IAWP’s Top Choice for Miss World Philippines 2015

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Miss World Philippines 2015 will be held on 18th October which is just two days away from now. 26 contestants will vie for the top prize to represent The Philippines at Miss World 2015 to be held in December in Sanya, China. Among the contestants, there are familiar faces who have competed in other well-known beauty pageants in the Philippines. Those familiar faces have become favorites for the fans and followers while others are slowly climbing up the fans favorite lists after official presentations.

“We’re always looking for someone that does not necessarily look like Megan Young but represent the total package that is Megan Young which is beauty, charm, grace, poise, intelligence, and wit,” said Cory Quirino, the Director of Miss World Philippines Org.

Based on what Cory had to say, I closely followed each and every contestant pictures, their presentation skills, the available videos. And here are my favorite girls to win Miss World Philippines who will try to emulate the success story of Megan Young.

MPHW hot pick 1

1st – Hillarie Danielle A. Parungao: From her Miss Asia Pacific days in 2013, I have been a fan of Hillarie. I am more than happy to see her back in this contest. Undoubtedly, the prettiest in the batch, she has everything to be a winner. She has got an element of Shamcey Supsup’s grace or charm and Megan Young’s calm aura though she managed to have her own charisma and individuality. Besides, Hillarie’s Beauty with a Purpose project could help her in winning the title. Watching her on stage is mesmerizing. She has got the body, the walk and the poise to capture people’s heart. Her only downfall could be her height. She is 5’6″ tall. But I am not worried about her height. Her beauty, aura and persona are enough to cover up for her height.

2nd – Avonlea P. Paraiso: She is 20-years-old and stands tall at 5’9”. Avonlea was one of the standouts during the press presentation. What makes her stand out was her confidence, beauty and dazzling smile. Besides her remarkable beautiful face that is universal, she has a good communication skill and impressive academic background. Such type of beauty queens with an impressive classy, cultured and sophisticated background are always my favorites. She is ready to win the crown. Who knows she might just win it!

3rd – Emma Tiglao: Emma comes with a lot of oomph and confidence. She might not be the prettiest, but it’s hard to ignore her once she is on stage. The exotic beauty sure knows how to grab your attention. She is spunky and full of energy once on stage. She delivers when it is required of her. Catwalk and poise with an attitude is her strong point.

4th – Mia Allyson H. Howell: She is beautiful and sweet, has an impressive academic and communication skills. And to top it all, she had the positive attitude of gracious and charming beauty queen. Mia is a sporty girl, had represented the Philippines during the SEA (Southeast Asian) Games held in Thailand and can play the Sax. That’s interesting and maybe she can win the talent round. She also has an experienced in Public service. She had worked with the office of Secretary. Now we know, where she got her competitive instincts and determination from.

5th – Marita Cassandra K. Naidas: Standing tall at 5’10”, she is the tallest among the contestants. During the presentation show, she oozed confidence and charm with a very likable personality. It’s a joy to watch her walk because she sure knows how to project herself and she walks like a queen. Cassandra has the charming appeal of true southeast Asian beauties. She carries a queenly aura and look regal.

MPHW Hot pick 2

6th – Chrishtelle A. Abello: The 21-year-old print and ramp model is already polished and comes with a lot of packages, standing 5’6” tall, she remains a strong contender for the title. Christelle is gourgeous and charismatic with a beautiful smile. She was striking on stage and presented herself so majestically. I love her catwalk. No wonder it comes from her being a model.

7th – Danica R. Macabangon: A pretty face and a beautiful toned body. I think it will be easy for her to do well in Beach Fashion/Beauty contest. The other things I like about her besides her beautiful face is her soft demure and calm aura.

8th – Mariah Nilo: Mariah, for me, is the dark horse of the contest. I love her kind of beauty. Love her skin tone too. It makes her stand out. She is another exotic beauty with a unique appeal. She looks raw but yet beautiful. If she wins and I am sure her transformation through her grooming and training session will be an absolute delight. I am sure her type of beauty will be appreciated internationally especially in the fashion world.

9th – Jeddahliz Maltezo: Another dark horse for me. She is those type who looks good in motion. She is charming and pleasing to watch. It’s her persona that I like the most.

10th – Ma. Vanessa A. Wright: Beautiful, sweet and cute is what I can describe about her. She has a good catwalk too and a body that let her shine on stage.

There will be surprises and upsets for the fans and contestants and who know my favorites might not win at all. I hope not. It all depends on the final question and answer most of the time. So, Good luck to all the ladies and May the best win.

Pictures credit: powerhouseph.blogspot.com and Miss World Philippines

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