Miss World Philippines 2015 (My opinion about the contest finale)


The night that everyone has been waiting for, ended with a happy note. With Hillarie Danielle Parungao winning Miss World Philippines 2015, Philippines has a great representative  who will try to emulate the success of Megan Young, the first Filipino to win Miss World. Watching Miss World Philippines was an absolute delight. The opening no., the swimsuit round, the evening gown round reminds me of the 90’s era of Miss World. But was it an exceptional show? Read further to know my opinion on the finale.

The show started with a video of a short glimpse of the contestants. Once it was over, the contestants paraded on stage dancing to the mash up of Beyonce’s Run the World (girls) and Britney Spears, Iggy Azalea’s Pretty girls. I thought the choreography didn’t match at all to the songs. The song was peppy, happening and fast paced, but the dance and the gown weren’t really matching up to the tune. I like the songs  choices, but the choreography didn’t work for me. After a little bit of dancing on stage, each girl introduced themselves. Then, they were back to dancing again to the songs.

MPHW opening no

About the stage, there was nothing very grandeur about it. It was simple and plain, something we have seen before. But the beautiful candidates and the host energy did make up for it. The hosts of the evening were Iya Villania-Arellano, Tim Yap and Gwendoline Ruais. They all did an amazing job especially Iya Vallania-Arellano and Tim Yap. They both have such an understanding for each other and the chemistry was great. I really love they way they appreciate the contestants and how they try to help the contestants during the question and answer round.


The first round was the swimsuit round. All the 27 contestants before walking for the round came up on stage  Contestants were wearing Rocky Gathercole swimsuits with white skirts that can be easily removed to reveal the funky colors of the one-piece bikinis. A little disappointment of this round was that I wished the girls could walk a little longer on stage. The swimsuit round started with contestant no. 1 Vanessa Wright. Vanesa has such a beautiful face and charm that it did make up for her not so toned body. Jannie Alipo-on was great in her walked and she looked so confident. Danica was next, she was fine for me. Nothing exceptional. Sheila Mae Torino was beautiful, but something was missing. Christelle Anjali Abello, love the she walked. She was glowing. Janelle Tee was all natural, but I thought something was lacking. Maria Duley, a dark horse for me, wasn’t upto the mark here. She has the body, but she didn’t shine at all. This girl has got a lot of potential only if she keeps working hard and never loose patience. Kiaragiel Gregorio wasn’t my fav at all but she does bring is those moves which is hard to forget. Having said that she looked a bit conscious when she walks. Mona didn’t shine at all. The bright funky colour swimsuit didn’t help much. Tweena like Mona conscious. It was like she wanted to finish her walk as soon as possible. Alexie Marie was all about smiling. It didn’t impress me at all. Then came Emma Tiglao. It was good to see someone finally bringing the game of the contest. She was absolutely beautiful, full of energy and got the attitude. Another favourite of mine, Avonlea was next, she disappoint on the final night. She looked lost and she wasn’t carrying that energy the she had. After a disappointment, Cassandra lit up my face again. She had such a lively walked. She was all animated and her poise while facing the camera was amazing. Erika Marie followed but couldn’t continued the momentum. Erica Rose walked slow and somehow couldn’t match up to the tune of the background music. Jessica Rose, another non fav. of mine, suprised me with her stage presence. The way she sways, and flirt with the camera was thrilling. Leitz Camyll Ang walked was sweet and while stopping to pose it was like she was dancing. It was fun. Hillarie Danielle was all about walking calmly like a true queen. she did make an impact with her presence on stage and sure knows where to look. Mariah Nilo, a dark horse for me, she did look the punch. She has such a huge potential, but she walked like she was looking down to pick something. She should train herself and definitely come back. Mia Allyson knows how to project herself and she managed to look good. Loved her camera projection. Vianca looked lost.I wonder what happened to her. She stopped for a while before going down the stairs, unlike the other girls. Janette was good but it wasn’t enough for me. Casey Austria was lovely to watch and she was definitely good. Grapes Pacara, the only thing I could remember of her is her funny poise.


