Who will win Miss Diva 2015? Here’s my top 5 choice.


On 14th October, Miss Diva winner will be selected who will represent India at Miss Universe contest in December. 16 girls competed to become Miss Diva and only 1 girl will walk away with the title. Here is my top 5 Girl who I think has the best chance to win Miss Diva and can be a great representative for India.


Miss Diva – Urvashi Rautela

urvashi fortor

A Bollywood actress, a beauty queen, dancer etc. She is already a star. But she is like a breath of fresh air. She brings glamour and prestige to the not so interesting contest. She is an achiever and she is here to achieve again. Urvashi’s participation got me excited but at the same time her on and off appearance during the audition round and her entrant as a wild card contestant got me perplexed. It still does. Whatever it is, she is here to win the crown and I hope in future no contract issues crops up. She has got a large fan following on her facebook page and she is the top choice for international fans too who definitely can be a threat to the latina’s and some Asian countries like Thailand and Philippines. Her sweet personality, confidence, beauty and natural charm sway me. A big celebrity already but she comes across as unpretentious and unassuming. That’s what I love about her.

1st runner up – Hida Siddique

hida fotor

I truly love this girl. I love her accent too. A lot have been said about her communication skills and how she speaks. Ok. She has got a heavy accent. But that’s what I like about someone being original. I love originality in one’s accent and their communication. I am sure Hida is aware of her detractors. She speaks well and I can totally comprehend when she speaks. Hida is a professional model. That’s where she scores well. She is confident and gives you a great picture. You can see her confidence and sparks. With a great body, height and modelesque features, she is made for Miss Universe. Her ethereal beauty will be appreciated in Miss Universe. The only factor that can bring her down could be her personality. That’s where Urvashi scores over her but that doesn’t mean she is not likeable. She is indeed very likeable and she presents herself well in front of the camera.

2nd runner up – Aileena Catherin Amon

aileena fotor

She is raw yet very promising. Although I see other contestants who are ready for an international platform, Catherine has got a lot of potentials. She is already transforming and I am sure she will do really well if groom by Miss India team. She just needs dedication and passion. No doubt she has those qualities. She has this charm of small town true Indian women which really captivates me. Most of the time it is her type of beauty which is noticed and appreciated by international media. She just has to glam up her image more. Her added advantage is that she can really speak, very determine and hard working. It will definitely pay off if she keeps chasing her dream even if she doesn’t win.

3rd runner up – Naveli Deshmukh

Nevali Deshmukh fotor

She is not new to pageant world. She comes with lots of experience and she does bring her game when required. But is this really enough? Can she just rely on her experience? But having said that she can definitely be in the top 3. She is earthy and just like Catherine Aileena Amon a representation of true Indian woman. Hoping for the best for her.

4th runner up – Hemali Soni

Hemali fotor

Her soft demeanour and her smile captivate me. She looks good in her photos and she does impress me in her intro video. Would all this be enough to win her the crown? I don’t think so but overall she is likeable and being on my top 5 is enough for her as of now. Who knows, she might just surprise me. I love surprises.

Pictures credit: Miss Diva facebook page.

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