. In the swimsuit round, there was something lacking in her.
Netherland has a large fan following in Thailand. She got a loud cheer from the audience. She looked so stunny in the black ball gown. The deep neck cut gown was sexy. She mesmerizes you with her walk. In the swimsuit round, she again impresses you with her dazzling walk and gorgeous face.
Nigeria is another black beauty. Will she make the cut? She is a dark horse for me.
Norway didn’t impress me. She was average for me in both the rounds.
Panama tried giving a fierce look, but she failed for me.
Peru, definitely not the best one.
Philippines gown is something we have seen before. But I love the detailings of the gown done on the upper part. She carried it so well. She looks exquisite and very natural. The swimsuit one was worth watching. She has this presence on stage that you don’t want to take your eyes away from her.
Poland – not many can carry a red dress so well. She carried it perfectly. She was striking in the red gown and loved her in the swimsuit round.
Portugal was lively, but she didn’t walk well for me.
Peurto Rico’s gown was artistic. The gems and beads on the silvery gown were simply amazing and beautiful. And she carried in style.
Romania was beautiful and elegant like a princess in her white gown and she was glowing with that dress. Her swimsuit performance was little less than her evening gown performance, but she still managed to look beautiful and shined.
Scotland – another average performance
Singapore – The gown look so cluster and heavy. She underperformed.
Slovakia is just forgettable for me.
South Africa – The only thing I like about her performance is her the way she turns to pose.
Spain’s bouncy walked is the best among those who bounce when they walked. She was sparking and phenomenal. One of the best in the preliminary contest.
South Sudan – South Sudan was all professional. More than a beauty queen she walked like she is on a runway show which many of the contestants did. Wanted to see that cheery and animated walk from her.
Sri Lanka is a surprised girl who keeps getting better each day. A beautiful and charming woman. She looks so soft and subtle.
Suriname shined with her shining gown. But I wondered why she did that hand gesture. She raised her right hand to put it below the chin and fold her left hand just below right elbow. It was like she was saying, OK I understand.
Sweden glows with her gown and gave a decent performance in the swimsuit round.
Taiwan in the all black gown looked bad. And was dull in the swimsuit round.
Thailand is really strong this year. Who knows she might just walk away with the crown. She was outstanding in both rounds. Natural, breathtaking, attractive etc. She is definitely placing high.
Ukraine has been doing well in beauty pageants, but here Miss Grand Ukraine is a little let down from the Miss Ukraine that we saw in other pageants. But it is not to say here it’s disappointing. She is a performer but not outstanding.
Tunisia, Tonga, Uganda and US Virgin Island gave a similar performance for me which not really upto the mark.
USA did a fabulous job. She never was in my list, but she is growing on me.
Venezuela was boring and really didn’t bring in that Venezuelan factor which we are used to seeing.
Vietnam did well in both the rounds. But I am not sure about her placing. Let’s see what happens.
Wales is also forgettable.

So after watching Miss Grand International Preliminary competition, here are my top choices based from day 1 to preliminary competition.

The top 5 with Ranking.

Grand top 5

Top 10 in no particular order

Grand international top 10

Top 15 in no particular order

Grand international top 15 2

Pictures credit: Miss Grand International official website.

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