The top 13 in swimsuit round. Picture credit: Rappler

Once the contestants finished their walk, Perkin Twins gave a beautiful performance. I love the song and they both were good and very smart and handsome. Towards the end the contestants in their swimsuit dress wearing the white skirt again.


The top 13 contestants and the performer of the evening – Perkins Twins

 Next was the evening gown round. Even those who according to me didn’t do well in the swimsuit round shined line anything. The contestants were divided into three group. One group wore a black gown, the second group wore a red gown and the third group wore cream or white gown. They were breathtaking. Again all the contestants walked the stage for the evening gown round. After considering both the rounds, my choices were Hillarie Danielle, Mia Allyson, Casandra Naidas, Emma Tiglao, Vanessa and Christelle Abello.


The top 13 during the Evening gown round

MPHW Eve fotor 2

The Top 13 contestants in Evening Gown

Before the top 13 were announced, special awards were given. I won’t go into that. But just to mentioned Hillarie won a record 9 sub-award.

The Top 13 with their question and answers round. 

I love the questions that were asked to the ladies. The questions were very relevant and test an intelligence of a beauty queen. I miss this kind of questions. These days mostly, the questions are asked about a contestant and not about what she understands about her surroundings. Kudos to the organizers for asking such brain teaser questions. Even if the contestants don’t mean what they say, it definitely gives them a chance to proof what they are made of.

Jackielyn Dulay

what lesson did you learn as a child, do you still hold onto until today?

The lesson I have learn during my childhood is to have a positive quality which is love because for me when I love something I will do anything for what I love. Like in joining this pageant I love myself. So I really work hard to prepare myself to win this pageant. I also love my fellow candidate, the organizers and the experiences and the confidence I gain in this pageant

Hillarie Danielle

What is the significance of being a beauty queen in this society?

As a woman I uphold the value of compassion and I want to be a beauty queen because I want to share this compassion to others and this would lead to a greater society of love, of hope and a brighter future for everyone.

The crowd gave a huge response.

Vianca Marcelo

If you had the opportunity to turn back time and change something what would that be?

I think I wont change anything because we’re learning from our mistakes and I believe there’s every time we do it….

Nervous as hell and unable to answer further. Got frozen..Time up. The two host were very gracious to explain what Bianca meant and were standing up for her ..

Christelle Abello

To what the Philippines tourist destination would you take a tourist and why?

If could pick any tourist destination in the Philippines I would pick my own tourist destination would be …... I am not only proud my father and my roots are taken back to ….. but I also admire the beauty it holds and the scenery is just forever true and beautiful

A  bit nervous.. but cheerful smile.

Jannie Alipo-on

If you were a beauty pageant judge, what would you like to ask the candidates and why?

If I get to be a judge and get to ask, the question will be who will the person be from the past you will like to give back life because if you ask me I will answer Jesus because I want all of us to see how Jesus sacrificed his life for us

Very confident. Said it without any hesitation. The crowd gave her a maximum cheer.

Mia Alysson

What’s the best thing that have happened to you so far and why?

I think life itself because I have been so privileged to live a life full of experience, full of wonderful people. I’m just so grateful to have been blessed to be born so that’s it.

She was breathtaking.

Jessica Rosen McEwen

What bothers you most about that is happening to Philippines society today and why?

I think what bothers me the most is that us teenagers aren’t very responsible anymore even though we go along with our own lives, we sometimes forget the important things but someday I realize that we will grow and we will learn from our experiences.

Emma Mary Tiglao

If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

If I would go anywhere in the world it would in Paris in France because it’s my dream place. Every people that I’ve met they know that that’s my dream place and I just want to see the Eifel tower. That’s it.

Straight forward and simple. I like it.

Jeddahliz Maltezo

If anything is possible, what is the one thing you would like to invent and why?

I would like to invent the time machine that go back to the past to fix things and everything especially in the Philippines, I want go back like three hundred years ago like the Spanish era, I wanna go back there to help other people, to help the women who have been raped and specially those who have been killed because of doing nothing. I want to go back there.

