“I learned how to stay original and to uphold my values and principles.” – Aileena Catherin Amon

Aileena Fortor

So confident and spunky, she makes you fall for her when you see her walking on stage. It is not just her beautiful face, but also her warm and pleasing personality that draws me to the woman I interviewed. She is Aileena Catherin Amon – top 6 at Miss Diva 2015 and winners of three sub-awards. Looking at her answer at Miss Diva and the sub-awards she won, beauty with a brain is definitely apt for her. Currently studying Master in International Business, she has her goals and priority set and her recent achievements won’t get in her studies. She will complete her studies first and try fashion world after that. That is what I truly like about someone who knows their priority.

Aileena is Miss South India 2015, was in the top 40 of Miss India 2014, Top 4 in Midukki- a Reality show of Mazhavil Manorama, Miss Kerala 2012, Miss Congeniality and Miss talent in Mister and Miss Body Perfect and she made her debut in a Malayali movie “Hi, I’m Tony.” 

Congratulation on your achievements. How does it feel to be a top 6 at Miss Diva and winner of three sub-awards?
It feels fantastic to reach the top 6 in Miss Diva 2015. I take immense pride in that because I was the only South Indian this year and being Miss South India myself I made it to the final 6 while competing against the best in the country. I’m thrilled by the fact that I got to win 3 Major subtitles in the contest. Two of which tested the intelligence were bagged by me and I’m happy about that. Tech diva by reliance was a quiz and being a techie myself I’m thrilled I bagged that title. Sudoku is a game I love playing and I have been playing that ever since I was a kid, so when that was a sub contest, I really really wanted to win it. The third subtitle I won was dazzler eterna best makeover and that was given to the contestant who evolved from day one to the last. I’m glad that even the judges could see the amount I evolved and the hard work I had put in.

Did you expect to reach this far?
Yes, of course! I was expecting myself to reach this far. I knew what my strength and weaknesses were and I know what exactly I had to work on. With the help of all the respected judges who were mentoring us, I found it easier to succeed. With the amount of hard work I had put in I was actually expecting myself to go home with the crown.

Looking back at your journey on the show, what is the most importing thing that you have learnt?Looking back at the wonderful memories and beautiful friendship I shared with my fellow contestants, the most important lesson I learned is how to stay true to myself. I’m so happy that even throughout this whole journey I did not get carried away to a point where I had to be someone else to get where I want to. I learned how to stay original and to uphold my values and principles. I learned to love myself more.

You won Miss South India 2015 and now top a 6 finalist at Miss Diva. What really interest you in pageants?
I believe the biggest driving force that attracts me to pageants is the competition that I can have with myself. I’m a person from a very normal middle-class family with no background of anyone coming from this industry. So it was a challenge I took up to see if I can actually conquer the heights I have always dreamed about achieving. So, my constant need to prove my doubts and inhibitions wrong made me try pageants.

Aileena 6

Aileena with Sujeesh Shanmughan.

I read that you took training in Bangalore. Can you tell me about the training academy and how has it helped you in your preparation for pageants?
My dear friend Sujeesh Shanmughan is running the institute called Queens and Crowns and his help proved immensely resourceful in my Miss South India journey as well as Miss Diva journey. He is so dedicated to the work he does that he makes you push harder on the limits you have set for yourself and make you realise the fact that you are capable of much much more than you have ever thought off. His spirits keep you going and the faith he has in you as a student makes you always want to strive harder to a point where you always emerges as a winner.

You have met both the former Miss Universe from India. Who is your favourite among the two?
I have been lucky enough to meet both the Miss Universe from India and my favourite among them will always be Sushmita Sen. She has always been and always will be my favourite. I find her as a synonym to the word a complete woman. She inspires me in many levels. And I think the biggest quality I have learned from her is to stay grounded n humble inspite of the heights you have conquered.

You know ever since I saw your picture of winning Miss South India 2015, I thought you really have it in you to be called as Miss India someday. It made me happy to see you in Miss Diva. Will we see you again next year at Miss India pageant?
Thank you so much, Simeon. People like you and the love and support you give girls like me makes us want to strive harder and believe more in our dreams. But I’m really sorry to say that I will not be trying Miss India or Miss Diva in the coming years because I believe I have had my fair share in pageants and it is time, I focus more towards my studies and my career.

Miss World or Miss Universe and why?
Both are equally great platforms that gives values to beauty and brains. But I would still choose Miss Universe because it supports any woman who is immensely confident and fierce at the same time who is humble and humane. It stands for a great cause and fight against AIDS which still plagues our world. I’m fascinated by how strong this organisation has stood for just this one cause and have had so many beautiful intelligent women work towards the same cause and made a change in the world.

Winning Miss India or becoming an actress and why?
Being a beauty queen and being an actress are two different things, I have been blessed to experience both and I believe being a beauty queen is much more rewarding than being an actress. By winning a title, I was able to work for the causes I believe in, it gave me an amazing forum to discuss the issues in our society and give your views on the same. People respect the opinions and values you have. While being an actress is an amazing career one can pursue. It is where you can transform urself as another individual and that experience itself will make you learn a lot, you even get a lot of perspectives you may have never experienced before because when you are a character, you are walking in someone else’s shoes.

So what’s next…?
I’m currently pursuing my masters in international business from St. Joseph’s College of Commerce in Bangalore and I want to complete my studies. So I want to complete my studies next and I want to start pursuing my modeling career more seriously.

And last word for your fans and Indian and World Pageant readers…
I want to say a big thank you to all my fans and supporters for all the love you have given me and the belief you had in me. That is the sole reason I’m standing where I am today. The only words I want to share with all of you is that to hold strong onto your dreams and believe in the magic of it because it will take you to places far and beyond your imaginations.

I hope you achieve greater success and maybe, I will interview you again
Thank u so very much Simeon for giving me this opportunity. I’m humbled by the love and support you have shown me.

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