Craftsvilla Miss Ethnic 2015 Monisha Doley Interview With IAWP

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Monisha Doley from Assam won the Miss Ethnic 2015 contest held in Mumbai amidst the glittering and grand ceremony where she beat 9 other contestants from across the country selected after a nationwide search. There were celebrity judges like Kareena Kapoor Khan, MissMalini, Shaina NC, Archana Kochhar – An ace couturier, Dorris Godambe, Divya Bhatnagar, Chandra Iyengar. The beautiful girl from Assam is a Life coach and an author. Her sweet personality with her calm and soft demeanour makes her a standout. An adventurer and a fun person that she is, she is also someone who likes to push the envelope.

Miss Ethnic winner Monisha Doley with her runners up.

            Miss Ethnic winner Monisha Doley with her runners up.

What I really like about this contest is that it is unlike other beauty pageants. Any woman who believes in herself can participate. There is no age limit too. The other thing I like about this contest is their selection process although it was a long process. Craftsvilla search from city to city in every part of the state and union territories of India and then, the winner of city rounds goes for state round and then on to Zone wise. In a sense, it’s a unique contest. In their own words, celebrates each and every woman of India, her ethnicity, her roots and her talents, wherever she may reside in the world. She could be your neighbour or your friend, she could be a woman whom you’ve known for years. She could be a woman who has touched your heart in some way, and even made you feel proud or humble. She’s someone representative of our roots, our traditions and ethnicity. She’s someone we look up to. Without saying anything further here’s Monisha interview with Indian and World pageant.

1. Congratulation on winning Miss Ethnic 2015! Please tell us something about yourself.
Thank you so much. I am Monisha and I was born and brought up in Lakhimpur Assam.I currently live in Mumbai. I graduated from IHM, Mumbai. I have worked in the aviation industry as a flight attendant for 5 years. Currently I am a Life Coach, motivational speaker and also a #1 Amazon bestselling author of the ebook, “GET HIGH ON SPIRIT- a guidebook from feeling stuck to complete personal freedom and miracles.” I recently won the title of MISS ETHNIC INDIA 2015.

Monisha in a beautiful ethnic wear. This picture was her audition picture.

Monisha in a beautiful ethnic wear. This picture was her audition picture.

2. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Confident, Courageous and positive.

3. What are your hobbies?
Reading, writing, dance, making youtube videos, exercise.

4. If you could become any global personality, who would it be and why?
I admire and look up to many global personalities alive and dead, however, I would like to become my best version. We all are unique and can leave behind our own trace in the world. I am busy creating my own legacy. I try to reinvent myself on a daily basis.

5. Given a chance to live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Having seen almost 50 countries around the world and lived abroad, I did have the opportunity to pick a country and live anywhere.There was a little desire too to settle somewhere abroad. But a strong voice within me guided to return to India. I felt that my work as a healer is very much needed in my own country. Ever since, I came to India, I feel very happy and settled. I am at peace living here and have no thoughts of shifting elsewhere.

6. Do you have any modeling experience? And what prompted you to enter this pageant?
No, never. I have never engaged in any modeling assignments before. Participating in this pageant is a huge miracle in itself. I always dreamt of participating in a beauty contest, but I am only 5.3’ and it doesn’t meet the requirements of a contestant. So. it was almost a forgotten dream. Miraculously one day, I saw the ad of Craftsvilla Miss Ethnic India 2015 and when I saw that there is no height, weight, age or marital status bar, my joy had no boundaries. So I promptly applied.

7. From the selection process to the grand finale, it was a long process, how did you prepare for Miss Ethnic contest?
In the initial round, we didn’t have to do much.We just had to upload a nice picture in Indian wear and promote it on social media. As I kept getting selected for further rounds, my prioritized more on preparing myself mentally. I made a conscious effort to believe in myself. I gave full focus on my strengths and transformed my limitations.I trained myself to believe that I have everything that it needs to be Miss Ethnic 2015.

8. Did you expect to win this contest and what sets you apart from the 10 finalists?
Yes, As I said before.I trained myself to expect and believe that I can win this contest. I never looked at it this way. I wasn’t looking for what sets me apart from others. All the top contestants were extremely beautiful and intelligent women. They were all highly qualified women. So instead of going into a comparison mindset, I set the focus only on myself. I asked myself “What are my talents and strengths?” And I was happy about that. And it really worked. I won the title and became a millionaire overnight. I got a prize money of 21 lakh rupees in total.

9. Was there any question and answer round at the finale? If there were, what was your question and what was your answer?
Yes, after the selection of the top 5 contestants, each one of us had to pick a judge’s name and had to answer a selected question by them. I have always been a super fan of Kareena Kapoor and as luck would have it, I picked up her name. Her question to me was, “ Why did I decide to participate in Craftsvilla Miss Ethnic 2015?”
I answered straight from my heart and said exactly what i am saying in this interview.

10. What is your most memorable moment of the event?
Oh. everything about the event is so memorable.It’s really difficult to chose the best one. All the girls had such a great bonding. We all are still in touch and are friends. We had a great time together. We laughed a lot and cracked jokes all the time. We made fun of each other a lot. If you still insist, I would say performing Bihu dance on national television was really special. I danced on a Bihu song for the talent round and I am so honored that i also won The Miss Ethnic talent for the same. I felt really proud to represent my culture and my state on such a huge platform.

Monisha with Kareena Kapoor Khan

                                Monisha with Kareena Kapoor Khan

11. Do you find all the glamour and glitz associated with being Miss Ethnic intimidating or enriching?
Enriching.Yes, the glamour and glitz is fun… but as they say NOTHING IS PERMANENT. It was a good experience, but I have people around me, my family and friends who keep me grounded. I take the title as a huge platform to leverage my work, to share my ideas, thoughts and experiences with the world. It is giving me huge confidence to reach more people and create an impact.

12. So after this win, will you be trying for any other pageants?
It is unlikely as I said before, I don’t meet the height requirements of most beauty pageants, but NEVER SAY NEVER

13. A Last word for the Indian and World Pageant readers..
If you have the power to desire it, you also have the power to achieve it. You are only limited by your thinking.

Thanks for doing this interview, Monisha. All the best for your future Endeavour.

Check out Monisha’s official website:

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  1. Manisha Doley’s interview is really very inspiring for every girl who wants to represent their own roots and celebrate their identity and erhnicity of your culture.I personally think she deserved the title!!


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