So confident and the laugh she gave after that was awesome

Jenelle Tee

If you win the title of Miss World 2015 Philippines, what is the first thing that you will do?

The first thing I would is that I would help maybe with the beauty with a purpose project beneficiaries and I wanna share it to everyone that we could teach a man how to fish and here he could eat for a lifetime and with that it will last a lifetime and there’re kids who are abused and there’s women who are abused will have a great life in store for them if I would do that. So they will be the first one I would share my prize with so that I could share my happiness and love.

Wow! What an answer.

Kiara Giel Gregorio

Outside the family who is your greatest influence and why?

Outside my family, my greatest influence would be one of my role models and why I decided to be a law student which is….. because she is a woman who isn’t afraid to speak out her opinion, but is never afraid to listen to others

Straight to the point. A vvery honest answered, loved it. Confident, cool and calm. A great speaker.

Marita Cassandra Naidas

If you were to step into someone’s shoes today, whose would it be and what would you do?

It will not be any specific person and but a type of person and this will be the street children because I feel like their experiences even at a young age is very inappropriate, you know, and I feel like they should be at home playing with their friends and yet on the street and I feel like wanna experience what they know so that I could have a better knowledge about it.

She spoke her heart out and I love her expression with sympathy during her answers. There was emotion attached to the answers. Love it.

Vanessa wright.

What can be your greatest contribution to Philippines society?

I think my greatest contribution to the society will be education because of education and educating the people, there wouldn’t be progress within the society. So, when we start with education we can work our way up to solve greater issues.

Very beautiful and sweet. Answered with full on confidence.

The Top 5

The top 5 were chosen based on the top 13 question and answer round. The girl who did well for me were Hillarie Parungao, Mia Howell, Janelle Tee, Kiara Giel Gregorio, Cassandra Naidas and Vanessa Wright. Here are the top 5 with their questions and answers. Each contestant had to draw a name of the judges from the card and question will be asked accordingly.

MPHW top 5

1. Emma Tiglao

Pick a current global issue and give a solution

I think it’s education and for the solution is me, I am standing right in front of you acting as role models. I can be an inspiration to the youth so that they will be inspired to study more, to study hard so that in the end they will have a good future.

Seriously, it was all about her. Not a good answer.

2. Vanessa Wright picked Juan Miguel Zubiri

If you were to be a law maker, be it a congressman or senator, what would be the first law you to be passed?

The first law I would like to pass is free education for all up until high school because without education, we cannot progress as a person, as a society so if everyone is entitled to free education up until a respectable degree outweigh them, we can have a basic knowledge and progress

So full of confidence and the way she presented her ideas was great.

3. Hillarie Danielle picked Chris Albert

What is your life philosophy and why?

My life Philosophy always relies on compassion. I believe that compassion can open doors to many challenges in life. I also believe that in compassion, we get to understand other people, and in understanding other people we become a better society.

Good answer but not the best.

4. Marita Cassandra picked Fernando Carillo

What makes you proud to be a woman?

What makes me proud as a woman is that I am able to express myself and be confident and through this I’m able to inspire others to do the same so that they could be the best versions of their self without comparing themselves to other women

The crowd cheered the loudest for her.

5. Mia Allyson Howell selected Megan Young

What super power which you would like to have and what would the first thing you would do once you get it?

I think I would like to have the ability to read people’s minds because a lot of times people don’t express what they need and so if I could read people’s mind and you not over abused the power I  could help people who really need it and didn’t wanna say anything about needing help.

That’s a very good superpower. Love the way she said she would use it.

Before crowning, last year winner Valerie Weigmann took her final walked. It was good to hear her final speech. It was true to the point, emotional and showed beauty with a purpose.

Finally, the winner were announced. The Princess crowns were too small and took time to be fitted to the head. But the main winner crown is beautiful and looks expensive. Hillarie deserved the title. She will be a great ambassador for the Philippines to Miss World contest.

4th Princess: Emma Mary Tiglao

3rd Princess: Vanessa Wright

2nd Princess: Mia Howell

1st Princess: Cassandra Naidas

Hillarie Danielle Parungao


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